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  1. Risky either way. I see Ravens playing from behind so limits Williams even more IMO. gaskin for me, but see both sides.
  2. Let's get it rolling. CEH or Antonio Brown in PPR flex this week?
  3. Sneak in? He was TE3 in my league last year
  4. How are we feeling about Logan Thomas with him at QB? (Fantasy wise)
  5. Wow, you STOLE him. As an Aiyuk owner in PPR dynasty, that is not even close to fair value for me
  6. Aiyuk was hurt, not magically useless. I would not give Aiyuk for Rodgers (I play dynasty)
  7. LOL @ the panic. TB has a STOUT D, especially run D. Also, it is week 1. Most players are rusty week 1...
  8. Williams alreadt got picked up & Bell was never dropped all off season LOL. Murray still rostered too (This is dynasty PPR) so I put in a claim for Freeman & then Cannon. Worst case, I just drop em as quick as I picked them up. I am not using any of my FAAB for the claim
  9. Blockbuster in PPR... McKissic for 2023 3rd. He would never start for me so I wanted to free up a spot for another flier
  10. I'm going to wait & see what happens week 1. Can always drop him for the next ww darling
  11. CEH is RB3 in PPR Lamar Jackson throws for over 4k yards Antonio Brown is WR 12 in fantasy
  12. Another one that is my fault. I dropped Ollison for Huntley. 1 day later, Huntley moves to practice squad. I pick Ollison back up. Now this.
  13. CEH Goedert Logan Thomas Tony Jones Sutton Sermon CLaypool Amari Rodgers
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