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  1. Who are you making sure you get even if you have to reach a bit from Round 8 and beyond? Most years I have a solid list but this year im drawing blanks on exciting, high confidence picks in later rounds. At this point mine include: Shenault JAX -- going to be so multiple, although hes going in 7th round in some cases Coleman NYJ -- he's finally healthy and has the upside despite crap team and many rounds after M Carter Tonyan GB -- the mantra of "no way he can repeat his previous season" has gone too far IMO and 1) he still has Rogers 2) he's one year more experienced 3) hes really good Meyers NE -- Jones already making quick decisions and will lean on this kid Rondale Moore ARi -- worth the flier bc hes electric and if Kingsbury can do anything right its to feed these kind of guys After this I cant say im ALL IN on anyone else Who YOU got??
  2. Halfway thru a 12 teamer from 1.02 spot. Ive gone off the rails... Started well but Mahomes tempted me and then RB went off like crazy so I reached, then reached again. Going into the 8th round, not sure where to go. My team in draft order: Cook, Ridley, Mahomes, Edmonds, Hunt, Diontae, DevontaSmith Need a TE and some high upside RB and WR...Any advice welcome!!!
  3. In redraft Would any Taylor owners swap for Zeke straight up in a trade? The thinking is that Taylor is gradually improving every week and things look good going forward. Zeke has obviously outproduced Taylor up to now but just had his lowest two weeks in a row EVER.
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