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  1. Nothing wrong with educating yourself. I applaud her. In addition, I believe she came to the correct conclusion. ---- In other news, it looks like wild mink in Utah are the first wild animals to catch COVID in the US. And, actually, I had no idea the US had indigenous mink. Why wasn't I told of this?
  2. In a pure return sense pretax saving will always win over post tax even with the 10% penalty. That said I wasn't enough cash to cover me until I can withdraw from those account without getting hit with the ACA cliff penalty. That does change the math a bit.
  3. In ziplock in back shirt pocket. That along with a credit card and a bit of cash.
  4. You do realize that there are other variables in time space that have had an effect since 2016, yes? The U.S. has been actively debasing its currency during this COVID issue and the dollar has dropped dramatically this year. This talks about China adjusting its currency in 2018.
  5. To SCOTUS. No it isn't and no it's not. Whether willful or not you have a profound misunderstanding of states rights and the role of the Supremacy Clause.
  6. In this case the Chinese currency debased itself by the approximate amount of the tarriffs, so the consumer didn't see a rise in the cost of goods. So it really wasn't a tax, the consumer didn't pay it - the Chinese did through their currency. This, of course didn't solve the issue of demand destruction done in retaliation (to US farmers, etc.). Nor did we make much headway into further protections of our IP. Clinton gave that away and we haven't really been able to get it back. I do appreciate DJT trying.
  7. I have no idea either. But, I disagree with your assessment that it isn't clear. It does say only the legislatures can make these laws. If those legislatures make a law ceding procedural changes to another entity that still fits. The question is did these states have laws on the books allowing that? As noted I don't know, but to ask that question is very valid.
  8. Ok - did the states in question have such a law on the books when the disputed changes were made?
  9. As you well know to have standing in court you need to have demonstrated damage done to you. This could not be done until the states in question certified their elections. We are a constitutional republic and live under that umbrella. SCOTUS is the designated entity to handle disagreement between the states. In this case you're saying we have 50 umbrellas, not one. States have many rights and freedoms unless there are specific notations in the Constitution providing restrictions (see: Supremacy Clause, Article VI). This is one of those cases.
  10. ...because they changed election laws by executive fiat instead of through the state legislatures. "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors". It's clear - the state legislatures are the only bodies allowed to change election laws. That's what the fight is about, protecting and preserving the rights of all Americans from those (allegedly) who usurped this clear Constitutional directive by the states in question. I don't know all the specific facts of the case, nor certainly the outcome, but asking SCOTUS to look at a clear
  11. You weren't adjusting the Johnson rod properly.
  12. I'm laughing with you. Getting smooth shifting up and down a cassette is an art. I suck at art.
  13. So on the negative side today are equities, gold, bitcoin, real estate, long bonds, and short bonds. Yep, that pretty much covers the bases.
  14. For those who like good fantasy Sufficiently Advanced Magic On the Shoulders of Titans Both are free right now on Kindle. I really, really liked book 1. Book 3 just came out, so they're offering the first two up for free. Worth the read, for sure.
  15. $7.62. :fistpump: Sold some TDOC, which as seemed to stagnate a bit and bought a small bit of this one.
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