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  1. Timme's antics are a lot of it though. Try growing up not too far away from Spokane, Gonzaga has some major wagon jumpers the last 10 years. Happy they lost.
  2. Slide where? No way Detroit or Denver passes on these guys right?
  3. I worry that Gonzaga got its scare out of the way early. I'm not really a big fan of Baylor, but I've never wanted the Zags to lose as badly as I do tonight. They're quite unlikeable.
  4. Sam is better than Sam. In all seriousness, I think Sam is better than Teddy. They're probably hoping Sam is like Tanny and just sucked under Gase with zero weapons, and can be good with better coaching/weapons.
  5. Damn, you got doubly screwed. Hopefully your league moves on from that disaster of a hosting site next year.
  6. There isn't really an answer here. And I didn't lose out on picking up Hill. If you look at the poll, 5-1 unaffected owners (don't play espn) thought he should be QB. But I guess as someone who did start a QB in a TE spot, you wanted to chime in quickly
  7. And again, you're combining positions for no reason for your sake. You've been called out on it by many others but are refusing to let up. Some people just can't seem to admit they might be wrong. Good luck with that. You're in the vast minority for a reason. TE is his LOWEST spot by the numbers, it never made sense. ESPN is getting lit up for this for good reason. Keep fishing though. Goodnight.
  8. What did you miss about him saying that Thursday night game would be moved to Sunday/Monday?
  9. Guys that spend the most of their time in the backfield as a qb or rb are not considered TE. Big reach here dude... you're in the vast minority for a reason.
  10. He's a WR over a TE. 49 snaps at WR, 34 at tight end.
  11. I love that "notsmart" is the only one liking your posts lol So "pass route running' is now a position? LOL
  12. Yep he is on tilt right now and using desperation arguments.
  13. QB only would not have been "CAPS LOCK- TERRIBLE". Almost every major fantasy site is not "TERRIBLE". You keep saying "ah maybe not TE but definitely not QB". Any reputable site should not be relying on a "lesser of two evils" approach. There's zero reason for TE designation based on anything at all. So yes, they are wrong for QB/TE. You can really argue that QB only was the best designation. He was listed at QB everywhere.
  14. He was forced. How is "don't play him against me" a currency in fantasy? Back to the other examples, could you not say "he willingly agreed to the action as a condition of the trade" if the condition of the trade was to start the Jets D every time he played against him for 5 years? Honestly, would you be okay with this condition?
  15. Diggs Keenan Allen Chubb Aaron Jones All guys I didn't like at their ADP and thought there would be a drop off coming with. Wish I had them all.
  16. I don't think this is really what he's looking for. More so people that WERE drafted (maybe even high), that you avoided but should have taken.
  17. Hahahah Exactly. Clearly trolling at this point because he's been proven wrong. There is not a SINGLE reason for TE to be included for Hill any which way. None. Yet he was able to be used in the TE position (one that is hard to find good starters), the week he was the starting QB. Most touches this year were out of the QB position. Most snaps this year were out of the QB position. The fact that he combined WR/TE into one to try to show that TE is higher than QB is laughable.
  18. Yes. Very Very much so. This guy should be applauded for keeping guys in check and looking out for the integrity of the league. You would rather be in a league where players start Bye week players than a guy who is trying to make sure the league is fair? Damn, dude.
  19. Yep. People are still trying to take advantage from ESPN's terrible decision to allow this. Again, there's a reason they were the only site to allow this, and now they are getting justified criticism for it (except from those who own Hill and got away with the clear starting qb in a position that should not be able to have a starting qb in)
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