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  1. It probably does come down to line play, and some bad coaching. The timeout at the end of the half and the lack of quick plays to make up for the online deficiencies jump to mind.
  2. They were bad, his receivers were dropping balls, the defense couldn't stop TB. Mohomes was the only player on that team in super bowl gear.
  3. It's a tough topic. I do think being challenged in court is a good thing, but that's only the legality of the EO and not the good or harm it could bring to the US. If you make it something congress can overturn, then you are reducing the power of the executive branch. Maybe a 2/3 majority in both Senate and House would make sense, to avoid the absolute worst of the potential EOs. The largest obstacle imo is that people love the EO power when their person is in power and hate it when it isn't. As for undoing what a former president did, I'm not sure there is a good fix. Maybe it means
  4. Hey, my only point was that Hilary officially conceded. She never attacked specific states and told them to find the votes she needed. I'm with you on the liberal sore loser stuff, it was all over Fox news how Democrats were whining about a fair election, they need to suck it up, there was no fraud, etc, etc, similar to the Republican whining this year. The problem with these "Hypocrisy!" messages is that they always apply to both sides.
  5. There were plenty of sore losers to be had in the liberal world in 2017, just like there is the same of conservatives in 2021. Just goes to show you were are really just all the same. There is no moral high ground for either side. The biggest difference is that Hilary conceded quickly, and Biden shut down the whiners afterward. That's a pretty big difference.
  6. I think this event shows more than anything that people react the same way, regardless of political affiliation, when they believe they are being oppressed. Most protest peacefully, some turn violent, some piggy back on it for their own personal gain. Americans are more alike than we are different, imo. It is my belief that if this goes beyond today, the methods police used in the summer would be used going forward (rubber bullets, etc). I think security was just not prepared for this for whatever reason and chose to be as non violent as possible. I could be wrong on this, and if I am the
  7. One of the most incomprehensible calls I've seen this year.
  8. Trump on people dying: "It is what it is." Trump on voter fraud: "Voter fraud must be stopped at all costs!"
  9. Pretty sure Philadelphia county isn't in western PA. In case you still harbored any hope of getting a projection in Pennsylvania tonight, 274,000 mail ballots in Philadelphia County won’t be counted until tomorrow at the earliest. These votes are likely to be overwhelmingly for Biden. New: Philadelphia officials say they will not be reporting any more mail ballot results tonight. About 76,000 have been tallied so far β€” out of 350,000-some received. And remember, Biden supporters are disproportionately voting by mail.
  10. One eight seven seven cars for kids, K-A-R-S cars for kids. One eight seven seven cars for kids, donate your car today.
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