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  1. Maybe I'll pick up Penny, only to watch him get injured during warm ups.
  2. He got up really slow on that 14 yard run called back by holding, and was rarely in after that.
  3. Some thoughts, -Claypool really needs to step up. A man with his size should never play so small -Norwoood seems to make plays with every chance he gets. Want to see more of him in that secondary -Heyward is an ageless beast that this team will miss big time when he hangs them up -Bush looks really bad. Spillane might be a better option at this point -Ben needs to play better. They won't be squeaking wins out against better teams with this O in it's current state
  4. Mariota should get a look in my opinion, especially since he'll come cheap. I always thought he deserved another shot after his injury. Hopefully, the OL can carry some momentum forward. Keeping Ben at about 25 attempts has always been a recipe for success. As Pittsburgh Dad says, keep giving the "Rock To The Naj".
  5. That's a tough one to pick. Gainwell is gaining momentum for sure.
  6. Better than the 3 weeks in a row I suffered with Sanders, so I'll take it.
  7. Picked him up yesterday, and starting him over Sanders.
  8. Man, I'm so glad they passed on guys like Myers and Humphrey in the 2nd round, so they can take a TE they don't utilize. Also, money well spent on an old and fragile QB, who looks like a rookie out there.
  9. So nice to watch him tear it up on my bench, meanwhile Sanders stinking it up as my starter. Won't make that mistake anymore.
  10. Nothing definitive to reverse that call at all
  11. I have Patterson, J.Williams, and Sermon. The first two are better starts, especially Patterson, and Sermon is on the rise if he continues to improve. Sanders is a talented back who just doesn't get used for reasons only the staff knows.
  12. I can't be on board anymore. Three weeks of horrible production, and Gainwell keeps adding more snaps weekly.
  13. Less touches than the last regime, and Gainwell takes more snaps than Scott used to. Three weeks in a row of garbage production, so yes, I've seen enough.
  14. It's time to park Sanders. I started him again, and have Patterson going nuts on my bench LOL
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