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  1. His arm was dead last year, as all he could throw was jump balls to Claypool. Sure, he was coming off arm surgery, but he's 39 now. Your body doesn't heal like it used to. There is no fountain of youth. https://steelersdepot.com/2021/02/contextualizing-ben-roethlisbergers-2020-deep-throws-how-good-was-he/ That deep game has been regressing, and all the stats show it since 2018 before arm surgery, https://brickwallblitz.com/2019/02/22/the-2018-19-deep-ball-project-part-1-3/ Like I said, the numbers are there, and what you watch every week is also there, and both
  2. I get that they may believe that Ben is their best chance over Rudolph and Haskins. Problem is, we have all seen the regression since 2018, and unless he's going the PED route, how will he not further regress? His deep ball game is non-existent, so defenses will just play him like they did the last quarter of the season. Is he coming back to hand the ball off? Well, the other two guys can do that as well, and both can throw the ball deep if Matt instills a play action-type offense. So, if bringing back a non-mobile, 39 year old QB with limited arm strength is the best option, then the team nee
  3. They need to sign Hilton and Sutton before anyone else. Their secondary will be a joke if they don't. Both can play the important slot role, and Sutton showed his verstility by lining up outside and inside. After that, they need depth signings like Feiler, Spillane, and Alualu. I'm not sure how they can sign big ticket guys like Dupree and JuJu, while letting their secondary get worse, and by letting all their depth walk out the door. Ben, or no Ben, there just isn't enough money to go around. Ben's not going to look any better than what we've all seen the last few years, so I'm not sure
  4. I can see 6 going first round this year, and quite possibly 4 of them before Dal picks tenth. Jac, Jets, Det, Car, Den, SF, NE, Wft, and Chi should all be looking for an upgrade from what they have on their roster. There are a few other teams that might just take a chance on Jones or Trask if they fall their way.
  5. Trevor's 2020 receivers and oline was the worst of his college career, yet he still produced. You watch Mac, and you see a QB throwing to his first read who seems to be open by 5 yards or more. He's hard to judge based off the talent level he had around him. What can he do when placed on a team where a QB is needed much more than to guide a loaded squad? What can he do when his first read is consistently covered in the NFL? His senior bowl did nothing to make you think, WOW. He had 36 dropbacks during practices, and skipped the game. Too many questions, and I would rather another team find out
  6. Dupree and JuJu's market prices are well over 15 mil due to others with similar production. They're both gone, as the team needs to scrape to sign those others I listed before. And again, pushing Ben's 19 mil is bad business, plain and simple. Ben was rarely efficient downfield last year. His main success came from PI's against underthrown balls to Claypool. He was amongst the worst for yards per attempt because he is now immobile, the line cannot protect him, and his arm is done. The offense you saw last season cannot change much with the same guy taking snaps. Team needs to establish a consi
  7. Not sure where some get their cap numbers from, but even if you use Spotrac's estimate of a 189+ mil cap, Steelers are still 15.5 over, and that's updated with Vance and Pouncey out. Ben is owed over 22 mil no matter what, as that was a prorated bonus from previous contracts, and cannot be pushed. So, you're playing with his 19 mil left on his salary. Absolutely any amount you push to 2022 and beyond, will restrict them from signing others in the future, and that would be a bad business move, especially when Minkah and TJ will be due big paydays next year if you want to keep them. So whe
  8. Ben, it's time son, go join your brother in arms. Thank you for all that you've both done. 🤝
  9. Can he be somewhat successful somewhere else? Of course it's possible with the proper coaching, and constant hands-on that is pretty evident he requires. Does every successful QB that changes scenery require mechanical changes, and constant hands-on coaching? He is far from plug and play, that much is evident to all. Do QBs like Stafford and Watson require such hands-on training? How about Carr and Wilson, if they are dealt? Wentz is a project, and to many, not worth the asking price. He had warts in 2016, and they have returned. Entering his 6th season, and still needing this type of work to
  10. I guess people lock onto the past success, and claim that's who he can be. They forget that much of the current mechanical flaws were also apparent in 2016, but were somewhat corrected by previous coaches. He now looks worse than that previous out-of -college version. The league knows how to defend against him and expose his flaws, and anyone who grabs him will have to re-program him yet again. I would rather have a QB who is plug and play, or a young guy to develop with experience. Wentz is entering his 6th season, and still requires a huge amount of coaching and correcting. Also add his sala
  11. I watched a guy that needs to work on new throwing mechanics to play the QB position. You can blame the oline and receivers oh so much, until you watch film and see a guy who couldn't hit anyone, open or not, unless it was in the middle of the field. Floated passes everwhere, to everyone, including simple flare routes to Sanders. So when you hear, truth or not, that Wentz himself doesn't agree on mechanics being an issue, one starts to worry. He needs a new QB coach that will hold him accountable, and work diligently on eliminating all the bad habits that are obvious to the eye, including back
  12. One would hope it's just trolling. The other options are hatred, or someone who watches an NFL game, but doesn't understand what they're watching. Another option are post-game stat summary readers.
  13. I'm pretty positive most knew it was a huge advantage, especially if they watched the playoffs from the start. The surprise comes from Reid and Bieniemy not game planning around it at all it seemed. They left their hobbled QB to fend for himself, which was a head scratcher. Overwhelmingly outcoached by Arians and staff on all levels.
  14. One day they should look into all the supernatural occurrences that happens with Brady come playoff time. Mulder and Scully can be staring at the tapes of his playoff games while the X-Files theme song plays in the background. After the theme is done, the documentary jumps right into one of the worst rules in NFL history, which of course, started it all on a snowy night in Foxboro........
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