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  1. I guess we will find out after May 3 where AV lands, if not back with Steelers. FA signings after that date don't count towards comp pick formula.
  2. As is, I hope this won't turn out like the 2015 and 2016 drafts.
  3. Sorry, but I'm not seeing this line better than last season. Chuks and Banner at bookends is worse than AV and Chuks. Keeping Feiler for RT would have been a better move, and they passed on Jenkins for whatever reason. DeCastro is declining, and couldn't run block to save his life last season. Dotson showed promise, but needs to improve. Green is an upgrade over Pouncey, but Creed would have been even better. What am I missing?
  4. Has allowed 11 sacks in last 33 games. He will need lots of coaching, and might be moved to G. A developmental pick
  5. Let's not sugar coat realities. The line is very bad, and they passed on immediate upgrades.
  6. So Chiefs get richer They knew what to fix this offseason
  7. So Chuks and Banner will be the bookends? Someone pinch me.
  8. Browns adding to that D big time with the first two picks
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