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  1. Tonight I'm against Lamar Jackson and I've got Dobbins & Chubb.
  2. This site has Hurts starting Week 14 over Carr, Newton, Finley, Cousins, Tua, D Jones, Mayfield, Lock and the last 4 NFL starters. While NO is a tough D and Philly has been a disaster I see two big differences for Philly this week 1) People love Jalen Hurrts and the dudes around him will play for him. They seem to have quit on Wentz and 2) Hurts will provide a fantasy floor because he's going to run for 40-60 yards per game. If he can throw for a TD and 200 yards, he'll be fine in a Superflex league which is where I have him starting in one league where I'm desperate. He's far from a poli
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