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  1. That's crazy to me because I think: 1.) TY will lead the Colts in targets. 2.) Gurley will be getting goal line carries somewhere. I love chasing veterans for value. Reggie Wayne was washed up in 2012 until he put up 106 / 1,355 / 5. Jamal Lewis was cashed in 2007 until he put up 1,304 / 9.
  2. It doesn't make him worthless. But why am I worrying about what Chase Claypool and TY Hilton will be doing 10 years from now, if as you just pointed (James Robinson, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman) are available every year for pennies. It just shows how replaceable Claypool is and why it makes sense to sell high. Maybe I didn't get enough in your eyes (but I think TY goes for 1,100 and Gurley punches in 8+ touchdowns). But there's no way you can argue that Claypool isn't a sell high for a player with some stability (QB who isn't going to retire) and who has less competition for targets (JuJu & Diontae).
  3. Gurley scored 9 touchdowns in his first 9 games last year and then barely played the last 7 games. 9 touchdowns is the exact number of receiving touchdowns Chase Claypool caught that everyone is going nuts about as him being "touchdown machine". Any player who can score 9 touchdowns in 9 games is not "washed up". It's clear the Falcons shut him down because there's no reason to hurt his arthritic knee for meaning exhibition Falcons games. When there was something to play for, Gurley was punching the gosh darn ball into the end zone. 9 Touchdowns first 9 games. He is not washed up.
  4. Any player who isn't a stud is tradeable. Chase Claypool is not a stud. I got a WR (TY Hilton who will probably outproduce him the next 2-3 seasons) and a high upside RB in Todd Gurley. Don't act like Chase Claypool is this big stud when: 1.) He went in the 2nd round of dynasty rookie drafts. 2.) His QB is retiring soon. Hilton will be the #1 target on a franchise that adores him and Todd Gurley will end up getting lead carries on a team that doesn't get the RB prospect they want. Chase Claypool is not winning or losing you any fantasy championship. He's a player who will forever be overvalued because of the time he scored 4 touchdowns in one game.
  5. Who's throwing him the football? When Ben retires, his value goes into the ####ter.
  6. TY Hilton 2020 Highlights It's funny watching people in the Shark Pool salivate over these rookie prospects (many who historically will pan out to be nothing), but TY Hilton who was WR42 in a down year. "He's unrosterable." Watch the video and tell me you think he's cashed.
  7. I'm happy for it. Consensus is almost always wrong. Consensus had Claypool going in the late 2nd of dynasty rookie drafts last year, I drafted him. Consensus had Claypool going undrafted in fantasy redrafts last year, I drafted him. I buy undervalued players. I sell overvalued players. It's that simple. Claypool will disappoint this year. If you want to invest in an asset because "he's young", go ahead. I'll worry about finding that NEXT Chase Claypool and making you overpay from him after he breaks out as well.
  8. Reminds me of Pharoah Cooper. He's definitely an athlete. I don't know if it will translate to the WR position. But scout's talent is to find talent not utilize it. He's got talent.
  9. Santonio Holmes, leaves Pittsburgh... busts Mike Wallace, leaves Pittsburgh... busts Antonio Brown, leaves Pittsburgh... busts #7 is the straw that stirs the drink. He makes everyone look good.
  10. I mean, Chase Claypool is a great prospect. But he went from a late 2nd round pick rookie pick to a consensus Top 15 WR prospect strictly because he has a Hall of Famer throwing him the ball. The same HOF who is likely going to retire here shortly. Sure Pittsburgh is a WR factory... when Big Ben is pulling the trigger. Claypool would be nothing without Big Ben. Get used to Claypool NOT getting to 1,000 yards with a rookie under center.
  11. You will 100% regret cutting Hilton. Trade for Michael Pittman and hold both. Colts offensive line is one the best in the league, Wentz will have all day to throw.
  12. Carson Wentz is a great buy low too.
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