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  1. In a 12tm 1QB PPR. Have Dak, Rodgers, and Wentz. Trying to move Rodgers and/or Wentz to improve at WR or Draft Capital. What are some WRs & draft picks that you all deem similar value for both? Rodgers - Wentz -
  2. 2020 pass protection rank (ESPN's pass block win rate): 11. Eagles 12. Colts
  3. I actually know of sever national pundits that rate Slater ahead of Sewell. Just look at his 2019 tape vs. OSU and how he fared vs. Chase Young. Sewell seems to be the better 'prospect' because of the higher ceiling, but I think the better player is Slater.
  4. Trade proposal. 12-tm PPR SF. Team A (High-end contender) receives: - CeeDee Lamb - Miles Sanders - 1.07 Team B (Low-end contender) receives: - DK Metcalf - Marquise Brown - Carson Wentz (Eagles fan, Wentz believer) - Myles Gaskin
  5. 100% all of this. Edwards will be the WR1a with Ruggs, as I imagine Agholor leaves. The organization has done nothing but rave about him since being drafted. Van Jefferson is an older prospect and less talented. Also going to buried behind Woods and Kupp again.
  6. What are some example of fair value with: DK Metcalf for CeeDee Lamb + ??
  7. Contract expires in 2021. Doubt they’ll be able to afford to re-sign him. 2022 is the year he could be a true #1 on another team.
  8. Similar value for RBs: Kenyan Drake, Ronald Jones, Melvin Gordon, James Conner TEs: Dallas Goedert, Hunter Henry, Evan Engram
  9. Here are the moves: - Replace Nolan. Bring Lee on as a Def. Asst. - Extend Gregory - Re sign: Chido (1-2 years), & Woods (1 year. I don't love it, but we have nothing else). Joe Thomas, L.P., Cedrick Wilson - Let all other expiring's walk - Explore: Gallup trade for a defensive starter. It pains me to think about it, but he's on an expiring deal, doubt we can afford to resign him. Get something for him now - Draft: Hoping for a QB needy team (SF, NE, LV?, MIA?) to trade up with us for one of the QBs still on the board (Lance). Take BPA! You do not draft for 1 year. You draft
  10. What are some examples of good trade value for Travis Kelce? In a 12-tm SF PPR. Contender (12-1 record, most pts. scored, but lost in semis). Am I crazy to consider a trade? Have had him for 6 years, would be a sad day. There’s a specific team I have my eye on that has Gesicki, Hockenson, Gibson, Swift, Juedy & McLaurin. Would it make sense for him to part w/ one of the TEs and any of those young players?
  11. I grabbed him mid-season right before his nice stretch of games. I can forsee a Sterling Shepard (hopefully minus the injuries) type of fantasy career. Spot starter that's nice to have on the bench but not a consistent starter.
  12. Picked up Parham in dynasty ahead of his likely start this weekend. The Chargers pass-catchers future’s are bright.
  13. My reputation here will now hinge on Penny's success lol.
  14. Rashaad Penny may be SEA's RB1 next year. Both Carson and Hyde are FAs. SEA not much cap space. Penny if you remember was their 1st rd pick in 2018. A sneaky claim right now.
  15. Gaskin owner as well here. Very much expecting the Phins to replace him with one of their premium picks. Unless there's an oblivious owner in your league, it seems like the best bet is to HOLD right now and pray.
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