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  1. people will adjust I guess....not sure if this will actually cause a league to disappear....the diehards home leagues will adjust and the casual yahoo league guy will just roll with whatever season/playoff format yahoo/espn/whoever spits out....
  2. this part has some to do with TV and some of the moving parts there...if they move the EST 100 to the later time slots.....lots of things change coverage wise and maybe too many games in the late afternoon slots, etc.....interfering with the "big" late afternoon game that day and viewership, etc.....
  3. Eastern: (18) FALCONS RAVENS BILLS PANTHERS BENGALS BROWNS LIONS COLTS JAGUARS DOLPHINS PATRIOTS GIANTS JETS EAGLES STEELERS BUCCANEERS TITANS REDSKINS Central: (7) BEARS COWBOYS PACKERS CHIEFS VIKINGS SAINTS TEXANS Mountain: (2) BRONCOS CARDINALS Pacific: (5) RAIDERS CHARGERS 49ERS SEAHAWKS RAMS good chance the league leader in air miles and 1 PM EST standard time games (besides EST teams) is going to come from the teams in the Pacific time zone each year....since well over half the league is in that zone.....and especially if it is their year to play the divisions mostly
  4. correct.....and let's not forget that one pivotal win Bass and I got in the playoffs that turned out to be the difference between first and second....
  5. I was just backing you up.....although there is a good chance most years that a team on one of the coasts is probably going to lead the league in air miles...
  6. our main league switched over to a fully "all play" league last year with the covid concerns and not being sure when the season would end.....with the bye weeks running this late into the year.....it is bringing the all play format back into the picture for us on a permanent basis....I get it takes away the thrill of that "one" HTH matchup each week, especially in the "playoffs"....but it really does give you the best teams ranked in order by the end of the year....
  7. IMO a trade is going to be very tricky.....you would have to assume a team is going to look at how the cap hit blooms to $40+ in 2022 and beyond and want a restructure prior to a trade.....if Watson settles, which is basically admitting guilt.....what is he going to be willing restructure down to?....if at all....?....and man selling your fan base on the new face of your franchise being a guy who basically is admitting that he mistreated/disrespected/whatever word you want use that many women, is going to be a hard sell....and I don't think HOU is just going to give him away....so you need a f
  8. Rams Bears first sunday night game feels a little
  9. I'll tee up another Ref one.....meant to do another one before draft in honor of BTSW (RIP) that he ended up winning last year....
  10. they do not have to give him a dime....if the exact thing happened at the facility under the supervision of Landow (their strength and conditioning coach) and his staff, he would have gotten every penny of his contract....(I actually heard in all it was going to be 20+ million).......all players knew this was the risk if they worked out on their own because of the "boycott".....he was the first casualty......there will be a lot more players showing up to work out at the facilities now..... think I saw he has made like 27 mill and has played a total of 63 snaps for the Broncos....and now n
  11. yes and yes....if the allegations are shown to be true or he settles this one feels different because of the nature of the allegations and more importantly the volume....it doesn't appear to be just a one time thing/mistake after a night of drinking or something....
  12. I guess I kind of disagree.....not sure ANY team wants him as the face of their franchise....even if he "settles"....because for most "settling" equals guilty....as a GM would you hang your hat on trading for this guy if he "settles".....don't think so....and you sure as heck aren't giving up a first rounder for him and taking on his massive contract and the ongoing "risk" of something else popping up...so IMO that in many ways also eliminates getting traded..... he should tuck tail and thank his lucky stars if HOU considered keeping him in any way.....that may be the only option and woul
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