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  1. I watched the trial. I watched the video. He's guilty of negligence at the very least. The only way they have been improperly influenced if they clear him. Sorry. Pretty clear on this one.....
  2. I get that. Yeah, it's a high burden to meet. In this case, however, I just don't see how he wasn't negligent. If he gets off without, at least, that I don't see how it can be argued that the burden wasn't met. You can't lean on somebody until they die. If Floyd started to become unresponsive and they immediately flipped him over and started doing CPR or helping him, then I agree, it may go either way. I just think this is cut and dry and if this guy gets off, there is something really wrong with the system....
  3. I guess I just don't see how you watched that video and think that Chauvin getting off is, in any way, justice. At the very least, Chauvin was negligent. With no other evidence, the video tells me that, at the very least.....
  4. I don't recall them explaining this. I have missed some pieces. What did they say??
  5. The Newsweek one I shared above has 10 years with a presumptive sentence of 41-57 months....so we probably are both right in some instances.... As far as whether or not that's enough, I'm not sure. For some it will be. For others it won't be. To me, when I think of manslaughter, I usually think 5-10 years is about right.
  6. Pretty sure that's not correct. edited: I did find this, presumptive sentence is 41 months, but could be 10 years https://www.newsweek.com/derek-chauvin-charges-why-accused-manslaughter-murder-george-floyd-1579771
  7. I want a fair trial. I guess yes I have made a decision already. Seeing the video along with the experts so far, it is hard for me to fathom how the police didn't roll him over on his side or start CPR, but instead kept him in the prone position and put their body weight on him for over 9 minutes. No attempt to try and blame drugs gets around the fact that the guy was in distress and they didn't do anything to help him except call EMS. I don't know if that's homicide or manslaughter, but it's one of the two.
  8. I agree. Very good testimony. When the medical testimony matches up with the video, I just don't see how anybody could say that the police, at the very least, weren't negligent. I don't want to get into whether or not they wanted him dead. I'm not sure about that, but responsible for his death?? I don't see how any other argument could be made.
  9. If he doesn't get at least manslaughter, I think the system IS racist and rigged. Sorry. The fact that they didn't move him to his side or attempt CPR when he started complaining or started becoming unresponsive is negligent. Not sure how it could be interpreted as anything else. I don't need the MSM to tell me that. I saw the video....
  10. It's an emotional case. Perfectly understandable. I have been struggling with the same thing as it seems like the defense is putting the victim on trial, but yeah, they have to do their job. It's the only way we get real justice. I just hope we get it in this case as I have no idea how anybody could come to any other determination other than the police officers were, at the very least, negligent in their response to Mr Floyd's condition.
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