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  1. I don’t know if it’s going to show up, but there’s another song from this album that deserves to be mentioned
  2. I think part of the reason for that was they had 6 guys in the band and besides Hutchance few in the States knew who the other 5 guys were or who played what
  3. Jack Stack’s in KC. Love me some burnt ends
  4. Top of my head wasn’t Lawyers in Love 83 or 84? I remember it being after Somebody’s Baby. I don’t remember any other videos from Jackson Browne being on MTV, but teenage me was probably skipping past one if it was on.
  5. For me it’s Duke/UK ‘92 by a smidge for this reason, if Laetner misses his shot Duke loses the game. For me that’s a big deal. But that was an incredible game last night
  6. Those weren’t great games. They were close contests and great stories because of who won, but the games themselves weren’t exciting. The only thing missing that would have made that game last night the best ever was UCLA being up a point and losing like that
  7. He’s probably going to Texas. Interested to see where Moser goes. Sounds like IU wants an alum. Plus is Turgeon leaving Maryland for another job? maybe he goes there
  8. Would Beard go to IU? I know the timing wasn’t good, but before Michigan hired a Juwan a lot of the fanbase wanted Beard. He just signed an extension which made him a top 10 coach salary wise. I suppose if someone has 10 million laying around to help get rid of Miller they can find more money to get Beard if he’s their guy, but I think you have to go hard after Moser before he goes somewhere like Texas or Kansas
  9. LSU’s defensive numbers are worse than Iowa’s, and they have less depth than Michigan. Expecting a Michigan win, but I’m sure it won’t be easy
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