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  1. This album has 14 songs on it and you can probably put 9-10 on this list
  2. He’s not from New Haven. He’s from Ohio, he goes to in New Haven. I’m from New Haven, it p****s me off🤬🤬🙂
  3. Purdue and NW would never get in now if they were in another conference and were begging to get in. The thing no one ever mentions when they talk B10 expansion is they are looking for flagship state universities. Schools like Pitt, Syracuse, Cincy are not getting an invitation, no matter how great an academic school they are or how good their football team is. Right now there is no school that checks all the boxes. And if they even want to expand, how many teams they want to go to
  4. Can someone explain to me why almost every “expert” thinks Iowa St. to the Big10 is a great idea? Because of the AAU affiliation? When did Iowa St. become Florida St. of the 90’s? They already have a school from Iowa, why would they add a second? It makes no to me
  5. How the hel can you be from Ann Arbor and wear green on national tv?
  6. Went to the beach last night. The wife said it smells like the beach. I said the cologne? She didn’t get it
  7. I did NOT have a coke Why separate knob? Why separate knob? I LOVE spongecake What’s she doing, yoga?
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