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  1. You have me in site twice so I picked one. I am Pucklings the other one yahoo name is L Legendary that needs to be deleted. Got 855
  2. I gave you my email. I didn’t receive my dice roll or am I automatically last because I am new? Thanks.
  3. What site do you use? When is the draft? Thanks!
  4. Does this league have a spot for me? Friend of Chem X
  5. 28.6 Nico Hoerner-CHC-2B-SS-3B-Cubs @Spartans Rule
  6. 27.9 Stephen Piscotty-OF-OAK @E-Z Glider
  7. 26.6 Dylan Cease-SP-White Sox @Spartans Rule
  8. 25.9 Kevin Kiermaier-OF-TB @E-Z Glider
  9. 22.06 Adam Duvall-OF-Marlins @Spartans Rule
  10. 20.06 Tyler O’Neill-OF-Cardinals @Spartans Rule
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