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  1. Before the hype train gets too out of control, here's what Shanahan had to say about Lance getting one rep with the starting O-line: I think there's a plan not to rush Lance. When it's evident that Lance gives them a better chance to win games, that's when he'll be the starter. That said, the reports I've been reading make that timeline out to be sooner rather than later. I'll be excited whenever it happens!
  2. A lot depends on your team situation, If in a complete rebuild, it would make sense to trade for multiple future 1sts, whereas that return would be of limited use if re-tooling/trying to remain in contention, unless you have the depth to offset the reduction in your starting lineup. In that situation, if trading the best player away, for me, it would take significant enough upgrades, likely at multiple positions, especially if not downgrading at the players position. It will definitely be a multiple assets package and you should expect to be getting another premium asset - either buying back years at the same position for an ascending asset that also provides immediate production, a top player at another position. or usable depth added to your starting roster. In the end, you would have to judge if you deem the return worth it when you are contemplating a deal. Good luck!
  3. My first FF league was a free redraft online hosted on sandbox.com in 1997. It had 3 IDP slots. Some of the players I definitely remember having are Steve Young, Jeff George, Terrell Davis, Robert Smith, Rod Smith. The next season, I drafted Kordell Stewart #1 overall. 😬 My longest running league started in 2006. I won the inaugural championship. Starting lineup in bold. Week 1 roster Week 1 - Game 1 NamePosWTD PtsYTD Pts Carson Palmer QB 3.0000 3.0000 Shaun Alexander RB 4.0000 4.0000 Chris Brown RB 6.0000 6.0000 Marvin Harrison WR 17.0000 17.0000 Plaxico Burress WR 16.0000 16.0000 Rod Smith WR 4.0000 4.0000 Antonio Gates TE 10.0000 10.0000 Nate Kaeding K 11.0000 11.0000 Chicago Bears TDSP 31.0000 31.0000 Chris SimmsBench-1.0000-1.0000 Fred TaylorBench20.000020.0000 Keyshawn JohnsonBench6.00006.0000 Braylon EdwardsBench3.00003.0000 Randy McMichaelBench2.00002.0000 Jay FeelyBench2.00002.0000 Washington RedskinsBench7.00007.0000 Final Roster Week 16 - Game 1 NamePosWTD PtsYTD Pts Drew Brees QB 9.0000 339.0000 Tatum Bell RB 3.0000 120.0000 Jamal Lewis RB 16.0000 165.0000 Larry Fitzgerald WR 17.0000 149.0000 Marvin Harrison WR 29.0000 239.0000 Plaxico Burress WR 11.0000 180.0000 Antonio Gates TE 8.0000 197.0000 Nate Kaeding K 10.0000 134.0000 Chicago Bears TDSP 8.0000 298.0000 Samkon GadoBench0.000036.0000 Wali LundyBench0.000099.0000 Eddie KennisonBench6.0000111.0000 Keyshawn JohnsonBench2.0000130.0000 Ben TroupeBench0.000037.0000 Jason HansonBench3.0000115.0000 Denver BroncosBench14.0000183.0000
  4. There have been some real head-scratching trades in this league (going into 2nd season). I've previously posted some of the other trades that have been accepted (Gibson + 1st for Roethlisberger, Claypool; CMC, Rodgers, 1.10 for Jacobs, 1.06, 1.12). Unfortunately for me, I'm always on the wrong end of the terrible offers. I get these beauties instead (my players listed after the 'for'). Roethlisberger for Wentz D. Harris, 2 2022 2nds, 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd for LJax Taylor, OBJ, Gesicki for Z. WIlson, Carson, Julio, 2022 1st Jacobs, Gesicki for Z. Wilson, K. Hill, 2022 1st Corey Davis for Julio Gage + 2022 4th for 2023 2nd followed a few weeks later with Gage for 2023 2nd (both post-Julio trade)
  5. Owner trading Akers held a sort of auction where he was taking offers for a few days and ranking them in the league chat. He had 5 or 6 teams sending offers. Apparently, the 2nd place offer included a 2022 1st. He is a bottom 4 team (even without losing Akers). Good job by him getting anything for Akers but if I were in his place, I would've jumped at the future 1st.
  6. I had discussions with the owner who traded Taylor but he was asking for way too much imo - told me he valued Taylor above Herbert in one (short) discussion. He sent an offer of Taylor, OBJ, Gesicki for Z. Wilson, Carson, Julio, my 2022 1st (I'm not a contender so likely top 4 pick). Maybe there was a deal to be worked out but I told him that I would think about trading WIlson and my 1st and if I did, I wouldn't be adding anything else to a deal. Later told him that I thought ti wouldn't make sense for me to trade Wilson and my 1st and he got upset and posted on Twitter how I wouldn't trade a QB, that I wanted Taylor for Wilson straight-up. I always seem to get offers that belong in the worst trade offers thread so much so that I am beginning to wonder if there is a hidden message on my team profile that tells other owners that they should send me lopsided offers that would cripple my team. If so, I'll have to find out how to de-activate that setting.
  7. Akers deal in my 14 team SF PPR league (not involved) Akers + Hines for D. Henry + Shepard
  8. Love to hear this kind of news. 🤩 Already have him in all my leagues. Picked him up based on what Reich said after he was drafted. Hoping he can carve out a role as the pass-catching option with lots of high calorie snaps (3rd down, red-zone)
  9. 14 team SF PPR (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, SF, K, Def) Another team in my league made a couple of cascading trades to address his QB position (Only had Tannehill as a starter) Trade 1: Traded OBJ, Gallman, 2022 2nd for Roethlisberger, J. Reynolds Trade 2: Traded Roethlisberger, J. Taylor, Gronk for Tagovailoa, Jeudy, C. Evans, 2022 2nd
  10. There's always an element of luck. It can be mitigated somewhat by skill but some things are out of a person's control, as evidenced by my bad beat story. (Full disclosure: I had to look up gamelogs to find the stats) My worst luck came in 2015. Longtime 0.5 PPR keeper league. Had a monster team, highest scoring team in the league, #1 seed in the playoffs. Get to the championship game and Odell Beckham is suspended for week 16 and my opponent has Rueben Randle who he throws into his starting lineup on Monday Night Football. I enter MNF with a 14 point lead. Giants are getting blown out. Randle is doing nothing. Then in the 4th quarter, Randle catches a 72 yard TD, finishing with a line of 2-80-1, good for 15 points. I lose by 1. If Beckham doesn't get suspended, I would've had Beckham and my opponent wouldn't have started Randle and I win easily. I was on the other side of the ledger in 2019 in the same league. Snuck into the playoffs as the 8 seed. My first round opponent had Lamar absolutely killing it every week. Won that game on the back of Jameis Winston (of 30 TD/30 INT fame that season) going off for 456 + 4 TDs (as well as 3 INT) plus a rushing TD. Got 13 bonus points for completions above 25 (+8), 300 passing yards (+2), and 400 passing yards (+3). Final score: 112-110 That win propelled me to a matchup with the #1 seed, who had CMC and Michael Thomas having their historic seasons. Jameis puts up another 450+ yards passing and 4 TDs (with only 1 INT). Got 8 bonus points that week. Final score: 142-139. Good luck ran out in the final as I lost 106-95. The kicker for me is that I was not confident in my team so in our final waiver run, I picked up Gronk to have as a potential keeper for 2020 (TE premium) instead of Tyler Higbee, who was in the midst of his end of season heater. Had I picked up Higbee, I win the championship. I won a 32 team IDP league (8 offense, 11 defense starting lineups) 3 years in a row with the highest scoring team each season and none of the finals being that close, so that's a time when my luck held. Made a couple of astute (lucky?) pickups/trades to help - thank you Tim Hightower and Matt Asiata. Missed the playoffs in my keeper league in 2014 because I ran into the highest scoring team in Week 13 when I had the 2nd highest score of the week and needed a win to get in. Had I gotten in, I would've had the highest scoring team each week of the playoffs and won the championship. I think that if you think you're somewhat skilled, the bad luck hurts worse. The good luck feels way better so if I could only have one, it would be luck.
  11. Wanted to provide an update to this previous posting, as the follow-up is comical (to me anyway and I felt the need to share). The trade below was universally considered a terrible deal for Team A (both in my league and in some of the comments in this thread). To the point made by myself and others about never receiving the sweet lopsided offers and instead receiving the opposite, Team A offered me Roethlisberger for Wentz, straight-up. Smh. 🙄 Wanted to reply with I would've traded Wentz for Gibson and his 2022 1st, but didn't think that would have been well received. Edit: Forgot to add that the Team A owner made a previous trade where he traded away Claypool + Pollard for Damien Harris, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (all 2022)
  12. While there may be an adjustment period because of the new coaching staff, I think it's wheels up for Herbert in 2021 and beyond. I'd try to buy on the dip if there are any initial struggles except I already own him in all my leagues. 😂
  13. That's my thinking too. Seems like the other responses share the same view. I was worried that I there was something off in the way I was viewing the trade and valuing pieces. I never seem to get lopsided offers in my favor, only the other kind which I post in the 'Bad trade offers' thread. 😄 I don't think it's in my make-up to go into trade discussions with an aim to get over on another owner, I go in with a win-win mindset. The owner getting Gibson + 1st had an earlier deal with a different owner which I think was similarly slanted in his favor. That trade (completed back in January) was: Team A (same owner who received Gibson) receives: Aaron Rodgers, CMC, Claypool, 2021 1.10 Team B receives: OBJ, Jacobs, 2021 1.06, 2021 1.12, 2022 1st Now with Rodgers potentially opting out or holding out, that changes the perception, but at the time, most in our league considered that a steal. Whatever he's doing to get those deals in his favor is working for him. Now I have to figure out how to target those same fish. The problem I find is that they tend to skew to the other extreme when I try to have trade talks with them, trying to get over on me to recoup the value they lost. Maybe it's because they realize that they lost a previously trade badly and are afraid to make the same mistakes.
  14. Don't see a bad trades accepted thread. Lol. This one might join the previously discussed Dalvin Cook trade. Just posted in my 14 team PPR SF league. I'm not involved, please help me see the other side. Am I missing something? Team A trades: Garoppolo, A. Gibson, R. Higgins, Ertz, 2022 1st Team B trades: Roethlisberger, Z. Moss, Claypool, H. Henry, 2022 3rd
  15. Conklin has been my deep-stash TE in TE premium leagues based on his usage at the end of 2020 (posted above by menobrown). Would be happy if 2021 was a similar split.
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