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  1. My issue with it is the HIV BLA being delayed for so long and then there is the delay with starting the BLA. They also have way too many trials on line for HIV. I believe they consolidated some-As I believe there were more before.
  2. Interesting post on SA that garnered 8 likes: “This is gross. Recknor and his wife own CARE which is running the LH trial. CYDY is paying them $2.5m. Recknor invested $1m in November and got 670,000 shares at 1.50 when stock was above $2. He now is making 400k plus 50% cash bonus plus stock options. How the heck can this be legal. A man/family that has $4m tied to the company running a clinical trial.” I see more and more of these types of notices when googling. It always bothered me with the timeline and number of studies involved for HIV. They need to
  3. After a night of reflection, I am still on the sidelines; however, I hope the FDA shows compassion in guiding CytoDyn on the best path forward. The CEO needs to stay off the Kool Beens and focus on the tasks at hand. From the information available, certainly appears more patients will need to be enrolled in critical. The age factor is intriguing but I’m not even sure if this is legal? Could you advise a patient, “I’m sorry you’re over 65, you can’t enroll in our trial?” Then you also have to work in factors of overall health. All because you’re over 65 doesn’t mean, you may not be in bet
  4. I thought Mrs. Kelly only exercised her right to sell? Anyone know if she actually sold?
  5. This will be the last pump before the final dump! When will the HIV BLA be filed? I don't invest in unicorns.
  6. If this was for some other indication for a disease with a long-term horizon, I would be excited and wait for the results of another trial. Problem is, COVID with the vaccines along with other potential treatments from HGEN, MERCK, EDSA, AVIR, etc. there is a short-term horizon. They did not provide how many more patients will be required for another trial to meet statistical significance or even if this will be approved by the FDA. I suspect we are looking at another trial with 200 critical patients. When will it start? April Fools if we’re lucky and perhaps end sometime in the fall and
  7. Key takeaways on trial info we have for lenzilumab: Mayo Clinic reported patients treated with lenzilumab had a hospital stay of 5 days compared to 11 for the untreated group. https://www.mayoclinicproceedings.org/article/S0025-6196(20)30989-7/fulltext Interim results reported 37% more recoveries among patients who received lenzilumab versus SOC. Why did CytoDyn not look at interim results? HGEN also has all the right partnerships along with government funding. Who knows, they may report their results before CYDY. The PR release by CytoDyn was a huge disappointment, a
  8. I'm not Don the guy with the old school football helmet. You can see my profile on Seeking Alpha.
  9. If you go on the FB CytoDyn blog, you will get that sense. I got blocked for making negative comments about CYDY-I suspect. Yahoo is also a little crazy for CYDY. I own 50 different positions in my RRSP, TFSA, open plan, and LIRA.
  10. Just thought I would introduce myself. I sold my position after the mother-in-law CC where CEO claimed he treated her stroke with Leronlimab and advised he would share videotape of this at some point, which never happened. I bought in at an average of 40 cents and thus should be pleased but mad at myself for not selling at the all-time high of $10. I’ve followed all the blogs and I admit this is kind of a stock soap opera for me. I sense some investors are all in with CYDY. I admit it was difficult for me to make disparaging remarks about CYDY when things were going good but n
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