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  1. I still have significant interest in Shenault as well, and I am not pursuing Hardman or Williams at all. Hardman has a shot to finally hit the big time, but to me he's still a sleeper who may or may not ever wake up. And Williams, I'm done waiting for him to produce anything more than a respectable game once in a while. Snell, I wouldn't be going after either, though if I had space on my roster, I'd certainly like to have him as a deep flier. However, since you only need to start 1 RB, I wouldn't think he'd have as much value to you. Long story short, Shenault is easily the big piece here
  2. The initial offer was 100% garbage. Not even in the same zip code, let alone ballpark. Your counter is pretty fair.
  3. I love this offer and would definitely accept it. You're basically just delaying the 1.05 pick for a couple years (yes that sucks but you're looking pretty good for this year and next year), and then obtaining 3 pretty decent assets meantime for nothing other than that delay. However, I'm intrigued by this "guaranteed top 6 pick and rollover if not" thing. If I understand correctly, you're saying if he has a top 6 pick in 2023 [edit], you receive that, or if not you get his 2024 pick if it's top 6, or if not you get his 2025 pick if it's top 6, etc.... The only wrench that throws into the
  4. 12 team, PPR, 1QB/2RB/2WR/1FX. Hurts, Tua Swift, Mixon, Moss/Singletary +others AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel +others Hockenson 1.07, 2.03, 4.02 (also have 3 extra 2022 2nd rounders) I really like Antonio Gibson, he was "my guy" all offseason going into our rookie draft last year, but I ended up torn between Moss and Gibson when my pick came up, and went with Moss instead. And his first season made him look better and better. I feel like he could be one of few 3 down backs out there and being a receiver in college could absolutely tear it up in P
  5. I would not do this trade. Diggs is a far greater asset, and though I love stockpiling picks, it's not worth it in this case.
  6. So you're saying this deal could be set in stone between the two of you now, but only conditionally carried out (the condition being that Chase still be available), at the draft, at the time of pick 1.04? I don't know how much I would want a TE, but it sounds like you're getting one either way. Basically downgrading Pitts to Fant and then getting Chase and losing the 1.08. I would personally probably be borderline on doing this trade at all, and probably wouldn't, but definitely wouldn't want to add more to it. (I'll add the disclaimer that I always add, that my league does not have a mandator
  7. Also not a SF guy. There are free calculators. My favorite one so far is keeptradecut.com. They croudsource their rankings by asking you to rank 3 players/picks each time you open the calculator. (You can also just rank players if you want, or view a list of values.) It has 2 separate rankings: 1 QB 0.5 PPR dynasty, and SF. When you use the calculator, it will add a value adjustment to one side to attempt to counter problems, and I think it does a pretty decent job of it. "Problems" are things such as, trading 13 guys that are barely roster-worthy being equal in value to, say, DK Metcalf. If y
  8. That would be great, because I definitely now see him as an extreme high ceiling/low floor guy now. Not that that is a recipe for success, but it's a chance.
  9. Thanks for the input, guys. Yeah probably nothing to worry about, but that news was kind of startling. But taking "all snaps" at WR could easily just mean that is what they want him to work on, not that that is what they plan to do with him come the regular season. Not that I have any chance of getting Etienne, anyway.
  10. Would definitely look to get stronger at WR and would be willing to sacrifice a RB. Would perhaps even do that twice and gain 2 WR for 2 RB, but probably only one. * EDIT: Or if you have any good draft picks to trade for a top WR. But as far as "trying to winning it all this year", I simply don't believe that is a thing. Do what you have to do to give yourself the best odds, as is always the plan (aside from serious rebuilding jobs). But it's never going to be 100% ... or 95% ... or 90% ... or 85% ... or 80% ... or 75% ... or 70% ..... no matter how good you are, unless your roster i
  11. I see ... unfortunate that the right deal was not there. Hopefully it works out, and it very well may, considering how little you might need Golladay.
  12. (Disclaimer that I have no experience in superflex.) I feel like that's not bad for you given your depth at WR -- though it's never a bad thing to have an extra upper-tier guy for bye weeks and injury insurance. However, I also feel like you could get more for him. I would think someone who needs him would give up a 2022 first at least.
  13. Etienne will allegedly be taking all of his snaps in minicamp from a WR position. What significance does this have. It makes me want to compare him to a McCaffrey/Kamara situation on the positive side, though of course he has Robinson to compete with and he may be a 3rd down guy if they continue to get results with Robinson. I guess the one concern that stands out most to me is, is there ANY chance at all, that they actually use him as a WR? As in, to the extent that he would be a WR in fantasy? This is what would obviously destroy his value. I just don't see that happening, but does anyone th
  14. Yeah, all I would add here is a general comment that trading for pick positioning can easily backfire. So many things will happen between now and draft day (well, depending on when your draft is). Our draft is usually near the end of preseason. By then, some rookies are showing strong signs -- positive or negative --, and a few of the guys on your longlist will probably have serious injuries, deflating their value even for dynasty, or serious injuries to their competition, obviously inflating their value. Then you have the draft picks themselves. I will never be able to stop telling people tha
  15. You were not kidding! We've all been there, though -- I think I have never had even one truly good RB, except when I inherited Marshawn Lynch when I took my team 7 or 8 years ago. I think the best performer I've gotten all this time was Isaiah Crowell. Hopeful for this year though. Anyway ... That 1.03 looks a bit more valuable now. Although I would expect neither Etienne nor Williams to be a stud this year ... Carter probably has a better chance this year than those two, but it wouldn't be worth it to reach for him. Dunno, I'm torn between the two sets.
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