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  1. That's a good point; hope you're wrong or that Dillon fails to produce. One option would be to try to acquire Dillon.
  2. Hm, it's a tough one, but I'd likely go with Pitts at TE, and Higgins at flex.
  3. PPR? Redraft, keeper, dynasty? In my dynasty league, I would personally not make this trade. I consider Jones and Chubb to have similar values. After that, I see Henderson as the big piece in the remainder of the trade.
  4. (obvious assumption that this is redraft) I would prefer Smith.
  5. So I already made this trade. I feel mostly good about it. Wondering what others think. 12-team, 20-man roster, full PPR, true dynasty, QRRWWFKD My roster WAS: Hurts, Tua, Tyrod, (Fitz IR) Mixon, Swift, Mitchell, Singletary+Moss, Gainwell, Ahmed, Dallas, Kylin Hill, (Etienne, Evans IR) AJ Brown, Lamb, Godwin, DJ Moore, Bryan Edwards, (Bateman IR) Hockenson (note that it's a 0-1 TE league) Succop+Saints So, I gave up DJ Moore, Mitchell, and my 1st and 2nd rounders in 2022 (hoping these are late picks, but you never know in fantasy). I got Aaron Jones and Michael Gallup (IR). We know Jones is better than week 1. But will he be back as good as he has been before? Is GB in an overall freefall? Some arrows point toward "his best days are behind him". I know I overpaid based on general concensus numbers. Hope it turns out to be worth it, but curious if anyone has input, good or bad.
  6. Not trying to be contentious, but post-injury I drafted him at pick 7, *might* have drafted him at 6 or mayyyybe even 5 had I been in such a situation. Pre-injury, I would never have dreamed of letting him get past pick 3. But most certainly would have taken him at 2, only other contended would be Javonte. Just differing opinions.
  7. Hmm, that's a tough one, I feel like neither one had a whole lot of value to be honest. If you're good to go at RB, I'd take the picks. If you're desperate at RB, I'd keep Michel. And if you're in between good to go and desperate, I'd be on the fence.
  8. Yes. I would feel very good with this team. For your RB or WR teams to fail you would require something apocalyptic. I assume your question focuses on this year, but the answer would be about the same for your future. I agree that the QB and TE situations are a concern. If those 3 guys are not getting the job done, might have to trade off an asset or two.
  9. I drafted him in my QRRWWFDK [edit: PPR] dynasty league at 1.07. Don't regret it in the slightest. But, I'm stacked with WR's and our league is RB-crazy usually, so they can be hard to come by. Unlikely as it may be, his upside if he hits and gets serious usage, is worth taking the chance, in my opinion. Sure, "Kamara-esque" is a pipe dream. But I'm a dreamer, and I'm not the only one.
  10. Definitely Swift. Granted, I own Swift and I'm hope-biased. But still.
  11. I would definitely keep Barkley. Even in 12-team, but especially in 16-team.
  12. Hm. Tough call, but I would probably say Lawrence, Williams, Waddle. I don't normally worry too much about QB, but with the 16 teams and the fact that Lawrence is a big step up from Lance, it's worth passing on the general concensus #1 RB or WR for a pair that aren't far behind.
  13. Based on raw numbers (your pick number, and the rankings you've provided, if you believe in those rankings), it's probably close, but probably not advisable to protect a second. How many 1st and 2nd round picks are usually given up in your drafts? I guess it really doesn't matter that much, because each pick given up also represents a top player missing from the draft pool. So one could say your #17 pick still represents approximately a top-17 player. But your keeper options are in the late-20's at best. However, it all comes down to if you believe one of those players belongs in the top 15-to-20 players. My opinion is, no, they don't, and I'd keep the second round pick.
  14. Yeah, kind of working on using any of Hock, Davis, Edwards to get a 2022 pick, or combine two of them for a 2021 pick, or even just sell one of them to shift one of my current picks up. It's tough to get anyone to make a trade though. Then suddenly someone accepts a trade that you wouldn't expect. Our league is weird.
  15. It's not easy, but I would probably go with Woods/Moore.
  16. Good thinking, but I think the league is kind of onto that angle already, Hockenson has been hard to unload for anything, even as he's become a serious breakout candidate. But it's also puzzling how certain TE's continue to be owned in the same league (Ertz, Hooper, and Engram, currently, for instance). You'd think if someone considered those guys roster-worthy, they pay a decent penny for Hock, but no luck as yet.
  17. I would definitely keep Dobbins, Brown, and Diggs.
  18. I would keep Jackson and Gibson.
  19. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers on what to do going forward (or do nothing). Thanks you in advance! 12-team PPR Dynasty league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 0 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, K, DST. 20-man roster. 1 pt / 50 pass yd; 0.1 pt / rush yd; 0.1 pt / rec yd; 5 pt bonuses on 300 pass yd/150 rush yd/150 rec yd/50+ yd FG. [planned cuts in brackets] QB: Hurts, Tua, [mullens] RB: Swift, Mixon, Moss, Singletary, Darrynton Evans, Salvon Ahmed, [brian hill], [kerryon johnson], [devonta freeman], [travis homer] WR: AJ Brown, Lamb, DJ Moore, Godwin, Curtis Samuel, Bryan Edwards, Gabriel Davis, [lynn bowden] TE: Hockenson K: [gano] DST: Saints Picks: 1.07, 2.03, 3.02, [4.02] Future picks: 3 extra 2nd round picks in 2022. One specific note: I would really like to make one more cut or make a 2-for-1 trade, because I'd have to use 3.02 on a kicker, and I hate passing on very draftable guys that would be left at the #26 spot to take a kicker. If I cut another, it would probably be Gabriel Davis, or could *try* to trade him for a 2022 3rd round. Sorry for the vague "non-question", just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on gameplan going forward. Thank you for taking the time!
  20. I would easily keep Gibson. I get it, Davis is super cheap and you'd get to keep that 6th rounder. But a receiving back in PPR and potentially a stud who can be kept year after year for the price of a pick around #70 (Who is that going to be, this year, for instance? Not likely a game-changer.)
  21. 100% Gibson. Only possible exception would be if it is superflex, where Allen might be in the picture. Do round prices increase if you keep the same guy for multiple years?
  22. PPR? Lineup requirements? What position in the draft are you? 4.01 vs 4.12 could be a significant difference. You say Gibson is not eligible to be kept next year; so, you're saying that even though under normal circumstances he could be a 2nd round keeper next year, there are other rules that prevent you from keeping him? Pending knowing this information, I would want Gibson. I doubt that Gaskin is going to be a perennial starter.
  23. I personally would rather have Elliott than Chubb. If he's Mr. Super Cowboys Fan then I'd think of offering Elliott but only if he were paying a very hefty price for him. I like Zeke.
  24. The clearest decision of all, in my opinion, is to keep Penny for sure. I would definitely cut Benjamin. The second cut would be between Booker and Mack for me. I would likely lean toward cutting Mack, as you have indicated.
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