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  1. How did you check for doneness? Just poke each piece to see, or put a probe in the smaller one and pull it when done, then move the probe to a bigger one? or something else?
  2. Yeah, I wish spoilers worked. You are correct with 3. For 8, I assume it's the first one as I typed in the whole title and it was correct. You are not correct with either guess on 5. The actress in the pic is British.
  3. oops. should be 1, 5, 6 don't know 7
  4. #1037 1, 5, 7 let me know if you want a clue
  5. and here's another thing. wells fargo as a servicer can see the servicing rights (ie MSR) to another servicer and suddenly you'd get a letter in the mail that Joe Blow is now servicing the loan and you should begin sending all payments to them. Doesn't change that FNMA owns the debt though. And there is nothing you can do to prevent said sale of the MSR.
  6. The couple of recipes I've done were instant release, but my understanding with natural release is it is so the meat doesn't toughen up. Strange that you would need/want that with sweet potatoes.
  7. I thought of that movie, but never tried it. The clothing seemed off. Should have though as the rock and the water were pretty decent give aways if you've seen the movie.
  8. #1035 got 2, 3, 6 at a quick glance. will provide hints if folks want.
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