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  1. Yeah, no way would I have ever guessed/gotten that
  2. good clue. haven't seen the movie, but I know the one your hinting at.
  3. ok, I know this reference even though I've never seen it. but, it's not that movie. so something similar?
  4. #1050 man, I went through this one at a time and nailed the first 6. got excited that I might be able to do the whole things on my own. nope. bombed the last 2. #7 does not even look familiar, but #8 kind of does.
  5. Same thing happened with Rage. Last year it was delayed until July 2021. Got an email a few weeks ago that it has been delayed until 2020 now.
  6. It's not you. You can't do spoilers with this new version of the board.
  7. Also mentioned in the article was that there has only been 3 broken legs in UFC history. Strangely, Weidman has been involved in 2 of them.
  8. #1049 only 2 and 5. feels like I should know more.
  9. Finally watched End of Watch recently. Not bad. Was better than I anticipated, I also didn't know all the other people that were in it besides the 2 main actors.
  10. #1047 only #2 at a quick glance. seems like I should know 5 and 6 though.
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