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  1. #1071 not nearly as good this week. only know 1 and 3.
  2. and just figured out #3. first time in a LONG time I've been able to get all 8 on my own.
  3. Just figured out #2. only missing #3.
  4. #1070 almost nailed them all. only missing 2 and 3. thought I knew em, but my guesses were wrong.
  5. I don't know. Scares the crap outta me. Gonna stay away from that one this week.
  6. I don't get CLE being a 14pt favorite. HOU didn't look that bad in week 1.
  7. you've never done that before? that's how I check to be sure.
  8. How about this one. You see an email come across your screen. But then a minute later ... IM window pops up. Why the F did you bother to email me if you were just going to start up an IM conversation about it?
  9. I doubt this. It is strictly forbidden by BB. How would they even have a discussion for this without producers overhearing. I think they will try to get the CO 6 to the final 6, then fight it out from there.
  10. concatenate is very easy. some use the formula, but an easier way is to simply use the & sign. Like this: =A1&B1 Put that in C1 and you get the contents of A1 and B1 merged together.
  11. Yeah, I knew that I knew it. I just couldn't place it. Thanks for the hint.
  12. #1065 Seems like I should know more, but I only got 6 and 7
  13. I don't think you are going to get much smoke this way. I've never done it, but the way I've heard is to smoke it for a period initially, then finish in the sous vide.
  14. should said "oh, you probably pass on the right in your car too, don't you"
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