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  1. Our league loves it. It's a system that rewards those who put in the work! The most fun, fair and active league I've ever been in
  2. Sorry for the confusion, what I meant to say is a manager is allowed to keep a player for maximum 3 years. Once that timeline is up they either have to put him back in the draft pool or trade him away. If traded away the new manager takes on the players original draft cost. (This is what I meant by a player being kept “forever”. I shouldn’t have used that word!)
  3. Hey guys! This is my toughest keeper decision yet, and I'm curious to see what the community thinks. Which 3 would you keep? 10 man / 2QB / non-ppr Keeper League Rules: Players drafted within the first three rounds aren't allowed to be kept. Players can be kept for a maximum of 3 years before they get put back in the pool or traded away. Players kept forever cost their original draft capital and FA's = 12th round pick. **If I select 3 keepers with the same draft capital, for example: Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, Nick Chubb. I would then lose draft picks 12,13,14.
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