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  1. Black psychopaths use one while right wing patriotic tourists use the other which explains the differing view.
  2. According to my research, I knew well before getting my first dose that I may experience possible side affects including but not limited to nausea, headache, fatigue, sore(to put it mildly) shoulder, flu like symptoms. I was therefore not surprised when my arm ached a bit and a had a headache. Got my first dose in April so the information i used for my research was available at least by that time.
  3. unexpected harm or known possible side effect lasting a typical duration before dissipation?
  4. Or, just go by gut feeling and instinct and ignore the data altogether if that is what gives you peace of mind.
  5. Continue to do your own research and look at real data and figure out what the death rates are amongst vaxxed/unvaxxed. The numbers an analysis are out there for you to keep noodling to a real conclusion.
  6. Keep tally of all the people you know and how many are vaxxed and how many are unvaxxed and let us know the number of covid cases in each group and then again the severity of the cases from each group. Look forward to your analysis to add to my research. Thank you.
  7. This is the methodology of pseudo-revolutionary guerillas in developing countries throughout the world. The United Patriotic Peoples Liberation Army or some such is good branding if you want people to think you're the good guy even when you topple a country and proffer destruction, chaos and often bloodshed.
  8. A strumpet from the frozen tundra better pay her holiday greetings or there will be riots in here!
  9. Thanks for watching this as I was curious...you saved me
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