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  1. Maricopa County election officials should end this circus immediately and threaten the State Senate President with jail time for interfering with the county election process. She should be arrested and tried for butting her nose in where it doesn't belong.
  2. She also said, prior to your highlighted comments, "I was on Long Island this weekend ... and I was really disturbed. I saw, you know, dozens & dozens of pickup trucks w/ expletives against Joe Biden ... Trump flags,..." In order to be that change let's not go full on MSM and take things out of context.
  3. Avowed leftist here... I love the US of A and appreciate America's historical greatness and our vast potential. Here's the the US and may we continue to strive for greater and better so we can be that positive change the world needs!
  4. Trumplicans are winning out in Tennessee😥 https://news.yahoo.com/opinion-donald-trump-tennessee-gop-210100326.html But that's over. Tennessee Republicans are no longer centrists and moderates. They are now leaning hard, hard right — and straight over the edge of a flat earth. Judging from a recent Vanderbilt University survey of 1,000 registered voters, it isn't just former president Donald Trump who is delusional in insisting the election was stolen from him. It's also 71% of Tennessee's Republican voters who last month told Vandy pollsters they agreed with the statement:
  5. Plans hade been but we're not yet implemented Barr tells the Leo's to push fprward the plans because POTUS was going to take walk Secret service were at the forefront of the clearing activity Pepper spray and rubber bullets were used against guidance Protests during the daytime, when the clearing took place, were considered mostly peaceful Still am unnecessary #### show of force and doesn't change the over arching narrative imo
  6. Believe it, I am glad for Trump being front and center as this makes it more likely Joe's friends will vote more sensibly when confronted with a trump backed and promoted candidate as their standard bearer in the 2024 election. More likely on a dem president for another 4 years.
  7. This is a very naive position Joe. The current crop of 2022 and 2024 republican hopefuls are currently genuflecting to trump in manor akin to kissing the ring. As an example see how Ted Cruz has shown how spineless and bereft of personal integrity he is by bowing to idolization in a quest for the golden ring. Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Mitch McConnell, pence(we don't see eye to eye)...they've all succumbed to the boot licking required to be accepted into the current republican party. Meanwhile, McCain's widow and the scion Cheney are being pilloried as traitors to the cause. Audit in progr
  8. Baseball bat Rat poison Water Pillow Hands Feet Car Butter knife Gun Multi purpose items designed with killing as a main function
  9. The Myth of Steve Tasker is multiple factors greater than his historic reality. I am a born and bred Bills fan and watched every game of theirs throughout the 80's and 90's and for my money while I loved the plays tasker made he was at most the 23rd most valuable player on those teams
  10. What an awful story with a tragic and unnecessary outcome. Spur of the moment anger combined with convenient access to a weapon and one life is lost and two others changed forever for the worst. Terrible
  11. The results are moot as the audit is merely an exercise in hopeful confirmation bias performed by and for gullible or incorrigible people while using questionable parameters and irregular means. It's stinks from head to tail
  12. The pillow king of Sheboygan strikes again!!
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