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  1. I wouldn’t give up TLaw. I think you’ll be able to get the RB you want with an future pick for him posts draft
  2. I am stacked for the rookie draft - 1.02, 1.04, 1.06, 1.07. In need of a TE...thinking I could get Pitts with 1.06/7. I also need a WR. was offered Ridley with 1.03/1.05 for 1.04/1.06/1.07. That will take the guesswork out of the WR spot, and almost guarantee I can get Pitts with 1.05 (will go Fields, Harris, Pitts). Thoughts? Right now I’m targeting Fields, Harris/Etienne, Chase/Waddle/Smith, then Pitts. It’s super flex — thoughts? Should I just keep the current for the shot at Chase/Pitts? Would expect to get Pitts at 1.07, but there’s a dude trying to trade up to the 1.05 to pick
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