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  1. Got a 36" BlackStone about amonth ago. Very versatile. It is at my campsite, but so far I have done Philly Beefs, smash burgers, bacon egg & cheese on english muffins, French Toast, loaded tots, grilled cheese... Plan on trying some hibachi type stuff and fried rice soon.
  2. Did a couple butts over the weekend. No wrapping, just a heavy rub, 225 degrees for 15 hours until they hit 200. Perfection, the best I've done. This pic was about 1/2 way through. https://photos.app.goo.gl/sR4qdRH8U7LnsYGH9
  3. Labor sounds a little high for my area, but probably in the ballpark. We had a little sticker shock on cabinets. Our first bid was about $11k. Found a local cabinet shop and liked the examples he showed us - ended up at about $8000 including install and crown. Quartz Counters for us $3500 also includes installation I'm installing Luxury Vinyl Plank myself - your $1k seems reasonable
  4. It's almost official now I guess, locked in a rate with the mortgage guy tonight. General Contracting it myself and doing as much work as I can myself (demo, some plumbing, some electrical, flooring). A good friend of mine has his own construction company and will be doing much of the work. - Building a 20' x 22' addition on the back of the house that will include living room and a mud/laundry room combo which will bring the laundry to the main level from downstairs (wife is pretty excited about that). - Moving stairs to add square footage to kitchen - Full Kitchen remodel - Knocking out a wall between kitchen and current living room - Existing living room will become a dining room
  5. Same here, we have a 14 year old and a 12 year old, I'll miss them, but it will be nice to not have to get home or figure something out when we want to get away.
  6. While discussing the Trump Kansas City tweet, I noticed that a few acquaintances were actually making themselves appear less intelligent in order to defend Donald Trump. I know they are fully capable of understanding that Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO are two separate individual cities, but they repeatedly said things that made them appear thickheaded. It was more important for them to prop Trump up then to appear competent. No matter how much I support a stance, I don't think I would do this. 🤔
  7. I have been using YouTube TV since it came out and have experienced very few issues. Usually any streaming issues are related to your internet service and/or your streaming device. Usually, using a Smart TV as your streaming device will give a poor experience. I use two Apple TV 4K boxes, but Nvidia Shield and the better Rokus also work well. Hard wire your boxes if possible as opposed to using WiFi. I have 300MB Fiber internet service now, but had no problems when we had 60MB service previously.
  8. Meh, hoping that's not the best this album has to offer.
  9. Can we get a breakdown on how you see that playing out?
  10. Already mentioned that I'll agree with: Weber Grill - went through a few 2-300 "disposable" grills before i finally decided to get one. Paint brushes - a quality brush like Purdy makes the job easier. I'll add: Tools - Power tools (I prefer Milwaukee) and hand tools. Having the right tools makes home projects so much easier and enjoyable. Underwear - Exofficio >>> Hanes
  11. Should have PBS on YouTubeTV within a month. Looking forward to it myself.
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