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  1. You were right the entire time. Personally, I never really bought the Mac Jones hype until Biderman started reporting that he had good reasons to believe he would be the pick on Tuesday. God bless the 49ers organization; I have no idea how they kept this secret for a month straight. Once the betting odds started flipping Thursday morning though, the Lance pick was inevitable. Someone let the cat out of the bag.
  2. Anyone else think that Lance was Qb # 3 for both Denver and Carolina? It sure seems like it to me.
  3. Shanahan is either going to go down as a 49er legend, or a massive fool, but I have to say that I admire the man for making such a bold move. He's putting his job on the line for this kid. That's how much he believes in him. He's either going to get a contract extension in a few years where he can fill out the contract by himself, or he's going to be unceremoniously fired. So I will ask all of you who keep insisting Shanahan is insane for doing this. Are you not entertained?
  4. Every single one of these Qb's are projects. You do realize that's kind of the point, right? Teams* are supposed to draft QB's with high level elite traits who have the work ethic to develop themselves once they enter the league. What's so difficult to understand about this? They're betting on human beings, not commodities.
  5. Yep. They swung for the fences on this one.
  6. Trey is Shanahan's guy. He has been his guy since last January. This kid has every single trait teams are looking for from a potential franchise QB. I actually don't understand what's not to love. It seems to me Shanahan realizes now he screwed the pooch by passing on Mahomes and Watson, and he can't win in this league consistently without top tier talent. Also, fwiw, the Falcons, the Panthers, and the Broncos, who are in need of QB's, passed on Fields and Jones. When teams are evaluating QB prospects, sometimes they just have to take a leap of faith and bet on the kid that he's going to figure it out at the next level. I am actually of the opinion that if this kid had played this past season, he wouldn't have even been available at #3 overall. He might have gone first overall. If Trey Lance figures it out, nobody is going to care about those first round picks ever again. Time will tell.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vwUm83qn2I Shanahan justifying this pick. He said Trey was the guy since January.
  8. So they should have taken Fields? Or just not made the trade at all?
  9. Yep. I imagine that's exactly the calculation the 49ers brass made. I guess people just think it was a bad pick because they didn't draft Fields, but everyone should just keep in mind that Lance is a full year younger than Fields, so Fields' true freshman season was Lance's redshirt freshman season. Fields also has some mechanical issues that could be problematic in the NFL. He throws the ball like a baseball.
  10. It seems to me they were dead serious about three potential QB's in this class, and they decided to pick the best scheme fit with the highest upside of the three. Once the trade happened, everyone immediately thought of Lance. The narrative only changed once Chris Simms opened his mouth and started saying it was Big Mac. Personally I say, bravo. What a ballsy pick.
  11. To each their own I suppose because I love this pick. Sanity has prevailed.
  12. It should help long term . This kid already has experience running a horizontal passing game.
  13. The story about this pick will be fascinating. I really do wonder if they were ever going to take Mac now. The idea was just completely incoherent to me.
  14. Yeah I think so. He's going to need training wheels, but I think he's ready. They'll just throw the ball 21 times a game like Big Ben did.
  15. Yeah, he probably just prefers hosting Jeopardy instead.
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