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  1. To be fair, it seemed like he lacked confidence in himself. He wasn't diminishing the opportunity you presented. He needs you to give him a Boiler Room type pep talk not close doors on him.
  2. At my last white collar job, the co-worker beside me in accounting was hired through a job fair a few weeks before I responded to a Craigslist ad. He made $16.00/hr. I had tried half-heartedly to negotiate with the nice HR lady when I was hired but she apologized and said $15.50 was all their budget could allow. I liked the co-worker but his job was simple and only relieved responsibilities from 3 ladies. The same 3 ladies needed to share documents with me for invoicing and I didn't find them to be very reliable or accurate. When I quit, the main AR guy rejected 5-6 interviewees over my last few weeks and ultimately needed my co-worker to cover. They gave me a few days to train him and it was clear he was going to struggle a little. The girl who trained me was very good. She had worked at this company for 3 years and was promoted to assisting the main AR guy. 3 months into my time there, she split for a larger company and took a job as a doc scanner. Apparently, document scanning at the larger company paid $17-18 and this was more than she had been making at ours. If my buddy was making $16, then she was worth at least $22 but these small things are often ignored so they lost her and the main AR guy had to cover her work. 3 months later when I left, my buddy had to fill my role and the 3 case managers had to pick up their old responsibilities. Covid and subsequent job losses forced a lot of people to start covering down and become more efficient. There may be a lot of job postings but many of those companies can keep running without a hire so long as other employees continue to cover down.
  3. Stretch the truth. Edit your resume to line up with the job description. If they ask for 2-3 years of experience of such and such, say you have 2 years and if questioned have a plan for how to correlate such and such to your experience studying in school, working out at the gym, training others, etc. You need to get your resume past the A.I and into the hands of a person. It's a numbers game. One interview isn't enough to get discouraged. If it was that easy to get the job, then you were probably shooting too low. You may need to apply 100 times to get 3-5 interviews. You should feel confident in your ability to do whatever the job is. If you believed in the product Boots described, you could sell it. How many medical schools did you apply to? I'm not sure how they view multiple test attempts but I'm sure your score isn't a deal breaker. I recall a neighbor being rejected a few years in a row. Not sure how many schools he applied to but he did get accepted somewhere in his 3rd or 4th year of applying.
  4. Being a parent is tough. You have to be able to trust someone no matter what option you take. Is there comfort in knowing that more people are involved in the bigger daycares? At the end of the day, your child is still being 'watched' by someone making like $15/hr.
  5. If this case was blowing up on tictok, etc, then it would get more news coverage. More people identify with the young aspiring influencer than the slightly older recovering meth head. But Cassidy's case appears to be way more sinister and a lot more interesting from a true crime perspective. Of course, it is sad that any of this stuff happens.
  6. So, what are they saying? How does the house burn down while the 2 suspects are in custody? More people involved? The cannibalism chatter sounds far-fetched but if the FBI came across the caged photo on the dark web there could be something to the sex trafficking angle. Probably not a long running practice though since they didn't appear to do very well in this case.
  7. The littering was bad and he was a cowardly ####### to peel out when confronted. I'm not sure if it's an age thing or just the people I associate with but most will litter without a second thought. It bothers me and I will usually pick up their trash when I see it. On the other hand, did this guy only litter the beer cans? It doesn't excuse it but beer cans are the one thing I have littered. If you are drinking and driving and there is no receptacle nearby, you need to ditch the evidence somehow.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of utilizing 1099 status or whatever it takes to cut benefits from any position, especially those that they would otherwise hire through staffing agencies. I thought that avoiding the costs and burden of a full-time employee is the main reason that many companies will hire through staffing agencies. I suspect that many of these 'hidden workers' have alternative means for healthcare and some would prefer to work part time if given that option. Most companies seem to be stuck on the idea of having 40 hr full time employees whereas I think more efficiency can be derived from part time employees. A somewhat related topic is my thoughts on compensation and job satisfaction. I don't think one's pay is as important as how one's pay compares to those around them. I have worked for very low pay and been quite satisfied so long as I'm working by myself. I'll be competing with myself, always striving to do the job more accurately and more efficiently. However, in other jobs where I made more money, I became dissatisfied because I was surrounded by inefficient co-workers who made as much or more. If I could have only focused on myself, it would be clear that my situation had improved. But I couldn't avoid comparing myself to my co-workers so my job satisfaction declined.
  9. https://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article254691127.html Facts are sparse on this developing case. James Phelps had a house in a rural, wooded part of Missouri. Timothy Norton would park his semi in the driveway and sleep there. The woman, Cassidy Rainwater, was reported missing by a relative in late August. James claimed Cassidy lived there briefly while 'getting on her feet' and then left in late July. The case took a turn in September when the FBI handed local police a photo of Cassidy partially nude in a cage. The police returned to the house and both men were arrested over the next few days with Timothy offering a confession of sorts. While authorities were still in the process of combing the property for evidence, the house burnt down and an explosive device was encountered when trying to combat the fire. Additional possible facts: Cassidy's mother went missing 10-15 years ago and was later found dead. Her case remains unsolved. The home address at the center of this mystery was being used by a registered sex offender but it is believed that he did not actually live there.
  10. How do these companies benefit from hiring through recruiters? They must believe there is a cost or productivity benefit to the practice. I struggle to understand how introducing a middle man can save money. If there is concern over the cost of healthcare, then they should just strip that from the compensation. If they feel that recruiters eliminate the need for more full-time hiring employees, then I would argue that the employees they currently have involved in hiring are not productive enough.
  11. https://usafacts.org/articles/how-much-money-veterans-spending-us/ https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/02/01/vas-budget-has-quintupled-20-years-veterans-groups-want-billions-more.html The VA budget in 2021 was $243 billion. Disability pay accounts for over 40% of that, and that's before we take into account all the employees needed to accommodate the medical appointments veterans make solely in pursuit of that disability pay. The scam that is military disability is a topic most civilians are either unaware of, or can not discuss without being discredited for having never "served." I'm not sure if this dishonest and selfish mentality reflects on the military or just humans in general. I suspect similarly scams occur among all groups, the military is just the one I am personally aware of.
  12. Open carry should be allowed, concealed carry should not. Open carry is honest and upfront. It gives other people a chance to avoid interacting with the gun guy. Concealed carry, especially when combined with stand your ground, leads to unnecessary conflict and escalation. Physically inferior men may engage in situations because they have their concealed carry as a safety net. Physically superior men may act more aggressively than they would if they knew the other person could shoot them.
  13. This report is unlikely to surprise anyone here. Most savvy people know to copy key words and phrases from the job description into your resume in order to be selected for consideration. It's part of the game, but is this really in the best interest of employers? Not according to this report. They apparently found that rather than gaming the system, 'hidden workers' are too busy being productive, reliable people with good attitudes. If employers currently employing AI to pre-screen applications are having difficulty finding quality workers, maybe they should ask HR to spend a few minutes reviewing the ones that were automatically rejected. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/robots-are-hiding-27-million-workers-from-employers-who-need-them-11633037985
  14. I understand the safety in what you're doing but as a driver I find cyclists who take the middle or ride in packs annoying. Now I've mostly been a pedestrian/cyclist the last few years and I am a terribly aggressive rider. I hug the shoulder while also trying to avoid getting doored by parked cars and deal with more frequent flats from broken glass. Some drivers will buzz me within inches. But in city traffic, I'm the one doing the buzzing. Occasionally there are close calls/sliding stops when cars make lane changes without signaling. It's all part of the game. I ride without a helmet so I have no one to blame but myself. I also don't like to stop at lights or signs so I will coast as I approach. This usually works as long as cars behave normally. But if the perpendicular driver lingers or executes a double stop then I will start pedaling again and blow by them. This surely leaves them thinking "Thank god I was driving carefully, that biker is out of control." I wish I could stop riding like this but my brakes are sticky so I try to use them as little as possible. I think this coal rolling kid should go to jail. His immaturity caused some of those bikers life changing injuries.
  15. I don't get it. It seems like most these girls are using you as a babysitter, gift machine, etc. Mary came over and delivered without any BS. Why not focus your attention on her? Or is it all about the thrill of the chase? You lose interest after the conquest?
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