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  1. Aside from getting black lung from the old lady's smoking, everything seems to be fine. I trust her now and she trusts me. There is some comedy in the neighborhood, though. Gun range on the other side of the highway. Roosters going off every morning. A lot of aggressive dogs, including one that almost got a foot to the face. But the icing on the cake has to be these fools who work on cars right outside my room each night. These are the type that are modified to be as loud as possible. As one roared into the distance, they were talking about the power in pounds. I envy their mechanically knowledge but my god, what an obnoxiously brain dead hobby. It's only been two nights so I can still laugh about it.
  2. I still think he has to be in on whatever is going on, whether that is murder or publicity stunt. If they parted ways after a fight, it is hard to imagine him completely ignoring the texts of her mother. The first two scenarios could cause him to ignore her family. I'm speculating that Gabby did not have the true depression/courage required to kill herself. America's daughter? Probably true in a sad way.
  3. I don't think there is going to be a payoff, at least not of a sexual nature. I'm not into the GILF scene. I'm completely sober and not really interested in girls at all. A couple years ago I was a shrewd strip club negotiator. I started a thread about that and got my account perma-banned within minutes. I dropped some of my stuff outside the house earlier. Now I'm just waiting at school with the stuff I don't want stolen. Once she wakes up, I'll go over, change the locks and I guess that's where this thread ends.
  4. Yea, I agree that 98% may have been too much and I'm still at like 80%. In light of the limited evidence offered by that body cam video, voluntary disappearance or publicity stunt seems more likely than I originally figured. Makes sense for mentally ill people to experience more violence because they attract other mentally ill people. I laughed at the reddit characterization of these two. The girl is a free spirit who lights up every room while the dude is a glom with no friends. I figured both of them were half-baked losers. They wouldn't have been able to put up with each other if it weren't so. Reddit was trying to tie the dude to the murder of a lesbian couple which occurred the night after his domestic incident. The lesbians had told others that if they were murdered, it would be by a "creepy guy" who had been hanging around the camp. That case sounds a lot more interesting. I wish the media started digging into that one.
  5. $25 is many cans of beans to a homeless person. The local hardware stores no longer carried the same brand seat in the cheaper style so I knew there was going to be a complaint no matter what I did. I'm staying at a gay lodge right now, though. In the short time that I spent with that other old lady, I was wrongly blamed for all sorts of stuff. There were a ton of crazy rules but I would have gladly stayed there if only she could have continued cooking. My health has been rather poor, injuries no longer healing, kidneys in stage 3 on recent blood test, etc. Being homeless will be challenging as my body is more demanding than most.
  6. The month to month lease began at the start of this month. The landlord allowed the girl to move in with only a security deposit and a promise of rent because she was desperate for a tenant. The girl left after only 3 days. My willingness to move in at the middle of the month afforded the old lady the opportunity to offer the girl a resolution that would hopefully end the harassing phone calls she was receiving. The old lady should have accepted my offer to be present for the exchange. It's done and aside from mentally spooking me, there probably wasn't much damage.
  7. Most of the those redditors are clueless and reflexively blame males and idolize females. I was rash in my own judgment of the situation. Still a good chance he killed her but also reasonably possible that it's a publicity stunt, suicide, or something else. I enjoy mysteries but this case certainly doesn't warrant all this attention.
  8. I woke up this morning to 4 turd piles and 1 piss in the hallway plus at least 1 turd pile in the dark kitchen. I still don't know where the light switch is so I returned to bed. I've been feeling defeated and full of regret so it was good to be reminded that while this new place may be terrible, I really needed to get out of my current place. I'm moving in today. The kitchenette really only consists of a refrigerator and there is a small bathroom sink in laundry room. Originally I had planned to invest in an electric burner, slow cooker, blender and change the sink faucet to allow for more clearance while using some type of screen to prevent the drain and trap from becoming clogged. But since I now plan to only stay a month, my focus will be more on figuring out what I can eat raw. If I'm gonna live in a tent after this, it's important that I figure out how to provide my body nutrients without cooking.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean. I was explaining why I don't want to purchase a more expensive re-programmable lock for this old lady. Another consideration is that if the re-programmable lock malfunctions, it could cause additional problems. In the case of the toilet seat, if the soft close fails it becomes just like a regular, cheaper toilet seat. The other lady was prickly by nature, her husband saw the value in it and told her to settle down.
  10. Thanks for the recommendation. If I was a landlord, I could see the benefit to those adjustable locks but I don't want to incur additional expense and then risk receiving grief when explaining the technology to the old lady. During my short stay with that other old lady, I somehow broke the hinge on her toilet seat. I used to tipttoe around the house because she was very strict about noise so I replaced the seat with the now common and more expensive quiet type. She was upset when she saw it. "I just want one like the one you broke!" She demanded, while forcing the seat to close. "Don't worry," I said, "If you keep forcing the seat down like that, eventually it will be just like the one you had before."
  11. Good point. Alright, the stories were 100 starting after that.
  12. Last night, the owner of my current place made me feel guilty about leaving. He has been very kind and did welcome me into his family. I woke up this morning thinking that I should just give the old lady a month's rent and stay where I'm at. The main drawback is the dogs pooping and pissing all over the place but I've gotten somewhat used to that. But then I was trying to move around the kitchen and it really annoyed me that i couldn't even find the light switch. Any obstacle quickly becomes an annoyance. It steadied my resolve to leave. It bothers me that the old lady is a chain smoker, and I'm sure many former tenants have been as well. I'm trying to clean out my lungs and get healthy, and now I'm exposing myself to massive amounts of 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. I like to sleep on the ground which is also bad when the carpet and air is laced with harmful chemicals. Being poor is so damaging to your health. I guess I will stay there for a month, complete this scam school so that the remainder of my GI Bill is still accessible, and plan out where and how to live in my tent.
  13. Well I did post in the past, you've all just been wrong about my name. You guys seem to struggle with the fact that there are multiple self-centered losers in this world. I should not have disparaged Rok's writing. I recognize my own mediocrity but I was genuinely looking for thoughts on a real situation and didn't put effort into making this a polished narrative. When reading Rok and others, I always got the impression that their stories rang false. An initial truth that dovetailed into fantasy in an attempt to appease their audience. I could be wrong as I faced similar accusations over stories that were 100% true. I wish you guys were right, and I was not in the pathetic position that I am now.
  14. What was the resolution? I thought Elisa was a girl with a history of suicidal ideation and all the evidence pointed towards suicide? I did not watch the Netflix doc but I figured they were simply capitalizing on people's enjoyment of conspiracy. On the other hand, people with a history of psychiatric treatment and suicidal ideation are susceptible to being murdered and it being believed that they killed themselves.
  15. When I was researching dead bolts today, I read that the major brands make a limited number of unique keys for their locks, like ~250. So I suppose stranger things have happened.
  16. Dang, my writing skills must have really deteriorated if you're confusing me with him
  17. I suppose this is just another in a series of poor choices. She called again while I was walking home and I said I would buy and install the new deadbolt for free. Her late wake up time makes it challenging to coordinate but she was willing to leave the door unlocked with her copy of the key. I prefer that she be awake when I do it and I asked if she would be returning the $500 that I gave her. She said, of course, as if it was never in question, which only made me feel rotten for thinking otherwise. She seemed flabbergasted that I had allowed my mind to begin to think that she was manipulating me. She continued to beat herself up, blaming her 'big mouth' for ruining her relationship with 'one of the nicest people she has met recently.' So I proposed what I had originally intended earlier about giving her 1 month's rent and her trusting me to live there without a security deposit and she readily accepted. This whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster that I wish I had never stepped on. Hopefully I can help her find a decent long term tenant and get out of this place emotionally unscathed.
  18. She has told me multiple times that she can't do anything before 4pm because she lays in bed all night and cries while thinking about her dead son and doesn't actually fall asleep until the morning.
  19. That is what she told me happened. I haven't been there or seen her since I forked over the money two days ago. I'm more scared of the old lady than the young punk. She probably won't poison me in my sleep but would she rifle through my stuff when I'm gone? I objected to putting my social on her rental application. I've held onto my personal documents cause maybe I want to be part of normal society in the future. If I stayed there, I guess I would just have to keep them on me whenever I leave the house.
  20. Right. As if on cue she returns my call and when I said that I don't want to move in, she sadly asks if she can at least pay me to buy and install a new deadbolt. What a mind#### this is turning into. I was starting to imagine that she's some evil, conniving woman when in reality she is likely a broken old person dealing with a string of dead beats. Maybe I should just install the deadbolt, tell her to keep my money and wander off with my tent and bag of clothes.
  21. She didn't answer. We'll see if she returns my message. She is probably going to try to keep my $500. The way she wrote my receipt makes me think she may have legal standing, but maybe not. Either way, legality is not that important to me. I'm at a point in life where it's not wise for anyone to cross me. Sleeping in a cell, eating 3 meals and working out with the boys doesn't sound that bad. I'm a good person, honestly, just tired of getting screwed over and I'm not gonna give a crafty old woman a pass.
  22. I'll have to ask her, I'm just a caveman. We'll see how our conversation goes in a couple hours. I didn't sleep well last night.
  23. You're wrong. This lady used to be a legal secretary and said she has read through the landlord/tenant code book three times. I'm obviously not as well versed but I don't think you can change the locks on a tenant that left stuff behind, especially if you plan to retain their security deposit as compensation for unpaid rent.
  24. I've seen a few in videos and checked out a Ford Transit. The way I look at, in addition to the high initial cost, mpg isn't great, repairs will be expensive and even if you have some fancy shelving and a little kitchen area, you are still basically living in a closet. I like sleeping on soft dirt with fresh air so my perspective may be abnormal. Also a vehicle is necessary if you want to road trip but I also know some people doing van life in the city.
  25. I liked a few of their songs years ago but I guess their sound got repetitive so I usually skip them now. I could see a band like Coast Modern having similar appeal as 21Pilots or Glass Animals but main stream success has eluded them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6gq2iYISNI I think Hollow Life is Coast Modern's best song, probably not your cup of tea but you may find it equally as bad as these other popular bands.
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