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  1. From a guy who is close to team and has always been right. Hope he is wrong this time!
  2. I landed in Columbus 2 hours ago. Unfortunately Flowe IS out for the year, coaches just keeping it quiet. He did make the trip though. Oregon is due to win one of these big games right!!!
  3. Rumor is Flowe broke his foot and is out for the year. Wish I was kidding. Only good news is that it sounds like Thibs is good to go.
  4. Agreed. He is an excellent recruiter and jury is still out on him as a head coach but I have seen improvements. This is only game on the schedule this year where the opponent will have more talent so they will have to play very well to have a chance. With the recruiting advantage he is building at Oregon there will be no excuse losing to crap teams like Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State and Washington going forward.
  5. Having 2 starters in the secondary back this week will help the pass defense. KT is key for a pass rush though so need him healthy. I honestly would bet the under in this game if anything.
  6. I was disappointed with the Oregon game as well Saturday but felt better after watching the replay. Offense will improve a lot going forward as they add new RPO plays. Several times a lineman simply missed a block so execution was off. Not a fan of Brown and I think Thompson should start against Stoney Brook if Brown struggles again. If Thibs plays Oregon covers the spread at Ohio State and 20% they win. OSU has issues as well.
  7. Some huge week 1 overreactions in here. Iowa State and Oregon are great teams and will bounce back strong. Oregon will win the PAC 12 again this year and Iowa State may will overtake Oklahoma this year.
  8. We'll have to meet up to tailgate for a game this fall! I did get tickets to go to the Ohio State game with some buddies so looking forward to that.
  9. Nice! We bought a house just north of Costco in FSB area. Looking at buying some Duck season tickets now.
  10. I must be the only guy not participating. Bought a new house in late December and Zillow has our house value 4% lower.
  11. I live in Eugene and our upstairs air conditioner stopped working Friday night. We all slept downstairs last night. Can't get anyone to come look at it until at least Monday. My son has a baseball game at noon today so I am bringing an umbrella.
  12. I voted for Biden and I hate to admit it but I wish I would have voted for Trump now.
  13. I have around 10 big boxes of cards in my garage from when I collected in the 80s and 90s.
  14. It helps when you shoot over 50% from 3 and make the most 3 pointers you have in a game all year. We'll see if they can continue to do that. Guessing no.
  15. How do I invest in Depends?
  16. Anyone? Just trying to figure out which type if grill to buy. Called a plumber and was told it would cost around $600-$700 to run a natural gas line from kitchen to outlet on patio. Options are paying for natural gas line outlet and getting gas grill, getting gas grill and using propane tanks or getting electric grill.
  17. Went in to Costco yesterday and they had a Traeger electric grill. I am a noob here but electric mean no propane or gas and it just plugs into the outside outlet?
  18. Probably more tri tip, hamburgers, chicken, steak. I am prepared to spend up to $1k for a nice grill
  19. I enjoy spending time on Earth as I have super powers here
  20. Need to buy a grill. Our house has natural gas but no outlet to hook up an outside grill to. Any ideas?
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