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  1. Bob Livingston. Not nearly the same level of allegation, but it was a different time then.
  2. Got some more at 47ish this morning. Is anyone here concerned about the potential ban of BTC ownership in India? Are other governments going to follow their lead? How will it impact crypto going forward?
  3. I know what you mean. This one is great though. I didn't think that other song was part of the new album, but im not really sure.
  4. Wow. This thread has been dead for a while now. Maybe some new Gojira will get things started again.
  5. You really need both to get full value, so I'd say order isn't that important.
  6. This is the only holiday that's more ridiculous than grown ups celebrating their birthdays. It's close though.
  7. I just placed an order. $99 due today with the balance due when shipped. I think the whole thing was around $500. They expect to ship mid to late 2021. I'm in a rural area, and have been stuck on ATT DSL forever. It's horrible and there are no plans to upgrade or repair it. I don't get the 6 mbps that I pay for, and outages are common. I hope this works, but at this point I'll try anything new. I'd love to know if bad weather knocks this out like it does Satellite TV, even though that has gotten much better over the years.
  8. I know, it's a shame. I don't really understand the need for an early signing day. It just ruined everything.
  9. I know, it's a shame. I don't really understand the need for an early signing day. It just ruined everything.
  10. He does all the time, but it's not supposed to free up a scholarship. Neither is a player leaving through the portal, or quitting or anything else. It's supposed to be a hard cap of 50 scholarships every 2 years I believe.
  11. And welcome to signing day. Remember when signing day had it's own thread? It used to be a pretty fun day, but I guess early signing day messed everything up. Can anyone explain how Bama signs 28 players every year?
  12. Apparently he didn't want to serve his suspension for smoking the fake weed, so he quit. Any idea if he has to sit out this year? I haven't been able to find anything definitive.
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