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  1. This would be terrible politically for Biden. The millennials would revolt if you took their Doge away.
  2. If Mitt does run, he will once again be cast as a racist dog killing misogynist and most people that praised his statesmanship during impeachment will be fine with it.
  3. I would never marry someone if I thought I needed a prenup with them, but I will never get married again without a prenup. Marriage is a financial contract. Might as well get the terms settled before going into it just like any other financial agreement.
  4. Yep, it's my first pack. I guess I'll hold for now. May just see if my nephew wants to fool with it. Thanks.
  5. OK, I just got one of these for $15. I haven't kept up with the thread. Should I open the pack, or wait?
  6. Term limits would solve so many problems. These politicians are literally making their careers by making us hate each other. AOC, Trump, Pelosi, McConnell etc. are all laughing at us.
  7. I'll never understand why people with kids should be paying less in taxes than people who don't have kids. It should be the exact opposite.
  8. How do the covid rates compare in the three areas that you mentioned here?
  9. I heard him many times when he was campaigning with Obama in '08 and '12. I also remember seeing him in the Senate before that. The issue simply wasn't there.
  10. I get that, but his decline doesn't seem to have anything to do with a stutter. I only bring it up because I don't understand why people keep using it as an excuse. It's perfectly fine to say his age is contributing to his decline if that's what you think. The debate should be whether or not his decline is something that is impeding his ability to do his job. Does it even matter? I don't know.
  11. Does a stutter make you forget things? Where was this stutter in '08, or the 30 years prior? Is it just resurfacing now because he's experiencing some level of mental decline?
  12. Loving this back and forth between Fatguy and Hot diggity. No gotchas, no vitriol, just an honest conversation between two smart guys who see things differently.
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