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  1. Ok, now you're putting words into my mouth. I didn't say your opinion has no merit. You repeated something that is totally false. You heard it somewhere. I was just pointing out that he did not call bigots fine people. That's all. It's not a matter of opinion. You can think he didn't mean it, that's an opinion, but he didn't say it. I hope you or anybody else in here doesn't think that I'm attacking you personally. I'm not. You seem like a good guy. I can get on board with what you're saying about everything else, except I'm not running for office.
  2. I'm not sure why you think that about me based off of this conversation. I'm not trying to talk you into liking Trump. I don't hate Trump or Biden by the way, I just think they're both morons. It's dangerous to do the whole "I know what he said, but this is what he really meant" nonsense. What's the point in putting a mic in front of these politicians if we are just going to assume they mean the literal opposite of what they say? My issue here is with the way his words were inaccurately portrayed by the media.
  3. Ok, fair enough. Are you ok with how the Charlottesville quote was so blatantly misrepresented?
  4. Aren't you the guy that claims any video posted about Biden that makes him look bad is selectively edited? Are you ok with the selective editing of his remarks that made it look like he said the opposite of what he actually said?
  5. All of those assumptions that you're making don't change the fact that the media completely misrepresented what he said. You can read his mind better than I can I guess, but if we're just going off what he said, he absolutely did not say that the white supremacists are fine people. So many things to beat Trump up about. This isn't one of them.
  6. OK great. So you agree that he wasn't calling nazis and white supremacists fine people. Sorry for the confusion on my part.
  7. He, in reality, did the exact opposite. That's why you had to write "in effect".
  8. Here is what I walked into: give me 3 REAL things Trump did that was so horrible for the people of the USA The first thing you responded with was: 1. Charlottesville, then later clarified with 1. Charlottesville: "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides." If you weren't implying that he called a bunch of bigots fine people, then why post that very specific line from that speech? I don't think my assumptions of your meaning are off. I asked about it earlier and you just told me a bunch of other stuff you don't like about Trump.
  9. I am more interested in pointing out how awful our media is than defending Trump, but man, some people just don't want to hear it.
  10. I didn't cherry pick anything. Someone pointed out a specific line from that speech in order to imply that Trump called a bunch of bigots very fine people. My only and entire point is that he flat out did not call a bunch of racists very fine people. You jumped into the conversation later, changed the subject and now accuse me of cherry picking. I'll ask you again, what am I 100% wrong about?
  11. General statement? You asked who he was referring to and I gave a specific answer. Or do you want me to know their names?
  12. I see. We've been talking specifically about that speech and how what he said that day has been misrepresented by the media. I was talking about the 30 seconds between him saying fine people and then condemning racists totally.
  13. Let's try this another way. Watch the video and provide me a list of all of the people that he totally condemned and then compare it to the list in your post.
  14. I doubt arguing over the 30 seconds it took him to roundly and flatly condemn the racists is going to change your mind. It's amazing to me though, because this one is so obvious. I'm shocked that what I said is controversial. Do you notice at least that you have to refer to context instead of what he clearly stated? Context wasn't missing at all, but once you say that, I guess you're allowed to imagine and say anything.
  15. I also would love it if we came together, but there are absolutely sides whether we like it or not. MSM makes lots of money pitting the sides against each other. The bogus narrative that they created by claiming Trump called nazis fine people is a perfect example of it. That is all I'm trying to point out.
  16. If I put words in your mouth, I apologize. Will you explain your intent when you posted about that speech? What was your problem with it? I don't care about gotchas, and this is not what gaslighting is.
  17. I just wrote it, but I'll do it again. We were all lied to by the MSM about what Trump said that day. You were repeating that lie, so I was just pointing it out to you.
  18. The normal people who don't believe in taking down historical statues? There are plenty of people that don't want to erase history that aren't white supremacists.
  19. Maybe I misunderstood your intentions when you wrote the following as a negative by Trump 1. Charlottesville: "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides." and then later explained how that speech set racial equality back ten years. What exactly is your problem with that quote if you're not assuming that he was calling white supremacists and neo nazis fine people? If you want to just play the semantics game and ignore the very, very obvious intent of your statement, that's fine, but I'm not interested in that. I'm not even defending Trump as much as I'm pointing out that the MSM lied to us as a country. Most people were unaware of what he actually said, so you shouldn't be embarrassed. Just learn from it.
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