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  1. Where to start? Down double digits in the 4th and trying to start a fight because the ####ty QB got tackled? Bush league - fake tough guys trying to fight bc they can't win the game. Giants OL are so bad at what they are paid to do they have to find alternate ways to "add value." 28 year-old Melvin Gordon outruns James Bradberry and former sprinter Adoree Jackson 70 yards for a TD...? How is that possible? QB running in a meaningless TD down 20 with no time left on the clock is JV-level embarrassing. The Giants O dapping each other up after scoring to go down 13 as the game ended is pure comedy and perfectly NYG. Please, for the betterment of football, free Saquon. There isn't a single other player on the roster close to as talented as he is. It's selfish (and bad for the game) for the Giants to keep him. I feel for you who root for this. Wellington = Genius, John = #######?
  2. If the goal is to win a Super Bowl I think alphas will always be desired over depth pieces. Since only 2-3 WRs are on the field at a time, you'd like at least 1 guy you can go to in high leverage situations. The team might be more fragile without depth but in order to have a SB winning season a team needs to benefit from injury luck. Would you rather have last year's Titans WRs or this year's NYJ WRs? I think he's going to a worse situation and the likelihood of having a better season than last year (nearly 1k yards in 14 games) is substantially less than 50/50. I think you did well by divesting. In typical dynasty setups it's hard to win starting backend WR4s.
  3. Before I dropped "top 50" I confirmed with FBG PPR WR rankings, which has Corey Davis at 52. Some players ranked ahead of him I think Davis is more talented: Mooney, Mecole, Beasley, Curtis Samuel, Marquise Brown, maybe Viska. Some players ranked behind him I think are better than Davis: AB, Devante Parker. That puts him at 49. FantasyPros has him at 44 in PPR. Mr. Hot Sauce Guy and I were discussing WR talent, not expected fantasy outcome, so the above isn't a 1-to-1 comparison, but it's a good start. Davis is only 26 so he could still put together some 1k+ seasons with some improvement, but we've already seen he is a better WR2 than WR1 for a team. Per your list above if I'm a GM I'd rather have the following players for this year (in addition to what you mentioned): Fuller, Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker, Juju, Sutton (assuming health), Jeudy, Boyd, Mike Williams, Chark, maybe Laviska. Not all these players win on the outside, but that's not a pre-requisite to be a top 50 WR IMO. So Davis clocks in around 45. I was wrong to say "probably not" top 50. Regardless, hopefully E Moore is the best of the bunch to give Wilson the best opportunity to succeed. Crowder played well last year when he was on the field. It's still very much a below average WR unit that has more depth than talent at this point.
  4. I can count 4, but don't worry about answering them. We can agree to disagree. Good luck with Wilson and LaFlleur.
  5. "makes plays with his legs" by "buying time in the pocket"?? I agree there is depth at WR for the Jets, there just isn't any talent - hopefully E Moore changes that. Whoever your favorite WR is between Davis, Crowder, Mims, Cole, that WR probably isn't in the top 50 of all NFL WRs. Lafleur has been under Shanahan for the last 6 seasons. No one has any clue how ML will perform running his own offense. Again, when is the last time he called plays? As an OC at Davidson in 2013? Do you not think that is relevant? At this point it's nothing more than an assumption that Lafleur is an above average, creative OC. Compared to his Sophomore year Wilson had 1300 more passing yards as a Junior on only 17 more attempts while playing the likes of Troy, La Tech, UTSA, Texas State(!), Western Kentucky(!), North Alabama(!), and San Diego State. The NFL is a great example of how much SOS matters. Disagreeing ≠ Hating - He may very well turn out to be a 12 year pro, I doubt it. People like Saleh and dislike Gase so there is an air of positivity and optimism around the Jets currently. It will probably be short lived, Vegas has them as the 3rd worst team this season.
  6. The pros: • cannon arm - sure • high football IQ - plays hero ball, got his WRs lit up - throws across his body and back over the middle of the field • makes plays with his legs - Decent athleticism for college QB, will it translate? Better hope so with his slight frame. ESPN has him running a 4.84 coming out of HS • clear path to starting in his 1st year - sure • plenty of receiving depth - with minimal talent (excluding what we don't know with E Moore) • creative OC - Really? When is the last time Lafluer was an OC? Called plays? Premature to call him creative • Very decent OL - Quality OL yes Had a great Senior against very weak competition. I don't see it.
  7. I'm relatively new to the site having used it only for the last 5 or so years. The draft and league dominator have both been fantastic and have helped me be quite successful in FF - it almost felt like cheating. I wonder how much Dodds' work went into those tools and how good they will be without him. Based on the new podcasts put out by The Audible it seems FBG is more interested in hiring young marketing pros than football guys - Pat Fitzmaurice excluded. Will always enjoy listening to Waldman, Bloom, and Dr Jene, tho.
  8. I agree completely. I'm intrigued. Gettleman made his name scouting OL/DL, right?
  9. This is the first I'm reading Garrett was solely a Mara selection and Judge had nothing to do with bringing him in. Also that Garrett brought in his OL coach who failed spectacularly and was replaced midseason. Do you guys agree with that? Lombardi has been wrong plenty in the past. If true, very surprising Garrett was brought back. It was a weird hire to begin with. Billionaire owners truly do live in their own bubble. Also, if this is true, it makes Judge look even better considering last year's turnaround was mostly due to the D.
  10. The demise of one Ezekiel Elliott has been greatly exaggerated. Outside of last year he's been a grade A bluechip player every season going back a decade to OSU. He was built to play RB. He's the most professional running back in the NFL - considering onfield only. Remember early in his career going thru off field issues when Zeke couldn't practice all week inseason just to be cleared late in the week and go out produce 125 and 1.5 TDs? The continued chatter of Tony Pollard eating into Zeke's touches because he looks more athletic is funny IMO. Shortly after the season I offered the 1.08 and RoJo for Zeke and it got accepted, I was happily surprised.
  11. At first I was on the 1.05 side due to the quality of talent available there, but after seeing your roster I like your strategy. I think what's probably more important than a single trade is that you are looking toward to the future and sticking to a plan. Hopefully the 2023 class is stacked.
  12. Get Zeke, Give your 1.1 for his 1.3 since you have RB depth, extract more value
  13. If it wasn't for Lance I'd go with the picks, but I'm buying into the Shanny/Lance marriage. Whoever drafted 1.02 is probably kicking himself.
  14. I agree with @Jonesin For Some Football that you are taking on a bit of risk that Claypool has top flight WR in him. Godwin has already done it, is a 2nd on top worth the risk? I personally don't think so. I also think it's selling a bit low on Godwin and buying high on Claypool.
  15. Light for Saquon. In a 10 teamer the blue chip studs are all the more valuable, no? Need as many as those as one can get. "TE premium" is just propaganda for deals like this to be pulled off
  16. Nice sell-high on Akers. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year Sanders and Akers are similar in value, plus a 1st and 2nd? Give me the 2.5 outs over Akers.
  17. Team A: Amari Cooper Team B: Chark + Ruggs Team A is a contender, team B is rebuilding
  18. I think Harris is closer to a JAG than a 1st round type RB talent, and the first three points above illustrate that. 2/3 points are accumulation stats, which the RB of the best team in CFB will accumulate. The 3rd is an efficiency metric, which doesn't look good. Najee Harris was the overall #2 player in this HS class and #1 RB. He was all world then. I think he peaked early at Bama (played his true freshman season), his potential has been hit for a couple years now. Steelers drafted a plodder. Similar to James Conner, he'll get stats, but they won't be efficient, especially in the current version of the Steelers' Offense.
  19. Thanks for the welcome. I Came in a little hot, my bad. Saquon is one of my favorite college fb players ever and a staple on my dynasty teams, so I'm a little sensitive. Yes, Saquon is coming back this year. At his price it was obvious for NYG. Per Jason at OTC: https://overthecap.com/is-saquon-barkleys-option-fair-for-the-player/ Vegas has the Giants winning 7 games this year, coming in 3rd in NFC East, and missing the playoffs. Assuming that happens, is DJones gone? is Gettlemen gone? Judge gone? Complete overhaul? If going through a complete rebuild why pay a top 3 salary to a RB? To sell tickets? Doubt this thread wants to discuss next offseason just yet, but the above is something I'll be paying close attention to throughout this year and into next.
  20. Hard to believe Saquon sacrificed an ACL for this. The Maras should be embarrassed. Hoping he signs an extension elsewhere in the offseason where the team has a plan and he can be used creatively.
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