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  1. Just an update, I did the trade. We'll see what happens. I'm more confident in a proven thing. Yes, I could have had Pitts or Chase, but three of the guys ahead of me need QBs, so I would have been looking at the 4th or 5th QB. Just FYI, my RBs are Cook, Swift, Dillion,Davis, Conner, and Pollard TEs are Fant, Jarwin, Knox
  2. 10 team, 0.5 ppr, 2 QB, dynasty Give: 1.06, Daniel Jones, Diontae Johnson Get: Josh Allen Other QBs are Hurts, Lock, Minshew, Love WRs are Aiyuk, Kupp, Chark, Landry, Kirk, Slayton, Parris Campbell. I don't have a 2nd round pick. Should I make this trade?
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