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  1. Speaking of which, what do you think of "them"? Anybody have any cautionary tales of T-Mobile? I think I remember Sprint sucking but that doesn't matter now.
  2. My only advice, because I also have no idea how that stuff works, was to see what this super savvy footballsguys forum had to say about it. What's the play here? He accidentally ended up on one of the social sites and has hit 5 million views in a matter of days. He didn't even post it, his wife did, they have teenagers that are into this stuff. Do they post it on other sites or try and get a sponsor first or what? It's mind-blowlingly dumb, like a belly flop, but people are eating it up for some reason and maybe Busch Light or the Tide car would too, who the hell knows. What does a "social media manager" do at this point? They're going to hit 10 million views. Is that close to the magic number where wheat pennies start to Dick Trickle in? Thanks!
  3. Nice! Someone on here, I think it was the Ministry of Vain, used to go to the mat for Winston, nonstop? Or was that you? Curious what changed. This is by no means a call out, we're all off on players at times, and there isn't a better thread title creator on the site than you, but how, when and why did you finally jump ship on Jameis?
  4. Good catch. A friend had since pointed that out to me as well, but I'm not so sure I buy it. Not everything they say is factual and why open up that box to the press and public if there's no need to (or also if you've been told let's not go down that road). None the less, the comments are duly noted and we will see if this brand of football really is a new Fangio. The situation will rise again, for sure. So yeah, I guess I'll say I'll believe it when I see it, consistently. A first time head coach at his age (63), especially from what I've seen before from him, time and again, doesn't all of a sudden do an about face. And on multiple plays to boot. He's gone from a librarian to a gunslinger and his flippant explanation is that it just came to him in that moment? And in the first half of the first game??? On multiple occasions? He can say they were crickets but I tend to believe that cricket was hired and Vic's not going to get into who did it or why. No need. Not yet anyway. As for the players comments, of course they loved it, that's to be expected. Whatever the case me be on that end, good for them. Interested to see how this plays out. Pete Carroll is one of the few coaches that comes to mind whose philosophy changed to a more aggressive-minded approach on Offense. And at an advanced age as well. Did this epiphany by Vic really happen in the first half of this first game, out of nowhere? Or was it addressed by the new GM, who had nothing to do with the hire in the first place. I mean, in the months leading up to Vic's pivotal second season, I would think it more likely that those kind of details were addressed, no? The issue was a glaring one, for sure. Regardless, we will see down the line.
  5. Broncos are legit. Good team all around, with depth. And most importantly, they handed the keys to the car (offensively) to someone that knows offense and analytics, while leaving Fangio to do what he does best (coach D). They went for it on 4th down 3 times…in the first half! Vic never would’ve done that. He would’ve punted and hoped his D could stop ####. Same stuff over and over from that old, predictable dog. And the opposing coaches, who all know his tendencies, would’ve taken advantage of it. He always falls back on D and hopes that will get them there. Not these days, Vic. Paton — the new GM — took care of that weakness and it’s evident already. You gotta take educated risks. Whoever was calling the shots, knows the numbers. Finally. Big improvement, without having to fire a good DC. Almost like when they brought Wade Phillips back to set the D straight in Denver. Which worked. Still have a ways to go, but at least Paton found someone that is gonna take risks and not do the oft-proven sit, kick and hope not to lose final quarter of football. Instead, they brought it. Paton is turning the tide and you could see it in game 1. 👍. This may not be a great team (unless Rodgers hops aboard), but they are gonna be a tough out and win a lot of games.
  6. He'll be alright, back mid-season and they are stacked. Every team has injuries, it's just the beginning.
  7. Yeah but don't say anything. I have maybe a million or a lot more shares than you will ever have of CYDY but don't tell anybody, I am just here to tell you that this is life-changing and it's a WONDERFUL drug. Trust me. Great drug. My friends have used it and I can tell you it works. Great drug. Fantastic for covid, btw. It's a drug everyone should own.
  8. I will never get it. Idiotic. Tennis thinks they are still in the 80's. Or that it's coming back. Who doesn't know basic marketing at that level? So dumb. Move it up ONE week, geniuses.
  9. You don't understand, it's a wonderful drug. It's great. Everybody who knows the drug loves it. It's the best.
  10. Talk about putting words in other people's posts? What? Relax dude, I posted my opinion, which aligned with yours really, in case you didn't notice, albeit with a slightly different timeline. I do find it ironic that you call my opinion nonsensical, although it's not that far off from yours, save for timeline. Look, the guy is gone, he's miserable there, he was wronged. To what degree is arguable but who cares. It's the fanatics that can't get over this and keep it in the TMZ zone, which is amusing I guess. But I don't want to argue, I had no idea you were on staff and I apologize if I offended you.
  11. Bored almighty, if you're Bears fan, I truly feel for you. And I used to have no sympathy. Cringed again and again at tonight's game.
  12. The irony is off the charts here. FFers are up in arms over the situation. The funniest part is they are doing exactly what they are ripping Rodgers for. While angling for some kind of deal or opportunity. And until he ends up putting up numbers they want so badly, the ripping will continue. Then, they will tell you how they knew all along and what a genius move it was to acquire him in 4 leagues they're in (even though they play in 19 and didn't draft him in one). Pure comedy.
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