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  1. Also, I haven't read the thread but I think that Matt Ryan's success of producing numbers with Austin Hooper and Tony Gonzalez bode well for Pitts. Matt Ryan is prepared to fire 80 to 130 targets to his primary TE as soon as they are ready for them.
  2. Obviously, I'm not expecting him to come in as a rookie and produce like the best fantasy tight end of all time. But considering he's getting drafted ahead of WRs who will probably end up with some combination of 1,100 / 10 Touchdowns in their career, and all the hype people are buying into. I'm saying, if this guy never catches 80+ catches a season, he's a bust based on the hype itself. He needs to produce like Waller, Kelce, and Kittle to justify where you're taking him. I see an rich man's Jared Cook going to a team with proven QB talent.
  3. Stop trolling me. I meant in his career. Are you always this obtuse?
  4. I don't see it with Sermon. Not all these kids are going to be superstars.
  5. If we don't get Jimmy Graham in his prime production, this is going to be very disappointing.
  6. I'm looking to buy low on Hardman. We always knew he was a raw WR project coming into the league. Look at everything going in his favor this season: 1.) 3rd Year - WR Breakout 2.) Sammy Watkins leaving equals more targets. 3.) If Tyreek gets hurt, he slots into that portion of the offense. I can see how if you held him on your roster for 2 years and has been pretty much unstartable, that you would be sick of him. But he's at worst, a decent FLEX bye week filler hoping he catches in a deep one (bonus if you get PR TD). One of the better WR lottery tickets you can buy, imo. At least you know the QB play will be there.
  7. Not the worst trade offer, but some guy keeps trying to trade me Austin Hooper, whom I wouldn't even pick up if he was on waivers.
  8. Traded Chuba Hubbard for Henry Ruggs to the Christian McCaffery owner in my SUPERFLEX league. I don't know if he'll ever amount to anything, but if her erupts for a TD Week 1, I might be able to pawn him off onto some sap.
  9. I ran the tally and correct me if I'm wrong, but you're 20-12-2 (62.5%) over the past two-weeks? You'll have to excuse me, I didn't know I was talking to THE ####### MAN!!! ❤️
  10. Quiet you. There's only 2 more days of data to go through. Then we'll see just how cool you really are! 😎
  11. 2-1, 66% To this point, you have not lost a single bet you've placed on the Giants ML in the past two weeks.
  12. 1-1, 50% I give you a tremendous amount of credit for you ability to grind it out. I don't remember the last day you took a break.
  13. 1-0 2-1 75%. Your best effort yet. I think this put you plus 50%. I'm running a 2-week tally backwards. You were on fire for 4-5 day stretch here.
  15. I'm 1-1 the past 24 hours and @facook is talking ####. People get slapped in the mouth for behavior like this mother####er.
  16. Don't be a jagoff. There's one game to bet on. You lose and you're done for the night. I'm getting real sick of your ####. This isn't funny to me. You don't comment on the wins and narrate the losses? Homie, I watch you lose your ### off and I don't call you out. Watch it. I'll make this a place you don't want to hang out at.
  17. This is honestly the least fun I've had in gambling in years.
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