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  1. I have put out feelers to everyone in the league and there is a lot less interest in moving up to 1.02 than I would expect. Part of this could be because the same guy holds 1.01, 1.03, and 1.05. Here are the offers on the table currently: 1. 1.03 + 2023 2nd + Gus Edwards or Bryan Edwards My interpretation: I still get one of Harris, Lance, Chase, Pitts and a 2023 pick that could be anywhere. I also get a handcuff/flex or a post hype 2nd year wr. Not a huge step back and pick up some extra pieces. I do have a hard time taking Pitts this early because thinking about future value, it would be hard to see him fetching more draft capital than Lance after a couple years. I would be happier with this compensation of it was a 2022 2nd. 2. 1.07 + 2022 1st My interpretation: I am moving back to a range where Pitts, Williams, Fields, Etienne, Waddle. Most of these players I think are in the 2nd tier. I also pick up a future 1st rounder which I would expect to be middle of the round and relatively valuable. 3. I trade back to 1.03 and then, assuming the same person at 1.01 and 1.02 doesn't take 2 qbs I trade back to 1.07. Only moderate risk in this that I can't trade the 1.03 again for the same compensation. If that happens I still get a top tier player. 4. I trade Burrow for 1.07, 2.07, and 2022 first. Based on the May trade value chart I think this is enough compensation for Burrow but do you agree? I know it's generally preferred to go with known (Burrow) over unknown (Lance).
  2. Sorry, put superflex in the title but forgot in the question. The starting roster is qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, flex, flex, super flex. I’m 95% positive Lawrence is going first. I was honestly not considering Harris at all that early. My thoughts were to solidify the positions with more longevity (qb, wr) and then draft or trade for rbs once I’m closer to contending. But maybe I am underestimating the need to draft rbs earlier.
  3. This is my first dynasty league and my first rookie draft will be starting this Saturday. It's a 10 team league, superflex, 0.5 ppr, with 30 roster spots (3 of them are taxi squad for 1 or 2 year players). The starting roster is qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, flex, flex, super flex. My approach to the initial draft was to load up on QB and WR and for the most part punted on RB and TE. While I was very successful at QB but my WRs are pretty weak and the rest of my team is garbage. So I tanked the first year and ended up with the 1.02 pick. The question I have is what should I do with it? Base of my current roster is: QB: Mahomes, Watson, Burrow WR: DJ Moore, Sutton, Diontea Johnson, Jeudy, Shenault, Deebo, Antonio Brown RB: Dobbins, AJ Dillon, Rashad Penny, Garbage TE: Njoku, OJ Howard, Garbage Clearly I don't need another QB but with Watson questions do I take another QB and trade later once watson gets sorted out? Only offers to trade back are to 1.03 for a future 2nd (not next year either) or all the way to 1.07. I'm just curious what I should be looking for here? Most valuable would be QB but not that valuable to my team. Being so new to this I don't even really know what I should be looking for in compensation for that pick, 1.07 and future 1st? plus future 2nd? Any advice would be appreciated.
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