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  1. Unfortunately, from what I see on Walking Boot's facebook page (in addition to Tizamagician, Authentic, and Going to Vegas... Collusion Illusion is yet another horse he has ownership interest in), this sprinter is a scratch today due to a 'grabbed quarter' on the AM vet check. Running a G1 after a long layoff, he'd have to be in perfect condition and based on conversations with the vet, it was determined to scratch.
  2. Would be solid shtick to go on the show and start every response with "Is it..?" "Is it George Washington?" "Is it New York City?" Then maybe mix it up once in a while with a "Ain't that gamma radiation?"
  3. https://twitter.com/mrbobodenkirk/status/1421195860466089991?
  4. care to unpack that a bit? Some years ago I stumbled on to some formula... something like "days since last work + total lengths back last 3 races + a few other numbers from the PPs" and then bet the horse with the lowest total. Not really any analysis of the horses themselves, or the race itself and how they would likely run it, which I think is probably a better system than just reading some numbers lol
  5. Man I really wish I knew how to handicap races better. I've got some harebrained "system" to read the PPs but some day I want to really figure out what to look for in a race.
  6. Right, about 95% are junk, but, can't expect a good sale every day. For what it is, they are at least very quick to point out the good sales at places like Mr Porter and J Crew, which I hit hard when I can and the values are good.
  7. TMZ reporting Ron Popeil, inventor of the Pocket Fisherman and Hair in a Can, has died at 86
  8. Yeah, it's a concern. One reporter tweeted everyone... AMC, Sony, his friends, etc., are all just waiting to hear what's up and no one has an update yet.
  9. Good sales info here too: http://www.reddit.com/r/frugalmalefashion/new
  10. I find it difficult to track more than one series at a time... in the middle of the current season of South Africa now, watching weekly. It should finish just as US returns. I'll have to save the new Australia season to carry me through the Dec/Jan period between the US seasons.
  11. Huh, thought the last one was one of the best episodes of the season (an admittedly low bar). Had a little bit of everything.
  12. He can always take out the contributions penalty free if he needs to later.
  13. Haha exactly what I said in my post... that's the plan! (Although, technically, California wants you to pay taxes on the unrealized gains in your accounts when you leave the state. They just don't yet have a method of enforcement)
  14. Sadly, not in California (or New Jersey), which treat them as regular taxable accounts for state taxes.
  15. Right. Say you hit a home run by investing in some stock that grows 100x over 25 years. $10,000 becomes $1,000,000. Have that $1M in a 401k and withdraw, it's taxed as income Have that $1M in a Roth and withdraw at any time, tax free (other than whatever pittance few thousand you pay for taxes on $10,000 of income)
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