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  1. In season? As bad as this one was... I'd absolutely give it a chance.
  2. Yeah, the CBS Fantasy article on my league page, the weekly waiver wire advice column, with the priority add/drops, has him as the top TE pick and literally reads:
  3. Weird, in my CBS league he's been dual eligible for several weeks. His grey letters are "WR" but when you click for the player card, it lists "Eligibility" next to his photo and I see TE listed.
  4. Dry-wit comedian Norm MacDonald, 61. F*** Cancer. Norm and Conan's classic interview with Courtney Thorne-Smith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL0WayC7jW0
  5. I guess the Richards week starts tonight? But they cut out as much of him as they could.
  6. Maybe the takeover is happening? Who's counting the votes, and when is the deadline?
  7. If he gives up one hit, pull him. 3 run lead, they could hold that. It's not like one swing could lose the game.
  8. Lowest score wins. Players who put up a 0.0, though, get a 25-point penalty added to their score
  9. The Rams and Falcons could both use a RB, and neither team even took a sniff at Gurley. They know. He's done.
  10. Reuters and Washington Post say he's fully vaccinated, too I guess we find out for sure next week: if he returns to practice in week 2, before 10 days, he must have been vaccinated.
  11. No I mean if he couldn't work as a plumber and had to change careers. Forty with neck tattoos is a hard place to start over from
  12. So I had a plumber over to fix a leaky pipe under the house. Funny thing, his neck tattoo only made him seem more trustworthy to me. Like, I felt he was less likely to screw me over than some other guy because of his neck tattoo. It took a minute of thinking about it for me to figure out why I got that impression, but, I think my reasoning is: he owns the business. And no one else is going to hire him, other than himself, with the tattoo for any other kind of job. So this is all that he's got. He owns his own business and if he screws it up and gets a ton of complaints or shut down or out of business, he doesn't have many options for a fallback. So, I figure his stakes on doing a decent job are higher.
  13. Heading to Del Mar on Saturday for the two Grade II races, John C Mabee Stakes and the Del Mar Derby. 🤞
  14. Could be worse. I've heard of leagues where the owners get drug tested to make sure no one's on performance enhancers.
  15. What I posted is random and excludes divisional matchups.
  16. The games are: A1 vs B1, A2 vs B2, A3 vs C1, A4 vs C2, B3 vs C3, and B4 vs C4 Your job is to just randomly put teams in those slots. Take the 4 team names in Division A, say perhaps in alphabetical order or whatever you want, then randomly give them numbers using a randomizer. Like this one: https://www.random.org/sequences/?min=1&max=4&col=1&format=html&rnd=new I just clicked it and got "2 3 4 1". So the second team alphabetically becomes A1, the third team alphabetically becomes A2, the 4th team becomes A3 and the first one becomes A4. Plug those in to the above schedule. Repeat for the other two divisions. Not sure what the issue is. Unless you need to verify it was random? There's a "premium" option to get an email to verify you only ran the numbers one time and that they're really random. I'm sure there are other diceroll sites out there that will send email results for free.
  17. I don't get it. Then just change week 12 to non-divisional games. 2 in Div A play 2 in Div B. The other two in Div A play 2 in Div C. The remaining 2 in Div B play the remaining 2 in Div C. Randomly dice-roll who's who in each division if you really need it more random.
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