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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. There is draft pick trades during the regular season but no off-season movement. My only option is to pick 2 of the above as keepers.
  2. Hey folks, I am in a 16-team .5 PPR league where everybody keeps 2 players. These keepers are always assigned to your last 2 picks so draft cost is pretty irrelevant. I am fresh off a championship with the following roster: QB: Allen WR: Adams WR: Metcalf WR: Ridley RB: Chubb RB: Akers TE: Andrews Flex: Jacobs B: Mixon B: Samuel B: Hines B: Edmonds B: Henderson I am wondering who you folks would be keeping in this situation. Keep in mind I have a terrible draft coming up and don't pick until the 6th round so my keepers this year are likely who I will be starting 2022 with. Right now I am leaning towards Chubb/Adams(Or Metcalf - pending Aaron Rodgers), or Chubb/Akers. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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