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  1. Picking 3rd Would you rather D henry najee ridley Godwin Murray *Gaskin is a 10rd keeper OR henry mahomes ridley godwin Amari cooper *Gaskin is a 10 rd keeper
  2. Thanks guys. Would love more doscussion Ridley is a no brainer now since 1 guy has the ability to keep diggs AJ brown and mclaurin. It’s a 1 an league so thinking I can still get Murray or dak via the draft rather than spend a keeper This league historically drafts heavy rb in the first 3 rounds so wanting to get. 2 solid RBs. Gaskin gives me depth or flex and variance between qb is not as large a gap between Murray and dak in the end
  3. Hey all Starting a new thread here for all as we start to mock draft in preparation for the season I play in a 10 team half ppr keeper league. 1qb 2 rb 3 wr 1 w/r/t Can keep 3 players max so hoping to get some advice. Here are the keepers so far and the guys I’m considering with the round they will cost next to their name Keeping Lamb (9) Gaskin (10) so my question is should I keep Ridley (3) K Murray (4) D Prescott (8) M Davis (11) thanks all good luck this season
  4. Draft season is approaching quickly if not already upon us and with the start of camp just around the corner I thought some discussion around who some of the best players are for those who play in keeper leagues would be helpful for all.
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