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  1. I went to see the Specialist. Turns out that the mass was the same thing I was diagnosed with back in 2014. It is called a Warthin tumor I have more than one now. These are almost never malignant. The only treatment is to either monitor closely or remove the masses. The surgeon said that he would rather monitor and if gets huge again try antibiotics. Surgery is last option he wants to try because it involves removing salivary glans. So pretty good news. I'm really kind of aggravated with the first ENT Docs because they were the ones who diagnosed this years ago. I mean they left me twisti
  2. So after a week of trying to get referrals and authorizations finally going to see Doc Tommorow hopefully get some answers.
  3. My youngest daughter set up some kind of portal thing for me so I can go onto the computer and read reports and tests Docs have done. Think I'm going to hold off on that till I see doc. Ignorance is bliss right now until I can speak with Doc and get facts on tests and what exactly is going on.
  4. Thanks man appreciate that. Yea it was always smoke em if you got em everytime we were hurry up and waiting. I mean we use to get cigarettes in our c-rations.
  5. Thanks guys appreciate the positive thoughts. I did tell my wife it went better than I thought it would but I know its going to worry her to death. I'm a pretty tough old fart so I'm going to give this hell. Like I said beat hep c so I can beat this. Only difference is I didn't do the hep c to myself. Like I did with this by smoking, When I was in the Army back in the mid 70s they didn't know much about blood borne diseases back then. They would stand a whole company of men at a time in a line and give shots with an airgun. Tell you don't flinch. Yea right everyone flinched shared probably ev
  6. Hey guys I have been coming here for dang near 20 years. I haven't posted a whole lot but really enjoyed reading the forums. I feel like I really know some of the posters here even though we may not have interacted at all. I really kind of need a place to talk right now. My wife bless her heart is not really the one I want to express some of these things with she is just too emotional. Plus she is just recently fighting breast cancer herself. The past few weeks I have had a foreboding feeling like something wasn't right with me. Then about 2 weeks ago my neck right under the jaw line swel
  7. Got my first snook ever hard to believe I have never caught one. Only have two more on my must catch list Tarpon and Bonefish hopefully I will get those one day, We went down to Cabbage Key got quite a few reds, snook and Seatrout. Most were slot size but they didn't weight much. I think it was because of the red tide they had a few years back. Guide was really good young guy but he knew what he was doing put us right on the fish. Really knew the water and the history of the area. If your ever down Pine Island way his is Floridaze charters he will put you on the fish. Cabbage Key was
  8. @Joe Mammyhey I guess you live down here. If you ever get the chance take your wife and visit cabbage key. Its fantastic we are there now lots of fun. I've got about 6 rum runners under my belt now at the island. Probably why I posted cuz I haven't done a lot of that lately. Anyway I'm sure you guys would enjoy it.
  9. Yea sorry if I came across as an idgit. Loved Chiles voted for him twice. Desperatly need more folks like him in Government now.
  10. I guess you voted for him. Do you think he would have done a better job than DeSantis with his meth habit and who knows what else?
  11. Yea well thank goodness the guy that was found unresponsive with a male prostitute in a South Beach Hotel room was not elected. That would have been a real Dookie show. It was real close too he could have been our Governor thank God for small favors.
  12. Buffalo chicken tender sub. You haven't lived until you have had one.
  13. Nani worked out ok. Is he similar or not same caliber player.
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