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  1. No I really haven't had a chance. Wife is having some health problems but I am definitely going soon. That spinner bait is made for Lake Eustis. Going to get some minnows and a cane pole for my wife. She doesn't have a fishing license so cane pole it is for her plus not as much physical exertion.
  2. Dogs can show that they are stressed out by panting.
  3. Yep. But actually I was kissing it. Kiss first fish of the day for luck. I think blowing a shotgun is better though ­čść.
  4. Dog food I get my dogs up 4 bucks in one week. That hurts got a 120 lb Bloodhound a Frenchie and 2 Shi Tzus. They may have to quit the eating habit.
  5. Man I sure hope not she has been on antidepressants for years she really doesn't need anything else on top of this. Sometimes I wonder why bad things seem to always happen to good people. My wife would give the shirt off her back to a person in need. Then there are folks like me ornery old coots who seem to always get passes.
  6. Thanks guys. We've decided not to say anything about what happened. I'm sure the nurse won't let something like that happen again. I could tell by the look on her face she knew she had screwed up. Plus if my wife took pills Like normal folks she would have noticed it before it ever hit her mouth and would have taken the pill out of the package. Of course I didn't tell my wife she wasn't normal, she probably realizes that after being married to me forever.
  7. Saturday night my wife had a heart attack. Man that was scary even worse than when we found out she had breast cancer. They put in a Stent and did a angeloplasty. So hopefully everything will be OK if we follow instructions. She finally is going to quit smoking and that will help a great deal. We really got excellent care while she was in ICU. The nurses and staff were incredible there. Monday she was switched from ICU to another floor. An incident happened there by the nurse in charge of my wife's care. Now if you know my wife she's like Will Rodgers she's never met a person she didn't like. She loves to talk no matter the situation┬╣┬╣┬╣ to be honest sometimes it can be distracting. About 2 hours before we left the nurse came in to give Lori some medication. When Lori takes pills she puts a little liquid in her mouth then pops the pills. So the nurse gives her the pills in the little white container. Lori takes a sip and pops the pills. She immediately starts choking. I was freaking out my wife recovering from a heart attack and now she is choking badly. The nurse is pounding her on the back Lori sticks her hand down her throat and pulls out a pill still inside the package. How does something like that happen? I know my wife probably distracted her by talking so much but the nurse should have been able to still do her job. Maybe she was tired because I know they are working long hard hours. Our dilemma is weather we should report it. She got excellent care while there except for that last incident. If she was overworked and tired we don't want to cost her her job, but what if she is incompetent and ends up hurting someone should we report it. We have the pill and the package. Lori dug it out of the garbage. The nurse put it at the bottom of the can. The nurse also kept a very low profile the rest of the time we were there. By the look on her face when that package came out of Lori's mouth the nurse knew she screwed up. So we really don't want her to lose her job,but should we go ahead and report it?
  8. Well my team is still alive until sometime tonight.
  9. Luke is my favorite player of all time he was great and very entertaining. I'll have to watch their version of Big Brother when it comes out. I think it is different from our version though I think they use celebrities and the format is different. I watched several seasons of the Canadian version it's pretty good.
  10. Yep. Better sports too never any sour grapes when leaving tribal. Guess I will sign up for Paramount always feel a little guilty using the Cinema app to watch.
  11. I'd say that maybe FF community pretty close at the level he was at. He's a young guy with a family maybe his friends and colleagues wanted to make sure his wife and children were taken care of. That would be my guess.
  12. Yea Survivor too. It's a shame use to really enjoy those shows. Probably done with Big Brother. Have to wait and see how far Survivor goes with this woke nonsense before I give up on that.
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