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  1. Well my team is still alive until sometime tonight.
  2. Luke is my favorite player of all time he was great and very entertaining. I'll have to watch their version of Big Brother when it comes out. I think it is different from our version though I think they use celebrities and the format is different. I watched several seasons of the Canadian version it's pretty good.
  3. Yep. Better sports too never any sour grapes when leaving tribal. Guess I will sign up for Paramount always feel a little guilty using the Cinema app to watch.
  4. I'd say that maybe FF community pretty close at the level he was at. He's a young guy with a family maybe his friends and colleagues wanted to make sure his wife and children were taken care of. That would be my guess.
  5. Yea Survivor too. It's a shame use to really enjoy those shows. Probably done with Big Brother. Have to wait and see how far Survivor goes with this woke nonsense before I give up on that.
  6. If the cut line is at approximately 151 right now then I need a scoreless tie and about 50 punts tonight.
  7. 153.70 with Scantling and Cobb (-14.10). Last week the score where the cut line would be this week was 161 and some change. I hope it's about 10 points lower this week.
  8. So you can't say guys now. Is it OK to say y'all. Something like come on in y'all? If not I'm in a lot of trouble cause I don't think I'd ever be able to stop that.
  9. Team in 4120 th place scored 161points this week. So probably have to have at least that for week 3.
  10. Yea I think your right about all of that. Definitely not going Dem without South Florida.
  11. 1976-1979. We elected Carter and in 79 we elected Graham for gov. Graham was a pretty decent Governor considering he was a Dem also Chiles wasn't to bad either. If there were more Dems like them I could vote Dem without a problem. Another Dem I could get behind is Stephanie Murphy.
  12. Don't forget the rest of the urban centers that vote Dem. Orange county, Tampa, St. Pete,Jacksonville,and Tallahassee. Thank God for the rural areas that keep us honest. I don't know if I would go so far as to compare us to Alabama or Mississippi but better them than states like NY and California.
  13. I thought I was toast after the games Sunday afternoon. For some reason I didn't think Marquis Brown was playing anyway he saved my bacon made the cut by a little over a point.
  14. Well just 136.85 for me this week I'm afraid that's not going to be enough I figure the cut will be between 140 and 145.
  15. Man that last challenge was just brutal. It's like the show researched torture techniques used on POWs.
  16. I went with a 30 man roster because I wanted to stay in as long as I could. I love this contest so going out early kind of dampers my whole ff season. I think the 25% cuts kind of screws up the longevity of the larger teams as much as the smaller ones. It would be interesting to see how each group faired.
  17. Another 1,831 bite the dust this week. Hopefully I can squeeze out another 170ish score and prolong my stay another week.
  18. Yea I don't think I've ever seen sour grapes or poor sportsmanship from those exiting except once. That was an American though good old Russell Hantz showing his ugly American side.
  19. Made it with 170.10. After further evaluation 30 players probably not the way to go. I'm thinking my score just might be the ceiling for this team. Maybe good enough to week 3 but that's about it.https://footballguys.com/contests/subscribers/2021/entry/101130
  20. It worked for me yesterday but now I can't seem to get it to work either just showing projections.
  21. Looks like I have 156 and some change hopefully it's enough.
  22. QB- Winston, Big Ben, Mayfield RBs- Jav Willams, J. Robinson, D Harris, Dav Johnson, G. Edward's, Hyde WRs- Evans, Claypool, Chark, Marq. Brown, A. Brown, Parker, Cobb, AJ Greene, Callaway, Crowder, Humphries, Scantling. TEs- Cook, Arnold, Doyle. 3 cheap Ds and KS. Didn't want to let yall know who they were. They are my difference makers the ones who are going to win this for me.
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