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  1. Buffalo chicken tender sub. You haven't lived until you have had one.
  2. Nani worked out ok. Is he similar or not same caliber player.
  3. Yea you can bet I'm not done yet. I'm retired I need something to keep me busy. I also googled breeder and gave negative revue and explained everything that happened. She is advertising financing when it is anything but that.
  4. I called and spoke to them. I unbelievably remained calm. As I was speaking the agent asked if I was planning legal action. I replied no because I signed without reading. I did tell him I had gone to my state representative and was going to make it my mission to make this illegal in Florida. I told them I would contact local news because I was sure they would be interested in a pet lease scheme that they led people to believe was financing. We have supposedly come to an agreement I will send them lump sum payment and they will release me from contract. It still about 300 more than he wa
  5. So Monterey that is in that article is the one who has my lease that I thought was a loan.I am going to contact them tonight. They are located in California which is strange because I think it is illegal there.
  6. Yep seems like they are targeting lower income folks,old idgits like me,animal lovers in general. Thing is they really lead you to believe you are financing.
  7. Absolutely thought I learned that a long time ago. Next I will be helping a Nigerian Prince or letting them guys help me out with my computer. Really nice of those guys to be so concerned that they call me twice a day.
  8. I went to my State Legislators office today and spoke to them about it. I am hoping to help future idiots to make this illegal in the state of Fl. It is already illegal in 7 states I think. I mean it is my fault for not reading contract but really who has ever heard of leasing a dog. I thought I was financing.
  9. I am not always an idiot but when I am I am the king of all idiots. Here is the deal about 4 months ago my wife's dog died. So I wanted to get her another dog for her birthday. She loves French bull dogs so I thought I would get her one. They are pretty expensive so I was shopping online trying to find one at a reasonable price. I found one for $3,150 problem was I would not be able to get funds from my Edward Jones account for 3 days. I did not want a chance of losing the dog. I noticed on the breeders web site that financing was available. Figured I would finance it pay a couple of payments
  10. QB - Tom Brady - 28 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - 22 QB - Alex Smith - 8 RB - Ronald Jones II - 19 RB - Zack Moss - 13 RB - James Conner - 12 RB - Leonard Fournette - 11 RB - Carlos Hyde - 4 RB - Benny Snell - 3 WR - John Brown - 18 WR - Marquise Brown - 13 WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster - 13 WR - Chase Claypool - 12 WR - David Moore - 6 WR - Willie Snead IV - 6 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - Scott Miller - 5 TE - Jared Cook - 15 TE - Rob Gronkowski - 14 PK - Ryan Succop - 10 PK - Chris Boswell - 6 TD - Pittsburgh Steelers - 7 Total value: 250
  11. Thanks Joe. My opinion about you has not changed. You are truly a decent guy. However my feelings have not changed about the situation that got me axed Anyway best wishes to you and your family and your bussiness.
  12. Well I guess it's not looking great for the good guys. That's a real shame. Just wanted to say to all the Trump supporters yall are some pretty good folks. I've enjoyed interaction with some of you though I rarely post. I was suspended here a few months back first time I have ever been suspended for anything. So I decided to lurk until election night and until I was booted from the subscribers contest. Well got booted this past week so I guess I'm done with FBGs. Just want to wish you guys well and good luck in the future.
  13. Have you guys had any back the blue marches in your communities? We had one in a neighboring town. There was quite the turnout. I missed it because I heard about it after the fact. Hopefully there is another one so I can participate. Did my heart good to hear about it.
  14. Seinfeld episode where Kramer testifies for Newman in court. Just trying to lighten things up. I knew you were a good sport when it comes to joking around a bit.
  15. He is just frustrated because he always wanted to become a banker.
  16. You will get there just be smart pay yourself first good things will happen. 20 years still plenty of time to secure a nice retirement. Good luck brother.
  17. Really doesn't matter who wins. I think I have enough to make it through several Democrat terms in office even if they control all 3 branches before I die. Even have some in gold in case everything really goes to hell if and when the Dems take over and totally wreck our society and economic system. I only hope that I have enough left over to leave my kids and grandkids something after I'm gone. I fear I won't after the Dems totally destroy the American way.
  18. Looks like this thread has turned into another let's bash Trump party. I guess if the few remaining Trump supporters quit posting all together you guys are going to get awful bored.
  19. For those worried about Trumps water drinking issues have you thought perhaps it is an age issue and not a serious health issue. I know sometimes I get the shakes when I raise a glass or sometimes when I'm typing on this phone. When you rea h a certain age sometimes you get the shakes occasionally especially after physical activity.
  20. I think the Father Trump thing started because there were several posters referring to him as Dear Leader to needle some on the right. I know it's hard to imagine anyone needling here. But I think it was kind of a response to that. Could be wrong though have to ask toupee. It is triggering some folks though.
  21. Hope you and the family remain safe through this brother. Do you have home defense weapons? Hopefully you won't need them.
  22. We start supporting Trump early at my house. https://imgur.com/a/g1AyKO0 #orangemangood
  23. Kayleigh does great again in todays presser. https://youtu.be/RBVQBMSK05E?t=2330
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