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  1. The bad: Giolito sucked again. The good: Kopech was filthy. Sale trade not looking too bad now. Dude is a future ace if he can stay healthy.
  2. You mean growthy tech stocks haven't been buying back shares? I thought stock buy backs were way down last year when the pandemic hit and started back up this year. Apple had a huge buyback in Q1. Darden, BAC, Johnson Controls, Ebay, Office Depot, Yum and Walmart recently announced buy backs. Doesn't mean things are or aren't over valued, but I'm pretty sure companies have resumed buying back shares this year. I thought I read that stock buy backs were up 30% this year over last year, but maybe not. Not really sure.
  3. It has been really fun. They're mixing in the long ball now, but it is refreshing to see a team not rely on the HR and still score a ton of runs. Can't ever remember a White Sox team producing with 2 strikes and 2 outs like this one. Shades of 2005 when Big Frank got hurt and guys stepped up. Aging guy like Hamilton having a resurgence in a Scotty Pods type role. Good pitching. Hope they can keep it going. Mercedes is off to a crazy start. Great story. I keep thinking it's a fluke but he keeps producing. Tim Anderson hot right now. Tough for a batting champ to be under rated, but he
  4. Green Fridays are little consolation to getting kicked in the nuts M-Th.
  5. Revenge of the hedge funds. Just kept pressing their bets until they paid off. So basically the short bet is that the Fed is wrong or they know they're lying? I mean, Powell already said in April that's rate increases "highly unlikely" and the Vice Chair reiterated this week. Treasury yields went up .04%? European bond yields went above zero? That doesn't seem to telegraph doomsday inflation coming soon. I have a crap ton of bonds and the yield isn't getting me excited to buy more. Still not really excited to even hold. I think the crash of growth was the perfect storm of purposeful
  6. Maybe. I saw a billboard for Trex the other day that promoted their pricing is comparable to wood now. Haven't priced a project out recently though. Was looking into composite decking last year and didn't use it because of price. Would be a no brainer now if comparable IMO.
  7. Huge opportunity for composite alternatives where price was the biggest issue, like decking.
  8. I admit I bought into the TP and flour "panic" when the pandemic started, but I'm not going out of my way to spend more coming out of it after getting my debt lowered and savings padded. If lumber and appliance prices are too crazy I won't remodel my kitchen this year. If car prices are too expensive due to whatever shortage, I'll hold out. The market will work it pricing out. No way I'm panic spending.
  9. I put OPEN on my watchlist. Another hated sold off SPAC. They put up good numbers in a sellers market. Seems like the model is even more compelling in a buyers market. Only in 16 metro markets currently so room to grow there. Still kind of skeptical of ibuying real estate, but I can see this concept working. User reviews are good. Seems like their game is smaller margins on sales and bundling services. Guided $5.2B for 21. At the current share price, P/S is 2. Zillow is 5. A similar tech model like CVNA is also around 5. Intrigued.
  10. If you like anything today is your lucky day....or tomorrow....or next week....or next month
  11. Sorry, was talking 2023 which are just analyst projections that can be beaten I suppose. PLTR doesn't have projections for 2023 it looks like.
  12. Both are projected to be around 30% rev growth next year. We'll see what PLTR guides at.
  13. Lol. No Eloy, no Robert, no problem. I believe Giolito will turn it around. He's shown flashes. Really good pitching staff this year which makes the injuries so depressing. Looked to have all the pieces in place for a WS push early this spring. They've won with small ball in the past, but hard for me to believe the lack of power hitting won't bite them in the butt at some point. Jose should get better this summer. Moncada is playing better than last year. Madrigal is kinda amazing and Vaughn seems to have settled in a bit and is doing better. A huge positive for the Sox is the AL Cen
  14. I reloaded my trading shares I sold in Jan. Added 2x the amount of shares I sold. This is another one I'll sell bonds for if it gets down 10-12 range. PLTR is growing about the same rate as CRWD with similar rev projections. Maybe CRWD is still overvalued, but I like PLTR here.
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