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  1. That sucked. Pitching was disappointing in this series, and they couldn't get anything going on offense except in game 3. Good young team. Not sure what it will take to get them to the next level though.
  2. That was unfun. Terrible match-up for Lynn; fast ball pitcher vs. the best fast ball hitting team. Not sure who else we have that is a good match-up vs. Houston, which is a problem. I'm just happy Dallas Keuchel isn't on the playoff roster.
  3. That's actually what I like about them. Had 200 stores 3-4 years ago, now have close to 500. Only really on the west coast right now and just starting to push east. Plenty of room to grow. And they sell a legal addictive drug.
  4. Any draw in the American league is tough this year, but Houston will be a big test for the White Sox. Season series 2-5 with going 0-4 in Houston. WS are going need some magic.
  5. What a great year! First time since 2008?!!! Damn, that is a long time. Been fun to watch em this year. Not sure how the playoffs will go. Teams have to be hot going in, but they are as good as anyone IMO. Good to see the long ball happening lately. #88 is a BEAST. That second HR he hit the other night against the Reds....oh my. https://www.mlb.com/video/luis-robert-s-two-homer-game-x2651
  6. Added to ADBE and BNTX. I don't trade ADBE but have been jumping in and out of BNTX on large swings. Looking to add more GNRC if it get's into the 300's, SE in the 200's and ETSY in the 100's.
  7. Utilization and satisfaction of telemedicine has remained high according to the neurosurgeon associations I work with. These guys aren't GP's, so maybe both can be true.
  8. So true. There is a weird fan fascination about the mythical "franchise QB" that really doesn't make a lot of sense. Herbert is considered a franchise QB after 1 year. Will the Chargers ever win a Super Bowl with him? Who knows. The Dolphins never won a Super Bowl with Marino, but he was really fun to watch play. Jim Kelly never won a Super Bowl but put up tons of points. At least both of those guys got their teams to Super Bowls I suppose. On the other hand, the Bears last won a Super Bowl with Jim McMahon, who objectively was a very average QB. Yet Bears fans around here (I'm from Chicago) obsess over finding a franchise QB as being the elusive missing piece to return them to glory. In 2007, when the Bears last went to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, that had to have been the most joyless march to a Super Bowl here in Chicago in the history of the NFL. Everyone hated Rex and this dude took them to the Super Bowl. So weird. Eagles win it in 2018 with Foles and get rid of him in 2019 and continue their search for their franchise QB. It has to be about the fans wanting style points at the position, which I kind of get, because it clearly isn't about winning a Super Bowl, which can be done, and has been done with average QBs on really good teams. The success of Tom Brady just makes the myth of needing a franchise QB worse I suppose. Some Bears fans on sports radio last year were believing that if the Bears signed Brady they would of won it all. LOL. Kind of like there was a chance to win it here with Super Bowl MVP Foles. Maybe bad teams are just bad teams.
  9. The bar was set in the early 80's and the fans down there just want the next Marino. Sometimes a team has to cultivate what they have. The Dolphins have proven the last 20+ years of not being able to do that. It is clear that the Dolphins just aren't a good franchise for him like Jets/Darnold and maybe even Bears/Trubisky. I think Tua can do a Tannehill at some point but needs to get out of MIA. Imagine if BUF kicked Allen out of town after 20 mediocre to bad games? Sometimes things take some time to click and a franchise can't panic like the fins always seem to do. Being hurt doesn't help, but I don't know how he can be labeled injury prone when he gets driven into the ground and breaks some ribs, unlucky, sure.
  10. Freeman does muddy things up a bit, but before last year Mike Davis was a complete bum in the NFL and looks to be a bum again in ATL. At the college level, Hubbard was far more productive than Davis. Freeman was a stud in college, but so far he hasn't done anything at this level. Hubbard has a legit chance to carve out a big role IMO.
  11. What is your take on the Rodgers-MVS connection being off. He's gone deep to MVS like 6 times in the first two games and has seemingly overthrown him every time. I'd assume it's something MVS is doing wrong like not getting off a jam, dunno. Seems like on most of those MVS misses, he's had a step, but not blowing past the defenders. If it's MVS screwing up, I have to wonder if Rodgers stops trying. If it's just a timing issue on Rodgers part, I feel that connection will hit soon. Can't tell.
  12. Did the Dead at Wrigley this past weekend. My second show this summer, but my first where I let my guard down a bit due to....we'll being at a Dead show. Show was vax or neg test required. Maybe 1% of the crowd was masked. I'm triple vaxxed and basically just unconsciously went into pre COVID Dead show mode; no mask, hanging with different groups of people, sharing doobies with friends, rented an Airbnb with a small group. Just generally post 2019 dumb stuff. Been testing myself the last few days and so far still clear almost 7 days out and feeling good. Probably just got lucky or maybe the vax only outdoor thing works, but damn did that weekend feel good and was so needed.
  13. Maybe this has been addressed before, but I remember there were moral and ethical questions about doing “challenge trials” where they would purposely expose vaccinated people to the virus. I don’t understand how having willing people enroll in a challenge trial study is any less ethical than basically having millions of people be part of the real world challenge trial?
  14. I’ve wondered about that. There has to be a non-zero number of these and due to the cold storage requirements would guess spoilage could of been a sizable issue.
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