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  1. The biggest question I have about Bitcoin is how much can anyone trust whoever created it? From what I've read, the Satoshi guy might either be dead, or a bunch of people, or who knows. I've also read that whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is, he/they have amassed 1.1 million bitcoins for themselves and supposedly haven't sold any. Now if this imaginary person is dead and those coins could never be used, that is one thing. But if some anonymous person or collective is just sitting on over a million coins isn't that a huge red flag? I get not trusting governments with monetary policy, but at l
  2. added 100 CCIV @ 30, looking like it's going to 25 or lower though. Will probably add at 25 too and lower if it breaks that. Full panic sell mode going on. Looking to take advantage of that. New purchase averaged to $7.50 a share. I'm good with that.
  3. I only had 400 @ 13 and sold 100 at $60 and free rolling the rest. Will probably buy more at some point. I love Lucid.
  4. I really can't believe SNAP is over 106B. I had 1000 shares at $5 when my kids were into it. Then they told me it wasn't cool and none of their friends used it anymore so I sold at $8 or $9. #$%&!!!!!!!! I'm not even sure I get their business model of catering to kids who have no purchasing power at all. Don't really regret not holding something I don't understand, but it's a "what could of been" stock.
  5. I'm a glutton for punishment, but bought another chunk of IPOE at 17.8. Missed the 16's. In for 2000 shares total @ 19.5 average. Unless I'm missing the math on the merger; if it stays at 19, SoFi will be just under 17x sales with 2021 rev expected in the $1b range, growing in the 60% range. Also expected to post its first profit in 2021 with projected EBITA of $1.5b in 2025. Multi product member growth was reported to be 220% last year, projected to grow 95% this year. I have to think the pending bank charter changes all these numbers to the positive if they get approved as it will massively
  6. Sold 25% of my CCIV bought at 13. With my principal out, I'll hang onto the rest and see where it goes.
  7. The market makers controlled PLTR damn well today. Over 300k shares traded and kept it pegged at 25. Bravo. A ton of buyers for all those sells.
  8. I'm adding PLTR also, but I believe Friday is a lock up expiration so will wait until then cuz I'm greedy. I have no idea if that will impact the sp, but seems like there might be some selling pressure. Dunno.
  9. FWIW, I had my yearly physical with my doctor the other day and he was very optimistic about the path forward and the science of the vaccines. He said he expects the J&J vax to be approved by the end of this month and for me to expect to be vaccinated by the end of March. He said the J&J vax will probably be the one I get, as with most of the young(ish), healthier population. I would prefer the PFE one, but whatever. His belief is that the vaccines, including the J&J, will prevent almost all the serious illness and the trajectory of Covid is something akin to the common cold. Cases
  10. I'm still not sure I understand the variants. Fauci says that uncontrolled community spread creates the variants. If that is the case, the variants probably originated in the US based on our global domination of cases and deaths from this thing. South Africa cases have just plummeted since the South African variant hysteria started, with deaths following down. UK cases are also trending down seemingly faster than other European countries. Perhaps the UK and South African variants are misnomers, kind of like the Spanish Flu? If they truly did originate in the UK and South Africa, their progress
  11. I get that, but they should be lobbying the hell out of other Republicans to vote to convict. The field has to be cleared at some point, and this is their best shot IMO. Being the Trump wannabe with Trump in the race seems like a dumb plan. Although I do look forward to a groveling Ted Cruz eating #$%& sandwiches served up by Trump and thanking him.
  12. So what is the political calculus for Cruz, Haley, Hawley and any other R wanting to run in 2024? Don't get how Trump running helps them...ever.
  13. Saw that too. Most in under $10. Still thought it was unusual that a few of the other SPACS I check out on that site didn't show any levels close to 78 institutional ownership disclosures. I'm not familiar with fintel.io, or the quality of their data, or if it's unusual or not, but the CCIV data seemed to be a huge outlier.
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