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  1. Damn. No issues so far for my daughter (as far as I know). Didn’t even know about any move in issues. She scheduled her move in Aug 14, 11am and had a choice of later afternoon too. She was accepted to a learning community a few months ago for Engineering and band kids and got her first choice of Shreve Hall. She’s trying out for marching band and the practice field is across the street. She hasn’t received her room # or roomate info yet, so we hoping no problems. Thanks for the heads up. She’s been setting it all up. I’ll make sure to tell her to keep on top of everything. Hoping things work out.
  2. True. But it seems weird that Pfizer is using the efficacy data from Isreal on Delta and saying there could be an issue here and the CDC is pushing back. I bet in a month or so the CDC will be back in freak out mode. Masks back on, distancing, etc. Seems like a good thing that a private company is at least being proactive. The CDC has proven during the pandemic to be reactive and frankly not very helpful by consistently releasing contradictory information.
  3. Things change fast. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/08/health/pfizer-waning-immunity-bn/index.html CDC is super not helpful IMO. So they're pushing back on the need for boosters after telling everyone to take off their masks yet are concerned about the Delta surge. WTF. Even doomsday guys like Topol are pushing back on the need for boosters and backing the CDC. https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1413250865142538240 2 days after freaking out about the UK "Freedom Day". https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1412905295408369666 Pick a lane guy.
  4. probably time to consider buying the WFH, vaccine stocks and stuff like PTON again on weakness. Covid a long way from being over IMO.
  5. Thanks. Aleve Cold & Sinus works for me after I get symptoms, but not sure the cause. Something environmental like mold or pollen has been my guess.
  6. That's my thought. I've done all I can do to this point, except get Covid. Just trying to play it forward when the inevitable "fall surge" or "variant explosion" doomsday news is everywhere.
  7. My mom took me to see Risky Business when I was 14. That CTA scene was awkward as a pubescent teen sitting with mom. Awesome movie though.
  8. I'm too cheap to walk out of a movie. If I paid, I just sit there and take it. The last one I remember feeling ripped off in was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water. Took the tribe there after seeing the trailer and I was thinking "cool, SpongeBob comes to life in the real world", but nooooooo. Instead it was an 1 hour cartoon with like 10 minutes tops of live action SpongeBob at the end. Kids were ok with it and I just got drunk and the wife drove home, so all was cool in the end.
  9. So for vaccinated people the most common symptoms of Covid are now runny nose, headache and scratchy throat? As an allergy sufferer I get a headache and runny nose regularly about 6 months out of the year. Don't really get what people are supposed to do going forward with that info. No way am I going to get a Covid test every time I get those symptoms. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/08/coronavirus-these-are-some-of-the-new-top-5-covid-symptoms.html
  10. “grievance politics, something that is anathema to the right.” lol. Maybe in 1950. Today’s cnservative politics is based on victimhood. Guys like Trump proved that persecution complex plays well to the base.
  11. Too much water given to thirsty voters
  12. What’s my deal? You asked why aren’t the vaccines approved by the FDA I said they will be but it probably won’t matter to antivaxers if they were. Don’t know or care if you consider yourself one or not.
  13. Attempting to subvert the peaceful transfer of power of the most powerful nation on the planet is really no big deal when you have people ripping up a Nordstroms. Got it.
  14. Moncada and Grandal out now too. All teams have injuries, but 5 starters out is kind of crazy.
  15. Vaughn heating up! Like seeing Sheets and Burger playing. Good group of young talent.
  16. Would be nice if the FDA had approved already, no doubt. It is coming though. When approved would that matter to antivaxers? Doubt it. Even if approved now they’d probably just say the approval was rushed, or can’t trust the FDA.
  17. So why did Trump invite them all there on January 6? https://mobile.twitter.com/rebeccaballhaus/status/1350992755875581964/photo/1
  18. It seems like most people who are anti vax are also anti anything related to reducing spread; anti masks, social distancing, remote learning, lockdowns, etc. Not really sure what their position is other than complaining about all things trying to be done to try to control it. Either it’s Covid isn’t a big deal or we should just let it rip through and take our chances? Don’t get it.
  19. I believe over 90% of Israeli adults over 50 are vaccinated. Young adults and kids lagging. Only 2-4% of 12-15 have been vaccinated and their recent outbreaks have been in schools.
  20. Seems like a lot of “stacks” chatter this year in early FFPC drafts. Still don’t think it’s a great strategy, but people are into it.
  21. Damn. That’s a chunk of shares. I think you’ll hit big. I only have 1000, but probably not done buying. Added 300 in the low 11’s. Total price disconnect right now IMO. 2021 revs + cash from merger almost equals total market cap.
  22. Anybody have thoughts on ATAI? IPO’d today. Thiel backed psychedelics bio tech. Seems expensive at $3b, but don’t know the TAM of this stuff.
  23. It really is. There is something magical going on with this team. It’s still so early though. I doubt they will be the best team in baseball in a few months, but are probably good enough to stay on top of Cleveland and win the Central. Sounds like Eloy will be back and maybe Robert, which would be huge. Losing Madrigal for the year hurts. I kind if hope Hahn doesn’t do any big trade of a prospect for a rental. I like these no-name guys stepping in and contributing. Just gotta hold on. Whatever happens, they’ve been fun to watch this year.
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