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  1. Not sure. Skeptics say the results could be chalked up to experimental error, but others say the results brought the study of particle physics back from the dead. Last I read that it will take a couple of years to verify the results. It "feels" true. Seems entirely plausible that there is a sea of undiscovered background particles that interact with others. My own testing took place in my 20's and involved ingesting a ton of psychedelics, so I believe there is something unknown going on that influences reality....or it was just the acid.
  2. If my math is right, Topps just sold $2.6 M in MLB NFTs in under 10 minutes.
  3. I'm interested how the huge disparity between the private equity market and the public equities plays out going forward. Stripe's last raise took it to $95 B and Rivian's last raise valued it at $50 B. Impossible for companies like this to go public in this environment. Huge private/public disconnect currently. Seems like private equity is on the wrong side but I have a hard time believing those guys will be wrong in the long run.
  4. Yup. Getting hammered on my speculative plays recently, but still up $260k from last year at this time. Now if the other shoe drops and we get a broad based market implosion.......
  5. Clearly the only people capable of telling the truth are Q, Trump, Lin Wood and the Pillow Guy.
  6. It's all a part of the ongoing battle to protect their right to be gaping #@$ holes.
  7. ADBE has been on a nice steady climb the past couple of months. Almost up 100 pts from my adds in March and I hardly noticed. No flashy spikes, just grinding its way up.
  8. SoFi uses Coinbase to conduct crypto transactions and charges a markup. Basically resells their service.
  9. Me too. I think we are all mostly from the no helmets, hop in the back of the station wagon with no seatbelts, don't be a wussy rub some dirt on it generation, but yeah, if I'm being honest, I'm sure I had and still have some unresolved mental issues that unfortunately I've passed on to my kids. I'm just glad she realized it and reached out for help. Not sure where it's headed for her. It's kind of scary as a parent who knows by experience that growing up is a tough process, and it's probably even tougher for her. Sucks.
  10. Deep down we all know the FORCE is real, right? https://www.quantamagazine.org/muon-g-2-experiment-at-fermilab-finds-hint-of-new-particles-20210407/ https://thehill.com/changing-america/enrichment/arts-culture/546985-scientists-describe-tiny-subatomic-particle-breaking
  11. I'm pretty sure you brought SE to my attention on this board about 130 pts ago. Gracias.
  12. This kind of news makes me all tingly about my BNTX shares. I think the market has assumed that the waterfall of $ pouring into BNTX would just end in 2021. Regardless, BNTX will continue to be a long term hold for me. I want to see what they can do next. UPDATE 2-EU seeks new contract with Pfizer/BioNTech for up to 1.8 bln vaccines from 2022 -EU source https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/1-eu-seeks-contract-pfizer-142553577.html
  13. blast from the past right there. Kathy Ireland approves.
  14. Sounds similar. My daughter has anxiety as well. Therapy, meds, the whole 9 yards. She's a bit over the top and wears a mask even when we drive around. Tell her that's not really necessary and she says she's afraid of infecting us. I don't fight her on it. Hoping getting her vaxxed will ease some of that mental burden. I'm not sure if it's just because I notice it more because she deals with it, but it seems like there is a lot of kids in her generation that suffer from anxiety and other mental issues. Maybe it had the same prevalence when we were growing up but it wasn't diagnosed or treated as much? Needless to say this pandemic completely exacerbated everybody's mental situation, especially people with existing disorders. This @#$% can't end soon enough.
  15. So if COIN hits the market @ $100B next week I have to think other fintech plays could benefit. Stripe is already valued at $95 B and would probably hit the market higher than $100 B whenever it IPOs. Maybe moves today in IPOE/SOFI, MOGO, and SQ are anticipating that?
  16. SE is just a magical beast stock.
  17. Had a cool thing happen yesterday while getting my 2nd Pfizer/BioNtech dose at Walgreens. The store was empty and and I was first in line. I had my 17 year old with me out in the car. Her age group opens next week and I knew that she was only approved for the Pfizer vax and it would probably be difficult to get an appointment for her right away, so I asked if they had any extra today and if they'd be willing to give my daughter one. To my surprise the pharmacist said yes. They filled out her vax card and said to just come back in the 3 weeks and they'll set her up with her second. They were beyond cool about it. I'm not sure how "legal" it was, but I thought they were doing what every provider should be doing; getting available shots into willing arms. I figured the worst case they say no, but it paid to ask.
  18. I remember a CSI episode about this. Lights went out. Bam. Someone dead. Murder weapon found in another diners purse. Open and shut case right. Spoiler, it was the waiter who killed the guy and then planted the weapon. Did not seem fun.
  19. Got current with Attack on Titan on Hulu. The whole family liked it. Even my 17 year old, which is uncommon. Good show. Need to wait a year for the final few episodes. My 13 year old is not happy about that.
  20. I’m getting a WW84 vibe here. Is this “better” in any way than WW84? My family still gives me grief for picking that one on movie night. I liked the first WW and Kong Skull Island, but WW84 was painful.
  21. Purdue Engineering for my oldest daughter as well. We visited last Saturday and had a great time. My only hesitation is not really knowing how restrictive college life will be this Fall. Tough to pay that kind of money for a watered down experience IMO. My daughter is also a musician and is trying out for several of their bands, including marching. So hoping things are better in the Fall and she can participate in those, especially after no marching band her senior year after finally making head drum major. Just crushing after all the work and time she put into that. But Purdue is great. Chicago isn't that far away. We live just outside Chicago and proximity to home was a huge factor in choosing Purdue. Easy drive and we can see ourselves visiting on weekends to take in football and bball and see her play in the band. And it's an easy commute home for her to be with family. She really liked the Engineering campus. Our tour was given by a student who is a part of the Purdue Women in Engineering program. She was a wealth of knowledge and we all liked the support system the program offers for her. We're excited.
  22. Probably people who thought Utopia was a documentary. Not a good show, but is about a pandemic and a conspiracy to sterilize the world with a vaccine. The most depressing realization for me over the last 4-6 years is that the line between fiction, fantasy and truth is gone.
  23. Seems like the vaccinations since at the same time period after exiting the second lockdown with no vaccines cases and hospitalizations were heading up.
  24. This is a really cool animated graphic from Israel showing the vaccination uptake by age and the corresponding hospitalization case rates over time. https://twitter.com/H_Rossman/status/1373932554261303296
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