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  1. Is McKinnon really the handcuff for AP this year or would he be just the 3rd down back to Asiata again if AP gets hurt? Asiata is an average RB, but surprisingly put up decent numbers last year, especially TDs.
  2. All This Mayhem (2014) is a great documentary. The story of Aussie skateboarders Tas and Ben Pappas. Even if you don't know anything about skateboarding or really care, this is a crazy story worth watching.
  3. Yes, he had a rough playoffs but didn't have a problem with drops during the regular season. Link BTW, DT had two drops in the playoff game against the Colts. Something made the Colts burn a 1st on a WR with similar skill set as TY. If he was as valuable to the Colts as DT is to the Broncos the Colts should of been prepared to give him elite WR money and addressed o-line or D in the draft. I'm in the TY isn't elite camp, and it look like the Colts might agree. We'll have to see.
  4. I have TY in a dynasty league and after the Colts took Dorsett I tried to move him to the Luck owner who wasn't interested. The window of getting anything of value for him long term is closing. I wouldn't be surprised if his playoff performance helped seal his fate. He dropped 30% of his targets. TY intimating that Dez's deal set the bar for him is silly. I agree that the Colts shouldn't pay up for him, but Luck will still make him a ton of money.
  5. I like Brown, but the hype is a bit much. The name dropping of TY, Antonio Brown and Marvin Harrison when comparing his skills doesn't help. Put John Brown on Indy and he's better than TY no doubt. But Palmer isn't Luck, is nearing the end of his career and the Cards play in the toughest division in football. A nice 5 WR for redraft, especially best ball, but I don't see more than that. In dynasty he is a big question mark. Palmer isn't the long-term answer and without a solid QB he'll be a good receiver on a poor offensive team. There are a lot of those guys.
  6. still 10 days before camp opens...would make sense to meet as close to start of camp as possible, no? probably. there was a report June 26nd that said he was going to meet with Dr. Andrews for an examination in "a couple of weeks". Guess that could mean more than 2-weeks, and it hasn't happened yet.
  7. been kinda quiet about the meeting with Dr. Andrews that was supposed to have taken place by now.
  8. The writing is on the wall. The Colts are definitely preparing to let Hilton walk after this season and I believe they would be stupid to overpay him considering their WR depth. If they can keep him for a decent price they will, but for those of you who own Hilton in dynasty leagues you probably should be in sell mode. It's probably too late to trade him to savvy dynasty owners for good value but I'm sure you can find a few owners out there that will give you decent value right now, but that won't be for long. Who knows what situation he will end up in, but not having Andrew Luck throw you the ball is a bad thing. Do you have an opinion if this would effect TY's numbers this year? If I were the Colts and I knew TY wasn't a part of the future, I'd want to get the other guys as much playing time as possible.
  9. I ended up going Friday. Got a pair of floors in the re-release. It was fun. The weather was amazing for Chicago in July. Ran into friends on the train and a few walking around Soldier Field. Couldn't find any true "lot scene", but still had fun meeting people. The vibe was good. Most people I met in their 20's-30's said there were there because of Trey, which is cool. I really liked Friday's set list. Got a lot of what I wanted to hear; Bertha, The Wheel, Scarlet>Fire, Help>Slip>Franklins and Ripple was the perfect end for me. Road tripped from SIU to Maryland in 88 for one show and they played it for the first time in a long while. The buzz in the lot after they played it back was incredible. If I'm being honest, the playing overall was just ok. Trey is a great guitarist, but it is real hard to put a band together for 5 shows and expect them to be tight or connected. Instead of a celebration of Jerry, I kind of felt that it was a passing of the torch in some ways. Many fans were clearly there to see Trey and how he would interpret these great songs. Jerry was the Grateful Dead experience to me. He pulled the strings and took the music to a magical place for me. I didn't expect to find that magic again at the show, and I didn't; and that was ok. It was a fun celebration of one of the greatest American bands of all time, and it succeeded on that level. Caught Sat and Sun on ustream and it was fun catching pieces of those shows. Tough to gauge without being there, but Sat. seemed flat to me. Sunday made me wish I was there again for that show. Nice way to end it. The romance of the Grateful Dead experience may have ended with these shows but the music lives on. Looking forward to what's next.
  10. They were really fun. Great energy. I always liked the uptempo sound of the single drummer Dead eras, and these guys have that. I'd see them again anytime they come around. 4.24.15 Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL Set One The Music Never Stopped (SM) > Here Comes Sunshine * (TH) > Throwing Stones # (SM) Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain (TH) Ophelia (SM) Set Two Alligator (SM) > Crazy Fingers (TH) > Mr Charlie (SM) > King Solomon’s Marbles > Morning Dew (TH) Franklin’s Tower E: Bertha (TH)
  11. Are people really going to go to movie theaters and watch this? The Grateful Dead movie, which was arguably the high point musically of the Dead is a boring watch. Never been a fan of watching concerts on screen though, so maybe that's just me. I continue to be baffled at these shows. I tried mail order for $95 PITs and got shut out. Feel completely fine about missing it. $200 face for back of the stadium GA's is laughable, not to mention the grand or so they are going for on the secondary for Chicago. $400+ for no-view? Crazy. I suppose people want to say they were "there" for the "last" shows, and I kind of get that, but I was at Soldier for Jerry's last show, and I gotta say, that was one of the worst Dead shows I saw. The good news is that Bob and Phil will be back out there after these shows. Playing small theaters, to small crowds like before. A lot of interesting rumors about Bob playing with different musicians in the coming year. I'm going to check out JRAD in Chicago tomorrow night for a cheap Dead fix. Looking forward to that too.
  12. Has Bob even played a live show since his issues last fall? I had wanted to fly out to Vegas and see Ratdog and read he was a no show and then cancelled the rest of the year. Never heard what his issue truly was, but I'd imagine there is some pressure on him to come through for these shows.
  13. Most of your friends got MO? Lucky friends. My group of 6 all got shut out. Shut out at TM too. I actually had 4-tix in 104 for Friday in my cart and the app crashed. Also pulled 3 sets of 400's only to throw them back trying to chase the 104's I lost. In retrospect I should of grabbed those. Oh well. At peace with it. Not meant to be. I was lucky to see the Dead with Jerry over 80 times in my youth, and every post Jerry Dead related show I've seen has been bittersweet. The Grateful Dead truly died with Jerry. The craziest thing about these shows is that I remember the 2009 "The Dead" shows at Rosemont, and those weren't even close to being sold out. Same "core 4". I guess the nostalgia and marketing of this worked.
  14. I don't get the long term appeal of NFLX. I personally like Amazon prime video better. Netflix playback quality is poor IMO. I could understand the mailing DVDs as being unique and pioneering at the time, but have no idea how they can expect to keep margins up in streaming with 800 lb tech gorillas like Amazon, Google and maybe even Apple around. The future is in streaming, but I have a hard time seeing NFLX as the leader.
  15. This is going to be a hard ticket, probably harder than any Grateful Dead mail order with Jerry ironically. There was at least 10-15 people at my local P.O. for mail order at 10 am. Never seen anything like that on any Dead tour before. My buddy was at another post office at noon and he said there were 20 people there for mail order. Crazy.
  16. They're announcing the 50th reunion show in a few minutes. 3 night run in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend is what I've heard. Trey joining the core 4.
  17. so they spent millions and took 2 years to figure out they could put a sonar down a pipe? maybe it will take another few years to figure out they could probably put a submersible with a camera and big ### light on it down there too.
  18. Because they are idiots and cowards. They even ran away from the ACA where it has been very successful. OH the GOP may say something mean, stupid and untrue about me if I support all these things that work. It's disgusting. This is a complete lie that only a partisan zealot would believe. You're ignoring the realities that most people are getting screwed over (much higher prices, much higher deductibles, etc..) by it. Successful? I'm going to let the ACA debate go and just focus on the economy. How is what is happening now just completely overlooked? If this were happening with a Rep president running the show FOX and conservatives would be creaming themselves non stop. Romney would be trumpeted as second coming of Reagan, yet with the same data they are still framing Barry as Carter II. Democrats are bad at politics.
  19. Honestly, if Romney won the presidency and the economy was exactly as it is now, how many Republicans would be complaining?
  20. Not sure how new it is since I haven't bought a CD in a while, but I ordered a CD on Amazon today to give as a gift and there is an "autorip" feature that plugs the purchase into something called "Amazon Music". It's a app that kind of looks like Spotify. Like I said, this may be old news but a great feature IMO. The best part was that it remembered every CD purchase I've ever made with Amazon and let me download all of them digitally. Something like 30 CDs worth of tunes. Very cool since maybe half were albums I gave as gifts and don't even have.
  21. I agree that the mystery is way more interesting than the show, especially since there isn't a payoff. I'm not sure what more these guys are doing differently than all the other people before them besides using that scanner made of PVC pipes. Seems like that island has been torn up pretty good already. Got to believe the episode they pulled the wood up from the drill hole was just some old junk backfilled from other explorations. If they really thought they found the vault, why not put a camera down the hole and check it out? The dye episode was really slow. Using green dye wasn't really thought out too well. I still watch and think some of the Templar/Mason angles are interesting, but there is only so long they can string this thing out.
  22. I have an iolite and like it. I have the older version. it seems to burn a bit hot to me and has no temp controls, but I like the convenience and it was relatively cheap compared to other handhelds. little to no smell, just not the smoothest vape IMO. I also have a plug in vapor brothers box that vapes better, but it's a hassle to warm up and use. Since smoke messes up my sinuses, vaping is all I can do and it works great for me. The iolite does get warm, but it keeps the hands warm in winter, which is nice.
  23. Their second half schedule looks easy. Could be a good buy low.
  24. Bingo. You know the bar is set high when people discuss "What's wrong with Brees" and he's 3rd in the NFL in yards and the Saints are #1 it total offense and #4 in passing. FBG even downgraded him as no longer elite. I have him and I'm feel "disappointed", but then look at his numbers. The only problem I see is the run game vulturing TDs. Saints had 10 total running TDs all year in both 2012 and 2013, and they have 7 TDs in 5 weeks this year. Give Brees 3 or 4 of those scores and are people talking about his decline?The discussion is different for fantasy football and real football. It looks like Brees is roughly #8 for fantasy QBs so far this year. Considering where his average draft position / auction value was, that's really bad considering the costs of QBs who have put up equivalent fantasy production. True, I'm trying to figure out why that is and if Brees value for the remaining year is QB 8 or lower. Andrew Luck is uber stud fantasy QB #1 so far, but all his stats mirror Brees.....except TDs. People aren't questioning if Luck is elite talent, but 5 games in some claim Brees no longer is. The real question for me is are the lack of TDs a statistical aberration since his attempts and yards are high, or is it something else?
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