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  1. As an ongoing concern, feet held together by screws just doesn't seem like a good thing for a WR. Love the guys game, but I have doubts. At his ADP, his risk seems to outweigh the potential to me.
  2. Would a guy like Michael Irvin even make it into the Hall of Fame if he played today? Maybe I'm old and the NFL has really changed, but the reaction to Gordon is weird to me. Could be the amplified Twitter-web culture we live in, but Gordon's "transgressions" are kind of tame compared to stuff players were into in the decades prior. I mean, North Dallas Forty was based on true stories.
  3. If a guy like Aldon Smith still has an NFL career, it seems like an over reaction to say Josh Gordon is done in the NFL.
  4. One of the bottlenecks is the lithium batteries that Tesla is currently building a gigafactory for. Let the competitors try and take advantage of Tesla's patents, odds are they can't execute a car as elegant as the Model S. And if they do, they'll have to go to Tesla for the most expensive component. If they make it that far. The gigafactory will be a huge drain on the company in terms of focus and capital. I think in 5 years, either Tesla will be bk or someone will buy them out. A Google/Tesla marriage would seem to make sense; GOOG has deep pockets and have automotive ambitions. The inflated stock price has allowed Tesla to raise capital to this point. As soon as the pps tumbles, and it will, I can see Tesla unravelling fairly quickly.
  5. I think the argument is that Tesla needs more sales, and being a great car in a small niche isn't going to cut it for the company. If I were holding TSLA stock, I wouldn't think this is very good news at all. Seems like a hail mary. Sales are plateauing, especially here in the US. I believe they delivered something like 400 less cars last quarter than the quarter before it, even with international expansion. Tesla stock is Elon's piggy bank, and if they can't meaningfully increase cars sold Tesla is in trouble. The capital needed for this operation is staggering.
  6. It was a different era, but I'd take Jordan. I had season tickets the day Jordan was drafted to when he left the game, so I'm biased. I'll concede that Lebron may be the most physically gifted player in NBA history, but Jordan had a fire and desire to win that I'd never seen before or since. He had "it". I also appreciated the struggle and the journey to get to the top of the mountain with a bad Bulls team. It was a once in a lifetime experience to see him play against NBA royalty like Magic, Bird and Isaiah, and to finally get the best of them after taking losses for years. I think if Lebron stayed with the Cavs, and endured the hard times, he would of finally gotten to the top with that team and the perception of him would be different.
  7. If he starts, I think he'll be serviceable but not great. It's not like he'll be drafted to be someones #1 QB, so I suppose if cheap enough there is potential upside based on TBs offensive talent (on paper) this year. I just don't think he's a good QB. Trestman and the Bears were the ideal situation for him, and they got 5-6 really good games out of him, but I don't believe that means much this year. I see his story playing out more like Scott Mitchell's and Matt Flynn's than Rich Gannon's.
  8. Lots of optimism for a company with meager top-line growth. The optimism is new product catagories. That is the speculation being built into a still....very cheap stock price. I would not count out Apple to invent another ground breaking device. It's what they do. It's why they are who they are. Innovation. Something people need to understand.... is that takes time. You can't just invent life changing stuff like eggs and pancakes. Being a bull for the longest time with this company.....I expect some new ground breaking stuff in the very near future. And I have no idea what it will be......that is what will cause this stock to have another pop. So we wait. Those that had no patience....sold at 400. Meantime.....we collect a nice growing dividend from a company that is still killing it in sales, service and quality. No that's what Jobs did. They didn't do it when they outed him and I haven't seen much evidence of it now that he is dead. I think people underestimate Jony Ive's contribution to Apple's innovation. He and Jobs were a team. Jony's still at Apple. I'm confident he has a few more things coming out.
  9. Totally disagree. I thought they explained it just fine- they don't have jobs any more, and one of the few other things their skill set translates to is selling off a huge pike of coke, which they happen to have. Hell, that's just as believable as a private spy agency with a massive armory operating above the law. Maybe more believable. Not sure why Lana being pregnant is dumb either. Pretty standard plot device, and I don't remember any silly story lines associated with it. Dunno. Different strokes for different folks. To me, I liked the premise of the show that they were dysfunctional spys doing cool spy things; in space, underwater, in swamps, in deserts, which to me was cool. It was like an homage to The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or Get Smart if Robert Vaughn or Don Adams were womanizing alcoholics. I'm just not into the out of work spy storyline. It's like it seemed cool on paper to the writers, but for me it isn't working. Lana being pregnant is just boring to me. She is/was a central character who is reduced to standing around. The bad spys reduced to bad drug dealers just seems one note to me. I mean, how many "Pam's eating the coke again" jokes can they really expect to do? None of the storyline change would bother me if it were funny, but so far the lack of funny is my biggest complaint.
  10. The writing is off this season. Lana being pregnant is dumb. Them all milling about a mansion with no purpose other than trying to unload coke isn't working for me either. A badass Kenny Loggins with a Marsellus Wallace-ish briefcase was about the only thing I chuckled at this week.
  11. Season falling flat for me. The montage in the first episode kind of gave away the whole season, so nothing seems that fresh.
  12. WTF? just spitballin, but yeah, that doesn't make sense. don't think we've heard the real story about the death of Cohle's daughter yet. guessing the billboard kid just connected the dots for Cohle. maybe she was the first victim. Didn't he say she was hit by a car when she was riding her trike in the driveway? He did, but his backstory hasn't been checking out and it kind of makes me question things he's revealed about his past. wouldn't surprise me if it went down another way than he's been saying. maybe somehow tied to the case. dunno.
  13. WTF? just spitballin, but yeah, that doesn't make sense. don't think we've heard the real story about the death of Cohle's daughter yet. guessing the billboard kid just connected the dots for Cohle. maybe she was the first victim.
  14. Maybe it's been brought up already, but any insight to the "Who Killed Me" billboard they've shown Rust look at driving a couple of times now? Any chance it's his kid?
  15. I was guessing he came across all those "made in error" missing children reports, like the Fontenot girl, and that it confirmed coverup to him. I thought the the kids at the meth house were reported missing though? Best guess is the cult uses the kids and has cops inside to fudge the reports? Dunno. I'm confused about how the missing kids storyline and the antler murders are connected.
  16. My wife thought the three angels on the wall in the last scene at the school represented hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil; with bloody ears, eyes and mouth. Not sure if correct or if it means anything, but found this online about the proverb: "According to other accounts, the monkeys caused the Sanshi and Ten-Tei not to see, say or hear the bad deeds of a person. The Sanshi (三尸?) are three worms living in everyone's body. The Sanshi keep track of the good deeds and particularly the bad deeds of the person they inhabit. Every 60 days, on the night called Kōshin-Machi (庚申待?), if the person sleeps, the Sanshi will leave the body and go to Ten-Tei (天帝?), the Heavenly God, to report about the deeds of that person. Ten-Tei will then decide to punish bad people, making them ill, shortening their time alive, and in extreme cases putting an end to their lives. Those believers of Kōshin who have reason to fear will try to stay awake during Kōshin nights. This is the only way to prevent the Sanshi from leaving their body and reporting to Ten-Tei. Some things that clicked for me when I read it is that they have made a big point of emphasizing Cohle's sleeping troubles and "The Yellow King" seems to be acting like "Ten-Tei" in passing judgement on "bad people"? In a show layered with icons and meaning it may mean nothing, but kind of fun to look for the Easter Eggs. I agree that it seems like there is some sort of cabal of powerful people responsible for the murder(s), as Tuttle went so far as to say there is a war going on or something to that effect. So it probably is an inside job. The big question is how Cohle and Hart fit into it. I'd like to believe Cohle figured that out and has gone rouge in solving it. Perhaps there is some evil in Cohle and that the killers believe they are righteous and good, and in the end it is story about good vs. evil and how their meaning can be blurred? I'll be sorry when this show is over.
  17. Great episode. I dug the pacing. Agree that second viewing in order. Probably the best soundtrack I've ever heard for a show; Grinderman, Bo Diddley, Boogie Down Productions, Lucinda Williams, Slim Harpo, Primus, The Melvins and Sleep last night alone. Damn good.
  18. Brady won his first SB MVP with a 16/27, 145, 1TD game. The NE D shut down the 2 TD favorite Greatest Show on Turf, and Ty Law had an impressive pick 6. Wilson was robbed (maybe Ty Law was too). If they had to give it to a D player; Avril or Chancellor were more deserving IMO.
  19. I read the same old Readers Digest article when I was a kid and was hooked too. It's cool living vicariously through the two brothers on their hunt. Living the dream of kids, young and old. The Norwegian guy was a trip. Thought his theory was insane....until he started finding things. These guys have found more stuff in three episodes than the Hoffman crew has found all season on Gold Rush.
  20. Great show and great soundtrack. The Black Angels, 13th Floor Elevators, Grinderman, Bo Diddley, Handsome Family, Staple Singers, Melvins. Too good.
  21. Yep. There is good pizza in both cities. I live in Chicago and deep dish is a once in a time kinda thing for me. Mostly do thin, and there are plenty of great thins in Chicago.
  22. Small business owners who aren't well versed in the array of health insurance plans available for their group are lazy? Even those that try by out sourcing to what the expect have some expertise in the field? lazy or stupid. take your pick. They probably do lots of comparison shopping for everything else, why don't they for insurance? Yep, the 11% of Americans who actually own their own business did it by being stupid and lazy. They'd just be better off getting a job somewhere and have their boss take care of it for them.
  23. So you're saying market competition has been here the entire time? No way! To tell you the truth I have no idea. Every year I asked my broker to find a cheaper plan that fit my criteria and she came back with Blue Cross. I don't have an HR staff and I relied on her to do her job. She either was a bad broker or in bed with Blue Cross at the exclusion of other carriers, I don't know. And to your point, there is market competition now and instead of taking steaming dumps on anything ACA, I would think the self proclaimed party of business would realize that and actually lift a finger to make the law work in that framework. Instead they seem content to prove that the health insurance market shouldn't be a for profit industry which will undoubtedly make it an actual government run plan. Ironic. It is kind of crazy for the right to spend so much time, effort and money trying to destroy a law that should foster continued, maybe even heightened, competition.
  24. The small business thing is true... at least for me. We lost out plan and had to get a new one which we just did. The cost is close, like $50 more a month but to be frank I haven't gone through the small details of the new plan yet. I just picked the one that made sure my kids still had everything they need. The end game of this and the fix of the problems is abundently clear. No matter what happens from here, we are going to have a single payer system within 10 years. That's the only fix to the system at this point. And yes I believe that in the end the President knew this and accepted it when he couldn't get everything he wanted now. He knows in the future its happening anyway. I realize it's all anecdotal, but as a small business owner who has purchased my families insurance for 25+ years, I finally left Blue Cross and will save 7k this year. If anything, the focus on health insurance just made me more diligent in finding a better alternative. I would usually just get a call from my broker during enrollment time and she'd say, the plan is going up again, and because I didn't really feel like dealing with it myself I'd just re-up at whatever cost. This year, I found a new broker and a comparable plan from United Healthcare that saved some real money. Only wish I did it 10 years ago. I see this thread is really all about gloating and hoping for and cheering failure, but the truth is there is plenty of opportunities for responsible legislators to actually do their jobs and tweak and fix the law to make it better. The ones gloating and wishing failure will just be footnotes in history at this point. I personally have no faith the those cheering the loudest to do anything, since they're the ones who never wanted the law in the first place. But it is a law, and I know if my representative just sat around cheering failure instead of working to make it better I wouldn't vote for him again.
  25. They kept the O'Banion hit somewhat historically accurate and just worked the Van Alden storyline around it.
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