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  1. Shocking! I would of never guessed that Romney really is an elite dooshbag who is clueless on how a majority of Americans think and live. Just bust out the monocle and top hat already. We've all had enough of the mom jeans and shirtsleeves look.
  2. My exact thoughts, and I had Stafford last year. Looking for this years and I found it, RYAN.Can u get ryan 8th and lower like Stafford last yr? Otherwise not the sameStafford's stock was down last year due to his inability to stay on the field. I think Ryan has displayed remarkable toughness, especially that game last year when he looked like his ankle was destroyed vs. Det. If Ryan played in only 3 games last year, I'd think he'd be available in the 8th or lower.
  3. 29 months of private sector job growth.The economy recovered ALL the lost private sector jobs lost since the crash. Over 4.2 million.Public sector jobs declined 10 of the past 12 months.
  4. Also looking forward to a new one from Menomena.And very annoyed they will be in town the same night as Lord Huron. Tough decision there. Hoping the tune "Skintercourse" is as awesome as it's name.
  5. Dr. John's, Locked Down, will be up there for me. Great album. Probably the best thing Dan Auerbach has worked on since his solo album.
  6. My favorite episode this season. The last 2 have been solid after a weak start.
  7. Strongly disagree that the writing has fallen off. That woman Betty was talking to who has cancer, her description of what it feels like it was magnificent. Peggy's scene with the new secretary at her place was terrific. I think the writing is still pitch-perfect. There just isn't a lot of drama or intensity yet.Maybe it's just the downward arc of the characters that bothers me. A lot of death, sadness and fear with little in the way of redemption, joy or progress. Having re-watched season 2's "Crisis Management" recently, nothing from this season has compared. "Mystery Date" seemed to follow the same "ripped from the headlines" storyline with little payoff. In "Crisis Management" the characters stories intertwined perfectly with the uncertainty and fear of the Cuban missile crisis, their individual and collective lives reflecting the precarious time. Fearful, yet still moving forward as the world seemingly is collapsing around them. There just doesn't seem to be that optimism that was always underneath the struggle.Don's character just turned 40 and he is burnt out, seemingly a has been? William Bernbach won "Man of the Year of Advertising" in his mid 50's. Maybe Don never had it? Maybe he will turn it around. I know I'll be rooting for him to.
  8. My wife wasn't into the show the first 4 seasons so I've been watching the old ones with her during the week and catching the new season together on Sunday. The writing just doesn't compare this year. I know Matthew Weiner was involved in some sort of contract squabble, as this season moves along I wonder if they put some of these in the can without him? Don't know, but season 5 is a pale comparison of the first 4 so far. Even the dialog isn't as crisp or smart. "Mystery Date" was one of my least favorites yet, it just meandered all around trying to find a common plot thread with the Speck murders but it fell flat. I don't think there was one sympathetic character in this episode, not that there has to be any I suppose. Even Joan didn't exactly take the moral high ground being upset at her husband leaving her and Rogers kid, come on. Still one of the best shows on TV, but not hitting it's stride compared to the previous seasons so far. They've done episodes like these before, when the ad biz takes a back seat to the characters lives, but I think this show shines best when they explore the creativity and thinking behind the campaigns and the interactions with the clients. Roger and Don being burned out and on their downward slide doesn't help the mood of the show either.
  9. We need to cut the deficit. Obama has shown no sign that he realizes this. Neither has the House Republicans. I think Romney if elected will be able to use the Republican majority to actually engage in significant spending cuts for the first time in our history. I am not at all sure of this, but that is my hope. Second, I believe Romney as president will move us closer to real alternatives to oil, such as nuclear and natural gas. Obama has had the chance to do this and failed. Romney may succeed. Again, not sure of this, but that is my hope.Those are my main two reasons for supporting Mitt Romney for president. There is a lot I don't like about him. He seems sleazy to me. His rhetoric against China, and now against Russia, troubles me greatly. His conversion to social conservatism in order to win the election is bothersome (though I doubt it's genuine.) I don't like him in general. I like Obama. Obama seems like a really nice, really smart guy, and He's been an OK president. I would much rather know Barack Obama than Mitt Romney. But the two issues I listed are decisive for me and overwhelm everything else- IF Romney can really carry through on them.He can't carry through on anything by himself. Why do people continue to fall for this tactic? It comes down to you liking his promises over someone else's. I still don't get it.Romney will have a supportive congress. Obama won't.He will? That's a fairly big leap of faith. I guess if the Tea Party prove to have no convictions, then sure, I can see that. I really have no idea "who" Romney is now. Maybe he is "severely conservative" and he was just pretending in Mass. Who knows.
  10. Looks like they lifted the script directly from the Democrats. I'm not partisan.Equivalency defense, right on cue.Romney's not a moron - misguided, disingenuous, slippery, power hungry to a fault, yes, but not a moron. Obama and Clinton aren't morons either. Bush Sr. - not a moron. Reagan, not a moron, but was drifting into senility towards the end there. Not sure about Junior though, he could be a moron.Romney's not a moron, but for a guy who has been running for president for a while now, he certainly doesn't seem to get it. Sure, he may be a whiz at turning a pile of cash into a larger pile of cash, but has shown zero presidential qualities on global issues. The dude just keeps stepping in it and doesn't even realize it.
  11. I keep coming back to that Porcelain Raft album. It's good.
  12. Thanks. Have to find that. They released a couple of singles off it that I thought sounded great.
  13. We were wondering the same. Was it Popeye?Don't know who he was, but that Challenger was a nice ride.
  14. Never heard of em. Killer single there.
  15. Good episode. I could be wrong, but the animation looked better than I remember. The animation in those car chases was killer. At some points it looked like a mix of animation and photography.
  16. I agree with this. Not sure what he'll do this year, but the way they use the RBs is something they have to fix. The run game was completely out of sync, and playing from behind may have something to do with it, but they also should of been more effective with GB playing pass. Great game by the GB D, but a terrible game for the Saints coaches, O-line and RBs. They have some work to do this week.
  17. Yeah, this post gets pretty much everything wrong. Blaming gov't for the real estate bubble, suggesting that those of us who believe infrastructure investment at a time when labor and materials are cheap is "re-inflating the bubble", to actually rooting on high unemployment/slow economic growth under the guise of "taking our medicine. Yet many of the same folks who agree with Alex's post are the one's whining about high unemployment and slow economic growth and blaming Obama. It makes zero sense.It makes perfect sense. The right is attacking the deficit at the expense of jobs and want to blame Obama for the unemployment #'s.What makes zero sense to me, is that Obama is the gift that keeps giving for the right. He's a progressive sell-out and has supported a bunch of really crappy right wing ideas from extending tax breaks, rolling back environmental regulations, not supporting unions, throwing more $$$ at wars we can't afford, yet they keep pounding on the guy when the ideas they support don't work. I have no idea what Obama stands for, but he certainly isn't championing many liberal causes. He has to be on an island to himself these days. He may go down as the most disliked president ever; the left gave up on him and the right thinks he's a commie. I don't even think his dog likes him.
  18. I'm always surprised to see bad reviews of this movie. I got exactly what I expected: a dumb comedy I'm in the same boat. I recommended this movie to many friends who thought it was bad. I really liked it and thought it was well done. I probably watched too many Cusack movies as a kid. They did a good job recreating the look of all those old 80's movies like "Better Off Dead". Rob Corddry and Clark Duke made me laugh.
  19. "Scott Walker: 30th Century Man" was a good watch. Any music fan should check it out. What a strange career he's had. Like his music or not, the dude does things his way. A true musical pioneer. http://www.scottwalkerfilm.com/blog/?page_id=49
  20. Just saw "Placebo" and thought it was terrible. I was baked, which usually helps, but outside of a few laughs it was rough. Some decent kill shots, but hopefully they move on from the cancer thing. Nothing says funny like cancer. Jeezus. Another thing that really bugged me was the mention of "Zima" and "Hannity". I used to think it was cool that the time period was kind of ambiguous. The boxy computers, older looking cell phones, and I though they made references to the Soviets. It made me think it was set in the mid to late 80's. They seemed to do a good job keeping references obscure and not time specific. Mentioning Zima and Sean Hannity really blew that for me. Now I'm like, WTF do they have such crappy computers? Maybe too much thinkin for a cartoon, but that bugged me for some reason.
  21. They are bombarding the airwaves with anti-Walker ads, and I think it is really going to turn off many people.And this from one of the Democratic Senators: She's right. In a free market society that is politically tilted to the foreign worker all people have is the power of the pocketbook. The power of the consumer. Buy American.
  22. Another example of the improper use of the word "neo-con." And it would be interesting to see if Reagan was referring to private sector unions as opposed to public sector unions. But you probably (and conveniently) forgot about that angle.Guess I don't know what term to call the new right. Refurbicons? In any event, you new guys are so far right you think Obama is a Socialist, but for some reason think Reagan would be aligned with your views today? It's a weird ideology based on no historical context. Ever hear of "Reagan Democrats"? Those are the people your crowd is taking steaming dumps on these days.I have no idea who Reagan would be aligned with today, I'm just confident it wouldn't be with the current crop of Democrats. And despite what you mentioned, Reagan Democrats continue to vote as fiscal conservatives. Why do you think this is the case?It will be interesting to see if they continue to. You guys act like all these protesters and union workers are liberals. That's crazy.
  23. Another example of the improper use of the word "neo-con." And it would be interesting to see if Reagan was referring to private sector unions as opposed to public sector unions. But you probably (and conveniently) forgot about that angle.Guess I don't know what term to call the new right. Refurbicons? In any event, you new guys are so far right you think Obama is a Socialist, but for some reason think Reagan would be aligned with your views today? It's a weird ideology based on no historical context. Ever hear of "Reagan Democrats"? Those are the people your crowd is taking steaming dumps on these days.
  24. "These are the values inspiring those brave workers in Poland ... They remind us that where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost." --Ronald Reagan, Labor Day Address at Liberty State Park, 1980 These neo-neocons want to drag us back to the Gilded Age.
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