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  1. Just wash sale rules. It won’t show up as a loss for tax purposes until you close out the position. This prevents you from racking up short term realized losses and reducing your tax bill while still owning the same position.
  2. Retail accounts aren’t able to trade May. But Continuing to ride June down is an option. Name your next boat Contango.
  3. well, Trump was wrong. They agreed to 10 million barrels (sort of) and oil prices are flat. Not exactly “GREAT”. They are out of room to cut and running out of storage. I am still short oil.
  4. Wish I had put more shorts on in oil. Trump’s tweet last week was pure fantasy. No way Russia and the Saudis cut 2/3 of their daily production without US producers agreeing to any cuts. They couldn’t agree on 1/10 if that reduction a month ago.
  5. Not sure how the Puerto Rican justice system works and if there are jury trials or not. I am guessing this is Puerto Rico protecting the cruise industry and this will be settled when they drop their lawsuit with the cruise line. Or maybe there is video and he screwed up.
  6. Looks like the Puerto Rican authorities charged the grandfather with negligent homicide. Might hurt their case against the cruise line. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/10/28/us/toddler-cruise-ship-death-grandfather-charged/index.html
  7. Ross in. (According to sources) We’ll see if he can transition from teammate/friend/grandpa to manager.
  8. Anarchy, tough situation. I would suggest you read Bigbottom’s post above a few times. Really great advice there especially regarding the stance you, your wife and son are taking. I don’t know your son at all except for what you have posted here. But, there are more than enough examples you have posted that would indicate why a teacher might give him low marks for character and leadership that wouldn’t show up on a report card or in a disciplinary action but might be reflected in an NHS application. Especially if they don’t see the good things he is doing outside the classroom. You mentioned political differences with teachers, ridiculing classmates (possibly in front of teachers and the rest of the class) for missing a question or getting a less than perfect grade, going above a teacher’s head on an issue, an older brother who was a troublemaker and a family who has on multiple occasions questioned teacher and administrative decisions to the point of having policy changed to (seemingly) favor him. I don’t believe a group of teachers got together and plotted to get back at your son by giving him low scores for NHS. Teachers are usually way too busy trying to help kids to worry about screwing a kid over. I am guessing a few teachers came to these decisions independently and it’s not the system screwing your son over on this. But, I don’t know much. So, take it for what it’s worth. To bring it back to college admissions, sounds like the letters of recommendation are already in. Here’s hoping you picked the right teachers. Best of luck to you and your son with this situation and your college application process.
  9. I think I am going to put Zillow value minus commissions for sale of my house, cost of fixing up my house for sale, cost of renting a one bedroom apartment since I just sold my house to get all the equity out to pay for college, and cost of a divorce attorney.
  10. That’s messed up. One of many things in this process that’s messed up.
  11. I figured this was the answer. I just don’t want a college thinking I pulled out my home’s appreciation through refinancing. I actually hate telling them how much my home is worth. Do they anticipate I am going to sell my home to pay for college? Does the purchase price really matter? guessing I should have “sold” my house to my builder and “bought” it back when done so I had a record. Thanks.
  12. Agents are telling their mid-level NBA players to not tweet a thing. They don’t want to jeopardize their chances at making superstar money in the new NBA knock off that China is about to launch.
  13. Anyone know where I can get help filling out the CSS profile? Specifically, I tore down and rebuilt my house three years ago. It is worth 3x what I bought it for. CSS asks its current value and the debt owed. But, they also ask when I bought it and for how much. Do I report the 1999 figure that I bought the house for or do I report the value in 2015 when I moved into my new house?
  14. Did the FAFSA tell you this or did this all come up when you got to the list of 10 schools to send the information?
  15. Both Notre Dame and Oklahoma earned their 900th win on Saturday. All time records according to Wikipedia: OU 900-325-53 ND 900-326-42 Not sure why I thought that was interesting.
  16. Right. There’s was early action. Same point. The earliest most restrictive they have is also the toughest pool of applicants. It may not help your application, it may actually lower your chances depending on your scores and grades. At least that is what they are telling me.
  17. Actually, this is not true anymore (if it ever was). It’s true that the applicants that apply ED get in at a higher rate than the RD applicants. But, more and more, the ED pool is a much higher quality pool than the RD pool. In talking to schools like Northwestern and Notre Dame, they are telling the borderline reach applicants to go regular decision to be in a pool of applicants where they will compare more favorably. The rockstars are using ED to lock in a top 25 school since they are all a crapshoot now. The reach applicants don’t get an advantage from ED and it may be a disadvantage as they are not comparable to the ED applicants.
  18. While playing in front of the largest crowd in Georgia history. Clearly they are relevant to someone.
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