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  1. Doubted this guy during the offseason, won't doubt again. He's a good route runner, good contested catch guy and is nice after the catch. Congrats to those who picked him and have been getting great value out of their TE
  2. Williams looked ok last night. I think he's worth a bench hold for the time being with the upside of his value maybe increasing to an every week flex play if/when Fields becomes the starter.
  3. Ekeler a good buy low target? Didn't get to watch any of the Chargers games so don't know if he was running a lot of routes and just not getting targeted
  4. Kirk last year was TD or bust due to his low target totals. He had a great 4-6 game streak in the middle of the year where he scored a TD each game but after that he was totally useless and unstartable
  5. It's the far more risky play to start him today. If you need upside I get it but the odds of cashing in on that and a normal floor for him are low. If G-Men get blown out from the get go like many expect then they should minimize reps to next to nothing to get him that extra rest since they have a quick turnaround for the Thurs night game next week
  6. Ruggs went drafted in my league, Edwards didn't. Was happy to get Edwards as free agent. In his limited tape from last season he exhibited great contested catch ability, good YAC and of course his prototypical X WR size + strength. The camp hype fluff pieces have been comparing him to TO. Obviously that's hyperbole but he is big bodied and a physical player.
  7. Williams looks great and is the shiny new toy, but this is the most pragmatic perspective. People act like Gordon is a bum when he was the RB13 last year on a middling to often times terrible offense.
  8. Pitts is no fool's gold, he's a league winner. Atlanta threw to him once tonight in the preseason game, they use presnap motion and got him a look in the open field, he rumbled for 27 yards.
  9. I got Viska for 15$ in an auction draft. With Lawrence showing what he can do and the ETN injury Shenault has a real shot at blowing up. I don't put a lot of stock in people worrying about Marvin Jones eating up lots of targets. He may get his but the big plays and YAC abilities will come with Viska. He's special
  10. Get Callaway in all your redraft leagues as a flex floor play with WR2 and WR1 weeks within his range of outcomes
  11. Moss was looking like a solid zero rb target. Will be tougher to draft him and bank on a breakout sooner rather than later if this recovery ends up taking any significant amount of time
  12. I wouldn't target these two in any snake draft. In my auction draft I'll nominate Edmonds early to blow someone's budget and then I'll go for Conner for around 1$. Anyone who had a Cardinal RB last year knows the usage will render them TD or bust options. Let someone else pay the higher price for Edmonds and then go for Conner if you want a piece of the Cards backfield
  13. A darker possibility is a relapse. Hope to be wrong there but 8 straight missed practices with no real mention of an injury is suspect
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