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  1. schedule works if you think so. I'm not a fan of staying in 1 park all day, even with EMH. Big question is where are you staying. Resort location plays a lot into day planning. Plus, how many in your group? Small kids that need breaks? Just adults with lots of stamina? Staying at Caribbean Beach. Our group has two adults, 9 yr old girl, and 7 yr old boy.
  2. Just Booked 11/24 - 11/29. Never been here before and wanted to get your guys opinion on reservations and schedule. Couldn't find any reservations for dinner at Ohana :-( I'm running into a problem with dinner credits though. I have the sit downs used up by the 27th with a day and a half left. Can we get by with snack and quick serve for that stretch? Should I cancel one of the 2 credit sit downs, if so which one?? Can't wait! Does any one have experience with the CLP I booked at the reef to get the guaranteed seating. Also booked a 3-day cruise on the Dream from the 29th - 2nd. Wife wanted to do them both while we are down there.... figuring Disney would be busy, busy, busy than three days to relax on a cruise. Dinner Reservations -11/24 – Candle Light Processional 8:15 – Dining @ Reef 5:25pm, 2 credits -11/25 – Ohana Breakfast @ 10:25am, 1 credit -11/26 – Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue @ 6:15pm, 2 credits -11/27 – 1900 Park Fare @ 8:05pm, 1 credit -11/28 – -11/29 – -Places – Ohana, Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, Royal Palace, Lecelier’, Mickeys Backyard BBQ, Askerhause, Extra Magic Hours Days -11/24 - Hollywood Studios – 8-9 am -11/25 – Hollywood Studios – 8-11 pm -11/26 – Animal Kingdom – 8-9 am, Magic Kingdom 8-11 pm -11/27 – Epcot – 8-9 am -11/28 – Animal Kingdom – 8-9 am, -11/29 – Magic Kingdom 8-9 am Itinerary -11/24 – Not Sure -11/25 – Hollywood Studios to take advantage of Extra Hours -11/26 – Magic Kingdom to take advantage of Extra Hours -11/27 – Epcot -11/28 – Back to a favorite or Animal Kingdome -11/29 – Magic Kingdom
  3. Sorry I wasn't trying to kick dirt, just raising awareness to those who might be in the market that there is a new player in the kamado grill arena that is offering what appears to be a nice value play. I'm not trying to derail the thread entirely, but think the BGE thread is a pretty good place to raise that awareness. I know that if I hadn't seen one this past weekend and was in the market for a BGE, I'd love to be made aware of it's existence. :shrug:Regarding durabilty... I personally keep all my outdoor units covered. My WSM is several years old and looks brand new (despite HEAVY use) as a result. A generic smoker cover ($8) works with this so that would be a suggested buy. Probably not needed, but a good idea. The BGE are definitely one hell of a product. I just can't justify the cost I appreciate the heads up!
  4. Mark Madden wrote on this with pretty good accuracy in April or So.And so it begins..Exactly the type of thing I expected to come to light. The guy was walking around in schools, getting caught by wrestling coaches, janitors, grad students... When you have the balls to be so open about this sort of thing... this is just getting started. By the time it's finished I'm afraid the number of victims is going to be close to 50. When was this Second Mile thing started in the 80's, thats 30 years of him praying on kids and having a recruitment base to choose from.This whole thing just makes me sick! No way JoePed didn't know what was going on!
  5. Just wrapped up Lost Season 6 last night. Excellent show!Thinking of starting The Tudors next.
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