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  1. Disagree. First, ownership should be neutering Pace. Second, Nagy does not put the team in a position to win games and there is a dinstinct possibility he will hurt the development of Fields. I’d fire him, promote Pettine to HC since he’s got some experience and I’d have DeFillipo and Lazor run the offense, knowing their number one priority is to put Fields in a position to gain confidence.
  2. Show me what’s virtually a rookie quarterback who doesn’t throw bad picks. Tua looks like Mahomes compared to Justin Fields. Should the Bears be in the mix trying to get Watson?
  3. Fields showing no signs of development. That is such an indictment of Nagy and DeFilippo. For the sake of this kid's future please end this tomorrow.
  4. This guy should be treated like a superstar every game.
  5. Can’t believe some of the hyperbole in here. He’s started what….TEN GAMES?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this harsh a judgement on a QB with so few starts. Like minds made up judgement with no flexibility at all. When you start digging for ways to criticize positive games you’re too in the tank to be fair.
  6. Nothing. You’re right he did have star potential but the wind is blowing in the anti-Tua direction right now so lots of MMQBs are jumping on the bandwagon. He is still virtually a rookie less than 2 years removed from a horrible injury. It’s just too soon to give this to the jury yet.
  7. Man this is tempting. Need to decide how nervous I am and big Mike W. Ugh.
  8. Eagles line is getting abused. Not much time for Hurts at all.
  9. Tannenhill was excellent last year as well. He doesn’t look like the same guy at all. Line has a lot to do with it.
  10. Huge disappointment. My mistake for trusting a piece of the Lions passing game.
  11. So disappointing. Some of these coaches are just not smart.
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